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He Is My Golden Key – Season 1 – Episode 13

🔑 Thirteen 🔑


☹️Betty ☹️

I glared at goldlex who kept staring at Sophia like she is the only girl in the hall

Everyone could clearly see that he has the hots for her

Damn! This bastard of a black bitch
How dare she try to seduce my betrothed with her annoyingly huge hips and boob’s 😡

“What is going on?? why is goldlex staring at that black girl with such loving eyes! “A woman close to me mummured to her friends

“I have no idea, shouldn’t he be complementing his betrothed instead? “Another replied

“Hmm this is weird! maybe the girl is his betrothed? “Another replied and I almost choked her to death

“Nah, Betty is his betrothed, I just wondered why he isn’t acknowledging her! ” The first woman replied

I need to do something now
if I let this people leave with the impression that goldlex and Sophia has a thing between them then It will be a huge blow for my career

I straightened my dress and catwalk towards them smiling

“Hey babe!, come on people are waiting for you to welcome them! “I said pecking goldlex in the cheeks as Sophia looked on

He turned briefly to me then returned his gaze back to Sophia

As he was about to speak another guy that looks so much like raphela wrap his arms around Sophia

“Good day sir goldlex”He greeted bowing slightly

Goldlex nodded looking at his hand around Sophia, his gaze hardened

“Nice to meet you miss Sophia and you too Raphael! “He said politely as he held my waist and led me roughly towards the dance floor

I tried to smile romantically at him at least to give people the impression that we are still together and not separated

We got to the dance floor

He pushed me slightly but roughly as he slammed me hard on his body

It hurts but somehow it got me turned on and imagine stroking his chest and him burying his head in between my thighs

His hot breath fan my as we both move slowly to the music

“Next time you dare lay ur firty lips on my cheeks then I will kill you instantly! “He threatened as I whimpered in fear

I knew he wasn’t joking because his aura made me want to choke

“And yes, delete those naughty thoughts from ur head, I can never have intimacy with a whore like you! “He muttered again as tears flow down my face

No one could see what was going on cause goldlex has created an image of us still dancing like a romantic couple

“And yes! if you or ur stupid mother or brother tries as much as lay a finger on Sophia’s hair, I will let ur mum watch how I end u and ur brother then kill her afterwards,good day Betty! “He said then walk away

Everyone started clapping as I bow trying hard to maintain my smile and stop the tears that filled my eyes from spilling out

I headed to a private coner and cried my heart out

How could I be this stupid??
How could I be this foolish?!?

I should have known that goldlex will have a hots for her when Raphaela first told me about his visit

Who knew that he would fall head heels for her???

Now he seems to be very protective over her
There is absolutely no way to hard the girl anymore

The thought of how they kept staring at themselves made me so furious

I look at her direction and saw her laughing with Raphael

“Woah, relax Sis,before u stab her with ur dagger eyes! “My stupid brother Zack mocked and I glared at him

“I gat no time for ur stupidity Zack, just stay away from me! “I warned and he rolled his eyes

“Ohhh please, you are just furious about what happened minutes ago, yeah I wanted to ask by the way, what happened there? I thought u were goldlex betrothed! “He mocked

“I am and I still am!!!! “I yelled drawing attention to ourselves

“Tsk tsk, it seems Sophia is gaining more attention than you sis!”

“Just shut up okay! goldlex is mine!!! I don’t give a fuck about who he hangs out with now, I know he is just messing around with her! ”

“Well it doesn’t seems like that to me, he looks at her with so much love and desires in his eyes “He taunted as I kept sending him killer glares

“Well you are blind obviously, goldlex is just messing with her, trust me when he is done, I will deal with the bitch myself! “I said smirking evilly at the thoughts of frying the black bitch brain

“I agree though, I mean look at her hips,God dammit this girl is beautiful and well endowed,i mean who wouldn’t want to taste that? “He asked licking his lips staring at Sophia

I stared at him disgustingly shaking my head at the thoughts of driving a knife into his skull

“Just stay away from me you freak! “I warned and walk away

I need to discuss with some investors

I need popularity so I can be able to bring that bitch down

💓Goldlex 💓

I sip my wine as I stared at her laughing with some men

I knew her laughter was fake but damn she was so beautiful while laughing

I trace my eyes to explore the dress I personally asked crim to drop in her room.

I watch how excited she was to see the dress
Now am excited to rip it off her and explore that beautiful temptation of hers

She has the most beautiful body I have ever seen

The way the dress brought out her curves drives me crazy

I notice almost all men couldn’t stop staring at her
She was a beauty to behold

But too bad! she is mine and I aren’t Sharing

I will pardon Raphael for the mistake of him touching her because he has been of great help for the school

Next time I won’t be this merciful
How dare he touches what is mine

No one touches what is mine

“She looks beautiful right? ” I heard her voice and I smirk

I have been expecting her since I stepped in
I could sense her evil aura

She sat in front of me smirking like the real devil she is

“Yes! More beautiful than you! “I said and she laughed

“Won’t you acknowledge the body that I penetrated?”

