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He Is My Golden Key – Season 1 – Episode 16

🔑 Sixteen 🔑

~Sophia ~

I stood outside the tall large dark building staring at the creepy school

Okay even if the school is meant for people with powers
Did u really have to paint it black???

Black is a creepy color and coming from the kind of country I came from, we describe this as either demonic coven or witches coven

I smiled as I thought of the possibility of taking a pics and showing sending to mum

Scrath that joor
I took a pic and sent it to her on what’s App with a caption

“About to start schooling in hell!!! ”

I smiled because I knew that would get her for sure

I only pity dad!
He would be the one to bear her trauma once she sees the message

“Are you going in? “Crim whispered into my ears and I frown

“I don’t know, am kinda nervous and seeing the building is making me nervouser!” I said and crim bust into laughter almost rolling on the floor

“Seriously? nervouser??”He asked still laughing earning a playful glare from me

“Stop it joor!” I got him slightly and he smiled but stop laughing

“Relax, you are going to be fine, it you could handle GSH, Trust me, you can handle anything! “He reassured me

“Thanks crim” I said sincerely and he smiled

“Now go in and show them who is way crazy than they are! “He said and I laughed

“Wait, there is no door or gate? “I asked and he smiled

“Nope, it is a magical school, everything here is magical, go through the wall! “He instructed and I sighed

I walk through the wall surprisingly found myself in front of a very beautiful building

Woah! it is beautiful inside and scary outside
I guess crim was right

But he’ll this school is fucking beautiful

Amazing interior designs
I give hand to the interior designer that did this wonderful art of work

“Hey watch it boso!”A girl I ran into yelled and I eyed her from her head to her toes

The girl was pretty but just not my kind of girls

She had huge make up on and was chewing gum like all these high school wereys

“Fuck off! “I snarled and she gasp

I guess she was expecting a shy girl or someone who can’t defend herself

She mess with the wrong chick ohhh
Me way be number one Nigerian babe

“You bitch,how dare you, what the m……..

She kept talking as I walk past her ignoring her completely

I gat no time for Pyscho’s

I took out a bubble gum and chew it like a rugged bad girl that I was

I headed straight to class because goldlex already gave me everything I needed including a map

He said it was necessary for me to have everything I needed

With the help of the map, I walk towards the class

Class high m

was boldly written on the top of the classroom

Hmm class high m

I walk in and as usually there was no door

“Dodge!!! “I hear a voice and before I could register what was happening a ball came flying towards my head direction

I shut my eyes tightly waiting for the impact but felt noting

When I opened my eyes, I saw the ball just hanging on the air between my eyes

“Woah,thanks Joe,! ” A very beautiful boy came and took the ball

He wink at me as I zoomed in his handsomeness

Damn! he was fucking handsome
Although not like goldlex or crim

I look around and noticed that everyone present was really really good looking

Both girls and boys

I smirk walking boldly towards the back chair as I shook my ass

“Woah! fine ass! ” A guy said smirking as he shook his friends

It was the idiot that calls himself Joe

I smirk and walk towards him still chewing my gum

I got to were he was and stare at him directly in his eyes

“Say that again and I promise you will loose two of ur teeth this minute! “I threatened and he said St me with a smirk

“I said, fine as……

He didn’t complete it when I punch him double times and just like i promised two of his teeths pulled out immediately

“Fuck hell! “He groan in pains with blood in his mouth

His friends all laughed at him as they cheer me on
Meanwhile some girls who were his fans, ran towards him

“OMG, Joe are you okay?? “They asked checking his eyes,lips,chest

I wonder why their hands were in his Torres, I didn’t even punch him there

“You bitch! how dare you punch my baby’s sweet handsome face! ” A girl with a red hair said as her hair grew red in powers

Woah! I was mesmerized
The girl had energy flowing from her body to her hair

“Answer you dummy! “Another yelled

I shook her head and headed back to the seat I intended to

I watch the kd drama as the girls kept maturing the guy’s injury

“Sweet! I like ur style! “A voice said and I turned to see a girl dressed in a badass sweater

She was black like I was but her arua was dangerous

“Aisha! that’s my name, am from Nigeria also like you! ” I smirk and shook my head

“Sophia!! “I said and she smirk

“Welcome to this shit hole of a school! “She said and I immediately smile

I like this girl
It is obvious she is just like me also

Bold, courageous and threatening

A lecturer walked in carrying a huge book

“We don’t call them lecturers,we call them professors! “She said and I frown

“How did you hear my thoughts? “I asked and she smirk

“I can read thoughts, it is my rare gem! “She said and I smirk

“Cool, please don’t read mine again! “I warned coldly and she nodded

The professor introduced him self as sir Douglas and our magical teacher

He started with simple exchange of spells as I paid rapid attention


I walk into the council meeting, with a cold aura

There was general mumblings and murmurs but immediately went down when I step in

They all stood up immediately and bow but I paid no attention to them

I walk to my throne and sat comfortablely

Unfortunately, crim couldn’t make it, immediately he dropped Sophia off, he went to meet his mum

