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He Is My Golden Key – Season 1 – Episode 18 [Completed]

🔑 Eighteen 🔑


“Arrrrgh…. mum!! “I yelled softly but she ignored me staring at goldlex

I look at him and noticed he was a bit uncomfortable with the way she was staring at me

“Ehhhnnn, how can someone be this handsome?? “‘She muttered but we could still hear her

Goldlex smirk at me and I rolled my eyes

“Mum! what are you doing here? infact how did you find this place?? “I asked and she frown

“Can’t you greet pastor Lekan,abi this boy has corrupted ur mind that u have forgotten ur manners? “She asked and I frown

“Pastor lekan,ekruole……!”I greeted bowing down slightly

Pastor Lekan is a typical Yoruba man that doesn’t understand English at all

“Ahhh Jumoke, Ba’wo ni?(How are you) ”

“Moti fine ni (I am fine) “I replied back as I noticed goldlex giving me weird glances

“Oya pastor Lekan,let us start! “Mum said in Yoruba as pastor Lekan took his Bible and started singing

I stood there fixed, watching my mum display her madness with her weirdo white garment pastor

Goldlex smirk as he sat down staring at the drama

“Any spirit husband, any where they are, I say die by fire! “Pastor Lekan yelled as mum yelled and “Amen”to his prayers

I shook my head crying in my heart

Why did I even take that pic then sent it to her??

Some maids were giggling while others tried hard to hold their laughter at mum funny gestures

I turned to goldlex to see him also trying hard to hold his laughter

Crim beside him had an amused face staring at mum and her pastor

“Mum!!! “I yelled and she frown

“Jumoke!!” She yelled back making me sigh

I look at goldlex and signal him to teleport my mum and her pastor back but wipe the memories they have of ever visiting me

He chuckled but did it anyway

Remind me never to send mum any picture of this place ever again

I went upstairs with goldlex trailing behind me

“I think ur mum is kinda cute! “He said and I nodded

“And she cares so much about you too! ”

“Yeah sometimes maybe a little too much, my mum can be dramatic you know! “I said and he smiled

“I still think she loves u too much that’s why!! ” He said hugging me from behind

I sighed thinking of how much fun we use to have back in Nigeria

I love my mum so much, but you see Mrs Williams can be over dramatic sometimes

A hand fondled my breast making me moan in pleasure

He pinched my nipples softly as I hissed biting my lips to stop my self from moaning out loud

“So…. were did we stop my lady? “He asked huskily

I couldn’t reply because his hands kept doing wonders to my nipples

“Oops, don’t worry, I will just start over again! ”

He placed his lips behind my ear, sucking my sensitive part

I hissed loudly to suppress my moans

His cold lips went to my neck as he sucked my neck like he was sucking a lollipop

“Goldlex……!! “I cried sharply

“Hmm! “He breathed out huskily still nuzzling on my neck

“Your scent drives me crazy!! ” He whispered into my ear sending shivers running down my spine

He then took off the coat leaving me with the lingerie as he took his time to admire my body

“You are a goddess!!! “He said in a husky voice making me smile coyly

Raising me up to round my legs and arms around his body ,I took off his shirt as he led us to the bed

Soon thereof, our moans could be heard loudly

Meanwhile there was someone at the door chewing vinegar because of the moans she was hearing

General Jane stood beside the door staring at it in anger

She was dressed in a red short dress making her irresistible

Her lips were painted red and so was high heels

Her long legs were shaving and we’ll tanned making it look like every girl’s dream legs

Clearly anyone that sees her would not believe that it was the serious general that was dressed like someone going out for a date

The maids whispered when ever they passed her but always bow in respect

To be honest, she was extremely beautiful, even more pretty than Sophia when it comes to facial appearance

But Sophia has a huge advantage over her because of her sexy body

General Jane stood beside the door fuming in anger with the files in her hand

She came to deliver the files to goldlex in the case trying to also get him to look at her

But it seems he was having much fun with the silly woman

Their moans were extremely loud as Sophia kept panting heavily

General Jane could not do anything so she walk away

Her face was very red and hard
As people who walk past her quickly ignore her because they knew she was mad

She walk towards the training room as she headed straight to a punching bag

She took out her frustrations on the punching bag hard

Next day 🌇

~Betty ~

I breathed in the fresh mint sent of the wet garden of zoan

It was so refreshing

Yep, am here in zoan
Am here for my man

You think am going to let Sophia just take him from me???

