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Haywire – Episode 22

Tamarah went to do some shopping in the town where Peter stayed with his kids.

She came with he workmate, Prudence. They were not only co-workers but best

friends. She is the one she was talking to Peter about marrying. Though she was

talking to Peter directly, she had never mentioned it to her. And even if she

mentioned it to Peter, she never told her who the lady was or what her name was.

They got there stuff which they came to buy and packed in their vehicle.

“Girlfriend, like I told you earlier that I need to see my cousin, let’s now pass by

my cousin’s place.” Tamarah said.

“Okay, sure” Prudence said.

“He doesn’t know that am here. So I just want to surprise him.” She said as she drove out of the shopping mall.

Tamarah drove to Peter’s home in no time as it was near the shopping mall. The gateman opened for her and drove in.

As she was exchanging greetings with the gateman, the kids saw her through the window and came out running towards her. They hugged her as Prudence watched admiring the way they related.

“You know what guys,” Tamarah said.

“No aunt”

“I didn’t come alone, so there is no way you can just hug me alone. You also need to run towards her and hug her.” Tamarah said referring to Prudence. “But you introduce her to us” said the older girl.

“Don’t worry about that. Now you should all go to the door and ran to her as well

just you did to me.”

“Really aunt?”

“Yes, and whoever impresses me most will be the first one to receive what I have brought for you” Tamarah added.

The kids ran to the door of the house in readiness to run to Prudence.

“Tamarah what are you doing?” Prudence asked not understanding whatever was happening there.

“My dear just prepare yourself for a hug. If you won’t balance yourself well, you will fall.” Tamarah said.

“I asked for a friend and see what I was blessed with. A psycho” Prudence said as she put her phone on the car.

“Guys, its time now. Come!” Tamarah shouted at the kids as she got her phone.

The kids started running towards Prudence while Tamarah was capturing the video of them. The kids got to Prudence and hugged her. She even carried the youngest child as they went on talking.

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“Oh beautiful!” Tamarah exclaimed as she put her phone back into her pocket. They then got the parcels she had brought for them and gave them as they walked into the house.

“Where is dad?” Tamarah asked.

“He has gone out but he said he will be coming soon”

“Okay. Actually I just came to see you and say hi. I will be leaving soon” Tamarah spent some time there. She liked how Prudence interacted with the kids there. Prudence knew nothing about the hidden agenda which Tamarah had for her and Peter. She was just being nice to the kids as she also loved kids.

They stayed there and left before Peter returned.

When they were almost arriving back to their town, Peter called Tamarah on her



“Tamarah you couldn’t tell me you were here?”

“It was a quick journey. I wanted to pay you a quick visit”

“This is not fair”

“As if you visit me.”


“Yes when was the last time you visited me?”

“You know how busy I am.”

“The distance from the to here is an hour drive. Can’t you spare 3 hours on one of your weekends?”

“I will see what I will do.”

“Yes, and you should bring me the kids as you come.”

“No problem but next time you come here let me know of your coming or else”

“Or else what?”

“I will chase you with a gun”

“I know you have that trait in your blood” Tamarah said laughing referring to the incidence where they were chased by Fostinah. “Get out. Travel safely”

“Thank you though we almost home”



It was lunch time, Tamarah was walking from her office going to the office of Prudence.

“Hey girlfriend, let’s go we have some lunch.” She said “Okay, actually am starving”

“Yes, who knows maybe we can meet our Mr rights”

“Ehe! Tamarah our love date bundle was depleted a long time ago.” Prudence said as she stood up from her chair.

“Says who? We still have some opportunities. You know what, inasmuch as we really want real men, am not rushing anywhere” “And who looks like is running here?”


“Am hungry, remember a hungry person is an angry person”

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“Let’s go and eat before you fall down.”

Tamarah and Prudence went down stairs. They then walked across the street into the cafeteria where they usually had their meals. They ordered their usual dish and ate it religiously.

“Prudence, I would like to call you home so that you help me bake a cake tomorrow” Tamarah asked.

“Why can’t you just buy?” Prudence asked.

“Will I continue buying even after being married? I want to learn before being married.”

“Mmmm you are really geared for marriage”

“The man who will find me will enjoying the ripeness for marriage in me”



“Anyway, who are you baking the cake for?”

“Those kids we went to visit some weeks ago”

“Oh those sweet and beautiful kids! That’s lovely”


On a Saturday morning, Peter had breakfast with his kids after which they prepared for the journey to visit Tamarah. The first born said there was a lot of homework she had so she wanted to be left at grandfather’s home so that he could help her with it as they go on their journey.

Peter drove to Grandfather’s place amd left the oldest daughter. He then left with his second born child and the youngest child. His son.

They finally arrived at Tamarah’s place to the excitement of her. The moment the kids saw her they ran at her to hug her as usual.

They then went inside the house and made themselves comfortable.

“I guess you travelled safely”

“Yes we did” Peter answered.

“That’s good. Kids guess who is here” Tamarah said to her niece and nephew. “We don’t know”

“Okay let me call her.” She said.

“Our chef, the visitors here are eagerly waiting to see you” Tamarah shouted from the living room.

“I will be there shortly” a feminine voice came from the kitchen.


Peter was confused and very curious to know who that person was. As he was in that state of wanting to know, a beautiful lady with an apron stood in front of Peter. He was frozen just like the monument of Noah’s wife.

Whilst still in the awe of the beautiful soul in front of him, something he never expected happened which he never expected.

His two kids abruptly stood up and ran to hug Prudence. They hugged and laughed.

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Prudence then sat down on the couch with the son her laps while the other child sat

besides her on the couch.

“Hey big boy, you are fine?”

“Yes am fine.”

“And you little princess how are you?” She said cuddling the the well plait hair of the daughter.

“Am fine how are you?”

“I have baked something special for you. I hope you will enjoy it”

“Wow. We can’t wait”

All this time Prudence and the kids got absorbed in the chatting, Peter and Tamarah were just watching.

“Who is this beautiful soul who has already won over the hearts of my kids?” Peter asked himself.

“I can see that Peter is already won by her charming personality” Tamarah also thought to her.

“That one is my dad” the son said to Prudence whilst pointing at Peter.

“Oh really. Am happy to know him” she said.

Prudence and Peter then exchanged their greetings.

“This Peter, the father to these kids, and my cousin. Peter, this is my good friend and workmate Prudence.” Tamarah said. “It’s great knowing you”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

After staying for a while Prudence excused herself to go to the kitchen.

“Come and taste some cup cakes” Prudence said to the kids.

When they went to the kitchen, Peter held Tamarah by her hand and dragged her outside the house.

“I will deal with you if you don’t tell me the truth.” He warned her when they were

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“What truth?”

“Why didn’t you tell you that she is so beautiful and loves my kids?”

“It’s not this one i eas talking about”

“Then forget about the one you were talking about. And when did my kids know her?”

“It’s a long story. We havr all day. We will chat.”

They then walked to Peter’s car to get some things they had bought for her. “Mmmm Tamarah I have come to fear you. You are just something else” Peter said as he got the things out.

“I want the best for my family”

“Look at you!”


Watch out for episode 23.

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