Speaking of Sophia, I miss her already
As much as I am tempted to mind link her right now, I don’t want to distract her

Besides, if I mind link her, if a mal is present in her section, it can pick up the mind link and trace it to me which can cause a problem

“Alpha! “Counsil Morgan rose up

The councils is made up of 30 people
15 men, and 15 powerful women

They are the ones who takes the best decisions but some are fucking greedy and council Margan happens to be one

“Speak, I don’t have all day! ” I snapped at him

“We would like to address the issue at hand of ur selection in the black soul you brought in as ur wife !” He said and I smirk coldly

I knew they would want to address the issue

“And what is that? “I asked as they stared at themselves

“We just thought that we would like to know ur reasons why you choose a black girl and her power level is very weak! “Council wereba said and I stared at her

“Are you challenging my choice! “I asked fearfully letting my aura hit them

They all quickly knelt down shaking in fear

“This issue will be closed down and never to be spoken off, I choose who I want to be my wife !” I ordered and they all nodded

I release my aura and they all stood up and sat on their various seats

“Any more news? ”

“There was an attack in the north side of zoan! lord cass plead ur attention ” General Jane said and I nodded

General Jane is the head of my general army

She is really good in martial arts and strategic planning

Her IQ is really good that’s why I made her the general

Although I know she has a huge crush on me, but she never tried to seduce me

The door of the meeting opened and my aunt walked in, more like catwalk In

Her nails were painted so was her face
She looks like a fucking monster

I watch her walk towards her seat in the councils chair

Fury buzz in me

“How dare you! “I yelled unleashing my anger as she was thrown far away to the end the large hall

She groan in pains but I could feel her fear

“Goldlex, it’s me ur aunt! ”

“And so he’ll what???,how dare u barg into the council meeting by this time with all audacity! “I yelled and she knelt immediately

“Am sorry alpha!! ” She apologized but I could read her thoughts

The idiot wasn’t sorry, she purposely came late thinking I can’t do anything to her because she is my aunt

Two things I hate, one purposely annoying me
two, trying to relate my knowledge

“You have been suspended from the councils meeting until I ask you to return, get out! “I ordered as she stared at me in shock

“Goldlex I…..

“I said get out now!!! “I yelled and she immediately ran out

“Proceed with the meeting! “I ordered immediately

I could feel their fears and anxiety

Yes, I am lord goldlex and zoan is my kingdom

Whomever dares to disobey my rules will face a deadly consequences


I stared at the so called woman that I call mom

Somehow I knew that no matter how I try, I can never please her

I spent all my life, trying to please her
I did everything she asked of me, even her evil schemes

I was beaten brutally because of her and endure so much more because of her

Still yet! I don’t hate her
I just can’t

“What do you what mum! “I asked coldly and she smirk

“How have you been? ”

“Good! “I replied and she nodded

She paused for a minute then adjusted

“Crim am sorry for not been a good mother to you! “She said and I shifted uncomfortably

“I know I was a terrible mother to you and I am really sorry! “She apologize looking really sad

I didn’t respond
I just kept staring at her

“In fact I want to make it up to you! “She said with a creepy smile

Mum isn’t much of a smiley face

“How?? “I asked frowning

“I will bring back the one person you love most in this world back to you! “She said as my eyes widen

“Wait what??? “I asked looking anxious

“Yes son, I can bring back the person you love the most! ”

“Hmm and who do you think that person is?? “I asked clearly doubting her

“Silver of course, I can bring her back! “She said dropping the bomb earning a huge gasp from me

“Seriously??? You can really do that? “I asked excited and she nodded

“OMG mom,if you do this I will be so grateful!! “I yelled in excitement barely able to contain it

If mum can bring back silver am sure goldlex will be very happy
I miss my mate so so much

“Of course son! “She said and I tried hard not to shout for joy

“But…..! “She said and I paused

“But what??? ”

“For me to bring back someone as powerful as silver then I need someone as powerful as she is to be able to generate enough energy! “She said and I stared clearly confused

“I don’t understand! ”

“I mean, a sacrifice must be made! “She said and I sighed in relief

“Hmm so what animal do we use? “I asked and she laugh briefly

“Not a animal son, a person, a powerful person! “She said as I thought

“Hmm I don’t care,tell me who the person is and I will bring the person here for the sacrifice, I just need my mate back! “I said in desperation

she smirk then nodded

“Bring me the head of Sophia and I will bring back silver from the dead!!!!” She dropped the bomb and I move back in great shock

The head of Sophia?????



Chineke,the head of my 9ja queen?

omo this is getting hotter ohhh

Kia I pity crim ohhh, on one hand, if he brings Sophia’s head, he will get back his mate

On the other hand, if he does that, and his best friend find out, he can kill him

What will crim decide ohhh???

The story is getting hotter ohhh and it seems crim is in a tight spot

Imagine you are in crim’s position
What will you do???

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