Hell No!!!!
He is mine and mine alone

And am not going to share him with any motherfucking asshole of a black bitch

“Miss!! “A guard bow a little as I smiled

Here in zoan,they know me as goldlex betrothed ,so am always allowed to come and go in anytime I want

“Is my betrothed in?? “I asked one of the maids assigned to me anytime I come

“Yes my lady, he is in the throne room! ”

“Alright take my luggages to his room, and prepare a milk bath for me! “I instructed and she nodded

I smirk to myself as I headed straight to the throne room

There were guards guiding the throne room but immediately they saw me, they bow and pave way for me

I entered smiling sheepishly until I saw……..

It was general Jane
She sat very close to goldlex showing him something as her boobs were almost dangling in the air

I fumed in anger staring at her

I walk towards them but goldlex without looking at me signal me to stop

I froze on my spot sending daggers at Jane who kept smirking

“Did I permit you into my throne room? “He asked not even a glance at me

“Baby I…..

“Get out!!! “He said immediately and I was compelled to go out

I glared angrily at the guards outside

I stood behind a pillar waiting for Jane to come out

She came out and walk straight to me

“Let me guess, you were waiting for me?? “She asked with a wide smile

“What were you doing with goldlex inside alone?”I asked eating vinegar

“And who exactly are you to ask me that? “She asked hardening her expression

I bit my lips in anger staring at her

I knew I couldn’t be able to face against Jane

Not only was she powerful in strength but also one of the most skilled magic fighters

“Honestly Betty, you are so dumb! “She said and I frown

“You seriously are so dumb, how can u have an opportunity for 10 years with goldlex and you refused to use it wisely, tsk tsk you are a complete failure! “She said and smirk victoriously walking away

I squeeze my fist in anger staring at her back side

“I may be dumb then but now am wisen up, goldlex is mine and the position of his empress is mine also… and am going to do anything to make him mine!! “I muttered with a determination to back my talks


I wave Aisha goodbye as I headed outside

A car was parked outside with a familiar figure beside it

I frown seeing the figure wondering why he was here

“Raphael?? ” I called and he turned smiling

“Sophia!!! “He replied excited

“What are you doing here?? “I asked with a frown

“Ohhh com’on don’t give me that face, am allowed to come to zoan,besides sir crim asked me to come over so I could come pick you up from school…. in fact he assigned me as ur personal body guard! “He said smiling

Why would crim assign a bodyguard for me without my consent

Am so going to talk some sense into that coconut skull of his.

“Let’s go! “I instructed as I walk towards the car

He smiled and opened the car door for me
I rolled my eyes but totally ignored him

He got in and signal the driver to drive

I look outside the window to explore the great city of zoan

It was extremely beautiful
I didn’t get a chance to tour around but I will soon

Ralph tried to talk to me but I ignored him totally

We got into the castle as I quickly got off the car and he did the same

I walk into the castle elegantly while he followed behind

Suddenly he dragged me and pinned me to the wall as I stared at him baffled in shock

“What’s going on here??? “I heard a thunderous voice and he quickly release me

I turned to stare at goldlex with Jane by his side

He was staring daggers at Raphael who kept his head bow

I could see the little taunting smirk on Jane’s face


Well guys, here is the twist ohhh
Our Betty is back and Raphael added an addition ohhh

It seems we gat a full house
But Ralph get mind ohhh, him go pin lord goldlex babe for wall 🙆🙆🙆

Hmm I wonder what goldlex reaction will be like

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