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He Is My Golden Key – Season 1 – Episode 14

🔑 Fourteen 🔑

So sorry it is coming late, I have no excuse
laziness is a bad thing 😭🤧

💋 Sophia 💋

He clash his sword towards me and I quickly push back then defend my self with my shield

He ran towards me with a speed that I couldn’t detect his movement as I found a sword heading directly to my skull

I quickly dodge and slam hard on the wall, my ribs hurt like hell

I pushed him roughly in the leg as I tried to regain my strength but he hit me back immediately with the back of the sword

I collapse on the floor groaning in pains
My head was on fire

“You are becoming too weak Sophia, you must never show your weak point to ur enemies else they will use it against you! ” master kazim yelled in disappointment

“Get up! I want you to strike me hard, harder than you have ever done! “He said and threw me a sword

I took it and charge towards him with all my strength and he quickly blocked it with his shield

I kicked him in the kneels trying to weaken his leg muscles but he quickly recovered and kicked me hard flinging me across the wall

“You are weak! “He charge towards he slashing his sword in anger

“You are in competent!” He yelled and slash his sword towards my heart but I quickly use my shield

“You never leave an enemy to gain his or her strength back! “He yelled as he kept slashing his sword

“Once they are down, you keep fighting them over and over until they get tired and you find their weak point! ” He slam his shield on my face as I groan in pains letting my shield down

“And when they are tired, you strike them down!!!! “He yelled and raise his sword about to plung it into my heart

My eyes widen as fear took over me immediately

“Enough!!! “We heard an authorative voice and immediately master kazim got off me and bow at goldlex

“My lord! “He bowed breathing heavily

“You can take a rest kazim,i will take care of the training myself! “Goldlex said softly but in a commanding tone

Master kazim didn’t argue further,he just park his stuffs and left without a goodbye or a second glance at me

“Did I do something wrong? ” I asked goldlex worried and he smiled

“Nah,kazim is just tired and frustrated! ”

“He almost killed me and you said he is just tired? “I exclaimed in disbelief causing goldlex to laugh

“You know teaching you is quite frustrating! “He said and I folded my arms in pretense anger

“Ohhh really! “I asked rolling my eyes and he smiled dragging me close to himself

He kissed me softly but instantly the kiss got intensified as he plunged his tongue into my mouth exploring every inches bed covers of my tongue

“Gosh I miss you! “He mutters placing soft kisses on my neck

Am sure you must be wondering when all these happened

Well when authoress choice was busy been lazy ( I go slap this girl ohhh🙄👿), goldlex and I strengthened our relationship

We have been doing all such of naughty stuffs to ourselves which includes kissing romance but never sex

I can’t say we are in love but we are most certainly attracted to ourselves but sometimes my feelings just kept telling me otherwise

It has been a week since I had encounter with that bitch in the rest room,and I haven’t been to college yet

Goldlex wanted me to concentrate more on learning how to fight which I know how too 🙄

Now he wants me to learn how to fight with sword

Why I go need sword to fight???
Nah the hundreds we dy?

“I want to suck those nipples of urs still they are swollen! “He mutters kissing the tip of my nipples visible in my training outfit

I shiver in anticipation as his hand made it way inside the outfit
Luckily I had no bra on

He pinched the tip of my nipple hard making me groan in both pain and pleasure

“You like it??”He asked pressing my full nipples as I screamed in pleasure

“Do you like me touching you Sophia! “He asked pressing the nipples a bit harder while I whimpered

“Oh God gold… lex…..!”I yelled but it came out as a moan

“I want to hear you scream my name! ” He groan kissing the tip of my nipples again

I moaned out a little almost losing my sanity

“Ermm ehhh! “I heard a slightly cough and I quickly move away from goldlex
He pulled me back into his arms with his hand still on my nipples

Crim was there smiling like a bull dog as he raised his brows making me frown in embarrassment

“Dude must you always come at the wrong time! “Goldlex complained like a little child as I tried to free my nipples from his grip but he wouldn’t allow it

“Am sorry, carry on, when you are done meet me in the lobby, we need to discuss! ” He said and goldlex nodded

I quickly hit him in the side of his ribs as I took the advantage to run but he caught me quickly

“You need to be spanked buttercup! “He muttered placing me over his shoulders like I weighted nothing

I didn’t even struggle as he led me to his room, the thought of him spanking me filled my mind leaving me with excitement and eagerness

😘 Goldlex 😍

I walk into the lobby and saw crim sipping out of his beer
His head was buried in his laptop

“Hey dude! “I slapped his back and he groaned in pains

“Seriously? did you have to slap me that hard?? “He asked whining like a child making me smirk

“For a man who just finished with Sophia,you look energetic! “He taunted smirking and I glared at him

“Don’t cross ur boundaries! “I warned and he smiled raising his hands in defeat

“What’s wrong??? ”

“I discovered something about Sophia! “He said In seriois tune

“Listening!!! ”

“Her powers are weird! “He said and I groan tiredly

“Get to the point crim!”