“Whose body did you decide to penetrate sita?” I asked looking uninterested

“Well since you ask,i will tell you. this gorgeous body is that or Raphaela, one of the moderators in ur school! ”

“Wow that’s nice! “I said sipping my wine

“Yeah, it happens that she has a very dark aura same as mine and also has a crush on you! “She said rolling her eyes as I smirk

“Can you blame her? I am way more handsome than ur lover! “I taunted and I saw her eyes grew dark with anger

“You are a fool goldlex if you think you can protect her from my wrath! “She yelled and I smirk

“Really?? ”

“Indeed, at first I was planning on just taking silver powers then kill you with it afterwards, but now, I will kill her since you are already in love with her, just as you killed him! “She said in anger and pure hatred

“You look pretty when angry, the body you took is a really pretty one compared to your face! “I mocked and she glared at me angrily

“Ohhh and for your threats, if you go anywhere close to Sophia, I will bring the ashes from the land of no returns and recanted him back from the dead then kill him again the second time in the presence of you! ” I said nonchalantly and I could see how the fear in her rose to the top of her eyes

I smirk as she tried to put on a brave face but failed miserably

I knew those words would affect her greatly

“You think you can scare me?? “She asked trying to control her shaking voice

“No, I am just predicting what will happen if you try touching a hair on her body! “I took a sip off my wine

She stood up glaring at me in anger

“I will kill you myself goldlex, I promise you that! “She threatened and I smirk

“I know!”I wink at her as her face grew red in anger

She stomp off while I chuckle softly

“Some people are just crazy ” I muttered then turned to Sophia who was walking toward the rest room

Perfect timing!!!
I stood up and followed her


I walk into the ladies room as I eased myself and washed my hands afterwards

Staring at the mirror in the restroom I sighed heavily

Finally I could breath in air
Men almost suffocate me in there

They were all over me trying to get my number or crack foolish jokes

I had to fake a laughter so it won’t be like I was been arrogant

Even women were over me, trying to find out who is my designer

But how do I tell them that I cane back from school wbdcsaw the dress lying on my bed?

I was sure it was criminals that put it there and I have taken a mental note to thank him later

The golden eyes pop into my brain and I sighed heavily

Those eyes!!!
Who knew that they belong to the most gorgeous man on earth

His aura, his walking steps, his beauty, his wealth
He has everything a woman could possibly want

The way his abs were in shaped got me drooling

He was a complete definition of beautiful!

I poured water on my face as I stared at the mirror
He was at my back smirking

I yelled in shock and fear as I quickly faced him

“Gosh you scared me! “I said trying to control my racing heart

He smiled and my heart skipped

“This dress…. this dress is really driving me crazy!!! I shouldn’t have given it to crim!”He muttered but I could still hear him

“You???? you….you bought the dress? ” I asked in shock and he winked at me

He slammed his lips on mine without protesting as our tongue rolled together

Gosh! His lips tasted like strawberries
So delicious 😋

We both kept kissing as I felt his hand sliding into the dress romancing my thighs

I moaned a little as his hand went deep into my tight touching my wet hole

I moaned loudly fearing someone would come in because of how loud I was

“I want to rip this tight off you! “He muttered kissing my earlobes and I moaned

His second arm went to my left boob’s squeezing it a little bit hard

“Ahhhh, goldlex! “I moaned his name and I felt him smirk

“I like how you moan my name, now spread those beautiful legs open! “He said and I slowly spread my legs open

He Pushed his way into my tight and slide my pants to another slide massage my well shaved clits

I moaned in pleasure as he kept driving me crazy with his hands

He smirk and inserted his finger into my clit and I gasp loudly

He immediately started moving his fingers deep inside my clits as my moans kept coming louder

He kept moving in and out until I felt my self release into his hands

He smirk then lick his finger

“Woah,we should try this sometime again! “He said winking at me and I blush looking away from his face

“I have to go, I feel someone coming! “He said and I nodded

“See you at home baby, we will continue at home! “He wink at me and disappeared

I quickly adjusted my gown and pour water on my face as the person walk in

“You bitch!!” The girl yelled and slap me

I was beyond shocked cause I don’t know the girl but I was more furious

“How dare you look at my betrothed or even smile at him! “The girl yelled and I smirk
She was drunk

“Look I don’t know who the hell are you but fuck off werey!”I warned as I tried to walk past her

She drew me back and slapped me again and this time I wasted no time to slap her back

omo I wipe the girl better five hot resounding slaps and she stared at me in shock
She wasn’t expecting it

“If you try slap me again ehhh, I go deep ur face inside toilet, is like u no dy fear face, Mumu somebody! “I said eyeing her angrily

She kept staring at me In shock and I sighed angrily kicking her out of my way before I left the restroom

Good riddance to bad rubbish


Yes ohhh Sophia
Show dem,the much no no say 9ja babes no dy joke

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