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He Is My Golden Key – Season 1 – Episode 17

🔑 Seventeen 🔑

The thin line drawn on a paper can still create a division no matter how small
Little doubts place on one’s mind can still heed big consequences -Merry Xmas from ur authoress


“Mum! what the fuck are you saying! “I yelled in anger

“That is the only way son, do you know how powerful goldlex mate is? “She asked and I frown

“Gosh mum, in thought you were over this power obsessed issue already! “I yelled and she snort

“Ohhh please, am doing this for you son, am doing this for you, I don’t like my son following a guy around like his watch dog! ”

“Stop it mother!”I warned and she rolled her eyes

“Do you want to see ur mate or not?”She asked as I itch my head confused

“I don’t get how killing Sophia will bring silver back? ”

“Gosh, are you this stupid or are you just pretending to be? “She asked and I frown

“Didn’t I tell you that Sophia is really powerful? yeah she is really powerful, so powerful that a drop of her blood can change the fate of someone or even bring back the dead! ”

“Hmm so why don’t we just take a drop, huh? “I asked and she sighed in frustration

“Because my dear son, silver ur mate is also powerful and too bring back someone as powerful as she is, she will need the full blood of Sophia, remember Sophia also has silver’s powers in her! “She said and I scoff

“This is crazy!! ”

She smiled then patted my cheeks

“It is the only way,i wish there was another way! ” She said softly

“I can’t kill Sophia!”I said shaking my head

“Crim…..what do you mean by that? don’t you want to see ur mate again? ”

“As much as I would love to have silver in my hands and hug her passionately,I can’t kill Sophia”

“Hmm why?? it seems you are really that scared of Lex!”

“I am not scared of Lex neither do I fear Sophia, but Sophia is a good girl mum, she has been there for me and goldlex and she is an amazing personality, besides goldlex already is in love with her… I can’t hurt his feelings again! “I explained after taking a deep thought

“I understand crim,but you should go home and give it a second thought, okay? “She said and I nodded

“Am off now mum! ”

“No problem sweetie,just give it a second thought okay? “She asked and I nodded

Bit honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to give it a second thought

I immediately created a portal back to the castle


I smirk as criminals walk through the portal

“He is gone, you can come out! “I said causally

“You think he is going to consider? ” She asked and I smirk

“I know my boy, he just needs a little push! ”

“Hmm killing Sophia won’t be easy you know! ”

“I know that, even if she hasn’t discovered her true identity yet, the girl is still ten times powerful ,that’s why I need someone she can trust to take the place, that’s why I need crim!”

“Hmm can you really bring silver back to life??” She asked earning a laughter from me

“Of course I can, I told you, Sophia is the golden key! ”

“But what if goldlex? he can trace Sophia’s killers without blinking! ”

“Goldlex is a powerful man, but Sophia is more powerful, if they both fall in love with each other then their powers will be limitless, we need to end them now, to kill a deer, we take it other half! “I said laughing tremendously

“Wow, seems you already have ur plans figured out!”

“Yep, once Sophia is dead, I will easy let sita kill goldlex, then I will bring Silver back so she and crim can rule together! ”

“Hold on, are you saying that you don’t actually need Sophia’s blood to bring silver back? ”

“Of course not, I may need a small portion but certainly not all, ”

“Then why did you ask crim to bring her head?”

“My son is naive and stupid, he is still obsessed with his mate and will do anything to have her back, but I still want the best for him! ” I took a sip off my wine

“And my mission? “She asked and I smirk

“Keep watching her every movement in high school,report everything that happens back to me!”I instructed and she nodded then vanished

I smiled fully with darkness creeping into my eyes

A hand fondled my breast making me moan in pleasure

“When did you come? “I asked

“Just now, I miss you! “Sita said kissing the side of my neck

My knees became weak as I drew my head back releasing a moan

Her have slide into my thighs heading to my wethole

I quickly stopped her

“Let get upstairs first! “I said already aroused

Before I knew it we were already upstairs with our clothes all over the ground

Our moans could be heard far away from the room


I wave at Aisha who smiled warmly before entering her car

Today was hectic
But the lectures was worth it

I was able to conjure a misleading spell

It is a devious spell but really fun and sweet for pranking

I thought of using it on goldlex, I smirk evilly

He would be so confused and frustrated

The thoughts alone made giggled excitedly

“Seeks someone is in love! ” I turned to see crim smirking at me

“Idiot,where have you been? “I asked frowning folding my arms

“Awwnn you are adorable, miss me already? “He asked and I scoff

“You wish! ”

He placed his hand on his chest in pretense shock

“I am so sad!!! “He said and I glared at him

“Gosh you are so annoying! “I yelled and he laughed

“Ready to go home? “He asked and I rolled my eyes


He smiled warmly then held my waist as we both reappeared in the castle

He took his hand of my waist as the perk of his ear turned red in blush

“Awwwnn, he is blushing! “I said coyly

“No am not! “He retorted back immediately

“Yes you are, never held a woman’s waist before? “I asked and he smiled

“who said you are a woman? “He asked and I stared at him confused

When I suddenly realized that he was insulting me, I charge towards him in anger and he immediately vanished into thin air air laughing