“I have tried entering herind but it didn’t work, instead I was rebound back by an unknown force! “He stated and I sighed

“Hmm so what are you suggesting? ”

“I don’t know goldlex, I have never been this confused about anything in my life, Sophia is a mystery! “He said scratching his head

“Hmm maybe Sivers’s powers are just acting up! ”

“No, it is beyond silver powers, there is something more to it and I know! ”

“So what do we do? “I asked after taking a deep thought

“The best way to find out Is to consult Serena! “He said and I shook my head against it

“Never, we cannot consult her! ”

“She is our only chance goldlex, think of Sophia, she is as confused about her powers to..soon she will start asking questions about it and then we will be speechless, besides the only way to defeat the great danger ahead is if we understand how to overcome it and that Is knowing the powers Sophia posses! ” He said and I sighed

“I don’t want to go back to zoan!”I protest vehemently while he shook his head

“Me neither! but it is high time you go claim ur throne, dangers lock ahead of us and only you can’t stop it,you need help ” He said and I nodded frowning

“Fine! get ready, we are going back home! “I said and he smiled patting my back

“Wise choice! so tell me, how nice is it sucking her boob’s? “He asked playfully earning a playful glare from me

“Fuck off! “I barked and he laughed walking away

I smiled thinking of Sophia

My little mystery queen


“You are supposed to kill that girl by now, what is taking so long? ” She asked causing a loud uproar from others and I groan

“Just shut up already, “I yelled at all of them and they froze

“She is with goldlex,do you expect me to kill her when she is with him? “I fired back at the idiot that asked the question making her snort looking away

“But sita it is taking too long, that girl is supposed to be far gone by now, we need to get her powers! “Another added and I mentally cursed the gods for given me such foolish people as partners

“Are you deaf?? I said the girl is under goldlex protection and for now we can’t touch her! “I yelled and she shifted in fear

“So what do we do now? “Another asked scoffing

“We wait! we wait until goldlex losses his hold on her, then we snatch her! “I said and they nodded

“We need to do this fast you know, that girl is way more powerful and if she gets to find out who she truly is then we are doomed! “The first one said making me scoff

“Oh thank you Sandy, I haven’t thought of that! “I said sarcastically making her scoff

“Am just saying we should thread with caution! “She said earning a glare from me

“I will keep a eye on them, you all just keep making preparations for the sacrifice! “I instructed waving my hands and they immediately disappeared

I sighed heavily as I walk towards the Magic mirror

“Sophia!! ” I changed but her picture refused to show

“Arrrrggghhhh!!! ” I yelled in frustration

She must be with goldlex
I need her powers and I need it fast

The idiots were right when they said we didn’t have time
I need to get that power fast

🙌 General 🙌

Sophia, goldlex and crim was seen walking through a portal created by goldlex

Both him and Sophia held their hands tightly as Sophia was scared

“Relax buttercup ! “He told her and she nodded

Immediately they entered the portal they were transported into a large castle

The castle was made of golden color and extremely beautiful and exotic

Sophia gasp in shock when she saw the castle

It was the first time of her seeing something so huge and beautiful

“Where are we?? “She asked still looking around

“We are in zoan,our home place! “Crim replied causing her to gasp more

He chuckled shaking his head at her expression

“It is so beautiful!!! “She said and goldlex shrugged

She didn’t noticed he was now golden in color until she turned to him and was shocked

“OMG you are golden! “She said in shocked and goldlex smirk

“You likey? ” he asked winking at her and she rolled her eyes

He chuckled as they both headed to the gate of the gaint castle

The guards at the gate were beyond shocked when they saw goldlex and crim at the gate

“Do I have to beg you to pave way for us? ” Goldlex asked arrogantly

“So sorr…y…. my lord! “One of the guards stuttered trying to control his shock as he pave way for them

The three walked in as Sophia clinched to goldlex

Everyone who sighted them gasp in shock but bow making Sophia wonder who truly goldlex and crim were

They walk into the castle and made their way to a particular room or a hall rather

Immediately they got in everyone in the hall stood up immediately in shock

Suddenly goldlex aura became very cold, commanding and suppressing

He walk towards the huge chair in the hall that was in golden color

He sat on it like a king as crim also walk to the chair beside him

Everyone was still in huge shock

“Come Sophia! “He addressed Sophia softly causing a louder gasp

It was then everyone noticed the black timid sexy girl in their midst

She walk towards them as goldlex pointed a chair close to him for her to seat

Immediately she sat down, goldlex signal everyone present in the hall to seat

“My lord….! “A girl came forward kneeling

Her face was hard as a stone yet she was still very beautiful

Her aura was very commanding and fearful making Sophia to gulp in fear

“Jane! “Goldlex nodded in response

The girl stood up and gave Sophia a deadly death glare

“If I am permitted to ask, who is……

Goldlex wave his hand and she immediately shut up

“Everyone!, this is Sophia, my wife! “He said as every single soul present had their mouth drop in shock

Sophia’s own was the widest

Did he just call her his wife???

Jane expression was beyond pissed off, she gave Sophia a deadly silent glare as if telling her to get ready for what ever will go down

Sophia gulp down in fear
Ohhh no!!! What has goldlex done


omo the main part of the story begins ohhh

Before I was just playing ping pong with u all but now! I want us to get to the main part

Hmmmm I fear for Sophia
This Jane girl,hmmmm I will nor talk,🤐🤐

Who else thinks goldlex just made a grave mistake announcing Sophia as his wife??? 😡😡😡

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