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Haywire – Episode 2


“You so selfish.” She said leaving the bedroom angrily.

She went to continue working on preparing beef for the night. Her 12 years old daughter,Nandipa, noticed that she was not okay. “Mummy are you okay?” She asked.

“Yes my dear am fine. I am just tired” Fostinah lied.

“Okay but I heard dad shouting”


“In the bedroom”

“Oh it was on phone. Pass me that medium size pot” she said to draw away attention from the topic.

“Okay mummy”

“And you should go and bath with your sister. I will bath your brother later” Fostinah went on preparing went on preparing the meal. She started with the relish, vegetables and finally nshima. She set the dining table and went to her husband who was still in the bedroom doing some work stuff on his laptop. Fostinah sat on the bed looking at her husband who was busy typing.

“Honey, I am sorry for not cooking the relish you wanted. I will cook it tomorrow for you” she said.

Her husband, Peter turned around looking at her intently without saying anything.

“I am sorry. I will make it up to you tomorrow” she said.

Without saying anything, Peter stood up and stretched his hands towards her.

“Come one stand up” he said.

When Fostinah stood up, Peter embraced her tenderly.

“You are the best wife i will ever have. Am sorry for being self centered as well.”

He said.


“Yes I am. Is the food ready?”

“Yes it’s ready.”

“Shall we go and eat?”

“Yes, sure”

Fostinah was surprised with how calm and poised Peter became suddenly. Most of the times, when he got angry, it could take a miracle for him to calm down the same day.

They went to the dining table and joined their children as they started having their dinner. They enjoyed the meal together. After bathing her son, she went and had

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him sleep in readiness for the next day for school. She also made her two daughters sleep.

Fostinah then went and joined her husband in the living room.

“Honey, let’s go and bath.”

“Right now?”


“Let me just finish watching this WrestleMania”

“Okay then let me all go and run the water”

Peter remained watching the television show while fostinah went to the bedroom which was self contained to run the water in the tab in readiness for bathing.

Peter then joined her in the bedroom ready to bath with his wife. He found fostinah was already in the tub relaxing.

“So you couldn’t wait for me?” He asked.

“I am waiting for you”

“Just wait”

Peter got his clothes off going to join his wife where she was bathing from.


On the next morning,as it was quatidian of her, she woke up earlier than anyone else in the house. She prepared food for her children to carry to school. She then woke up her children and prepared them for school after which they had their breakfast. A little while later they heard a horn of the school bus which had come to pick them up. The children left for school.

She then prepared her husband for work as she also prepared herself. After having his breakfast, Peter got into his vehicle and left for work.

Fostinah whose shift was to start at 08:00hours got ready and left for work at the hospital.

She took over from the one who was working in the night shift. She did what was expected of her when taking over a shift. She was together with Sister Bwalya for this shift like the previous day.

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Sister Bwalya was in her fifties and was like an aunt to Fostinah. They usually caught up on different topics when they had an opportunity to.

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So, when she was done doing her round up, she went to where sister Bwalya was. “Sister Bwalya your patient who usually refuses medicine today has taken without any problem.” Fostinah said.

“Oh you know these inform people. They change like chameleons”


“How is home otherwise?”

“Mmmmmmmmm we are fine”

“Why mmmmmmmmm?”

“We quarrelled with my husband yesterday”

“Oh okay, that’s how marriage is”

“But he was too much”

“What was too much of him?”

Fostinah narrated how he lost made her turn back to the market to get him beer. She further narrated insensitive he was by insisting on having fish which was frozen.

“Oh I thought it was a serious issue. That’s nothing”

“Like really? How I wish you saw my mood. He isnt fair sometimes”

“You know men, sometimes act like babies. Self centered. You don’t have to take personal all things they say. So that issue of relish, you shouldn’t even have confronted him. You should have just brushed it off” “He was saying it with seriousness”

“Like I have told you, men are like babies. Babies cry when they want something, that’s how men react. They will do what will make them get what they want. Am glad you resolved it amicably”

“Yeah, but I usually get tired from here working then i get home working again.”

“Why can’t you you get a maid?”

“Hey, as if you my husband! Can a maid go round without ending up in bed with him. I can’t risk that.”

“Then find a relative who can help you”

“Don’t you remember the issue of Tamar my cousin. My husband ended up sleeping with her. I don’t feel there is any person I can bring who will not be taken advantage of by my husband.”

“Then call his sister. That way you will be safe”

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“But none of his sister can come here. They are at school”

“If you really want to be helped, get a maid. Get that one who will be coming, does the chores then leaves. Otherwise, you won’t be helped in any way.” “I will think about that”

“Listen, if you are a working and married woman, the issue of saying a maid will make me look like a lazy woman doesn’t work. You need help with home tasks. If you don’t have a relative, then you have no option than to get a maid.” “I will see what I can do”



It was month-end and they both had got their salaries. Spirits were high in the house with joy and happiness.

Before they could retire to bed, Peter had something to talk to his wife about. “Baby, I have a tight program for my salary this month. I need to clear out the fees for my sisters who are at the University. So I was asking that you use your salary for things needed here at home.”

“Are you saying you won’t buy anything for home?”

“I have to pay fees so I will remain with nothing”

“Are you even listening to yourself! You want me to spend the whole salary to feed you people as if I am the head of the house”

“Fostinah, I didn’t say you start saying much. Ita requests which you can either accept or refuse”

“You are the head of the house and you will know how to so your fees problem and what we need here at home”

“Fostinah what do you use your money for if you don’t want to spend a single coin for this home? Tell me am interested” he asked. .

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