“Crim!!!!!!!” I yelled gritting my teeth together in anger

I headed towards goldlex room when I noticed the maids were giving me a creepy look

I got to his room and noticed he wasn’t inside

I smirk when I heard the shower running

An idea pop into my head
What other way, do I show him what I learnt, instead of trying it out on him

I quickly undress and pick up a golden lingerie

It was so short….
My hips were exposed, so were my long legs and thighs

I remove my bra letting my boob’s stand out perfectly well

My nipples stood perfectly in the cloth waiting for goldlex

I walk towards the mirror and smirk

“Mirror, multiply by many, let my image be of different colors but of same shape, let it be deceiving! ” I said recalling the spell

Immediately mirrors of the sane size surrounded his room

In all, I was in the mirror, wearing different colors of lingeries looking seductive

I smirk impressed by my work

I heard the shower turned off and I quickly ran to hide behind a mirror

Goldlex came out and was shocked seeing different of mirrors with me in different lingeries

I giggled silently as he look around

“Beautiful! “He said licking his lips

“My love,come to me am horny! ” The first mirror said eyeing goldlex seductively

“No don’t go it her, she is old fashion, come to me, let me make ur dreams in bed come true! “The second one said and I smirk

“You also are old fashion, goldlex darling come to me! “The third one said as I giggled softly

Soon all the mirrors started asking goldlex to come to them

Goldlex look so confused as I laughed inside my heart

I look and saw that he was no longer there and my mirrors were gone

Were are my mirrors??

A large hand grab me from behind as I yelled trying to kick him

“You devil, what did you do to my mirror? “I asked furiously and also embarrassed that he caught me

He flung me on the bed as I glared at him

His eyes were not on my face as he licked his lips seductively

I trace it to my boob’s that were standing erect in lingerie

“Wow! work of art indeed! “He said and I turned to hide my smile

He joined me in the bed kissing the tip of my nipple hard

I swallowed a moan trying to shake him off but he didn’t budge

“Get off me! “I said in a cold voice

he continued to devour my nipples in the lingerie making me moan out

Damn this man

He left my nipples and attack my lips with his

He peck my lips, then my shoulders, my waist and finally rested on my neck

“You shouldn’t have tempted me like that candy! “He groan inbetween my neck

“Your magic is really impressive, but ur idea of using lingerie has put you in trouble! “He wisphered making me shiver in excitement

“Now you will pay the price! ” He said attacking his lips with mine

We kissed for a long time that I almost lost my breath

I couldn’t breath yet goldlex kept kissing my lips

A knock interrupted freeing me from goldlex lips

I quickly breath panting really heavily, so was he

“Lord goldlex, there is a problem downstairs! “A guard said and Goldlex groan

“Gosh! what is it?? “He yelled in anger as I giggled softly

“A woman with a man is here! she is shouting that she wants to see her daughter! “He reported and I shook my head

“Who?? “I asked softly

“We don’t know Luna! ” He said and goldlex sighed

“We are coming! “He orders as the guard quickly left

Goldlex went back to kissing my nipples

“Goldlex! “I cried a moan out

“Damn, come on let’s go see who the person that dares interrupt me! “He said and I nodded

He rolled over me as we both stood up

I wanted to change but he said I shouldn’t instead gave me a large coat to cover up

He would continue later
Yep, he was shameless

He laughed at my thoughts as we both headed downstairs

As we got to the stairs, I heard a familiar voice, I was shocked

I quickly got down and stood fixed when I saw my mum and pastor Lekan

“Mum!!! “I called out In shock

“Ahhh Jumoke mii! “She called out as she quickly hugged me

I was too shocked to hug her back
How did mum know here???, what was she doing here???

“Mum? “I called out again and she nodded

“Yes Jumoke! ”

“What are you doing here mum? “I asked and she frown

“I cane with pastor Lekan to deliver you from the witches coven! “She said and my eyes widen in shock

“Wait what??? “I yelled confused

“Ah Jumoke, can you imagine, you sent me a pic of you In front of their meeting place, so I immediately came with pastor Lekan,he is here to deliver and free you! “She explained as my mouth fell in shock

When I sent her the pic, I knew she would panicking, I never knew she would trace this place and try to come here

“Mum…i don’t….

“Don’t say anything Sophia, I know you are possessed but mummy is here to deliver you, pastor Lekan please proceed! “She said as pastor Lekan started with his drama

I stood in shock as I turn to look at goldlex who tried hard to hold his laughter

He walk up to me and placed his hand on my waist

“Mum, this is my friend goldlex! “I introduced as she stared at him from head to toe

“Ahhh, shey it is the spiritual husband you told me about??? “She asked and I almost choked in embarrassment

Kia this woman has killed me ohhh 🙆🙆🤦


😁😁😁Ma’am Kemi is back ohhh

Who is ready for drama???

Chai nah wah ohhh

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