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Haywire – Episode 12

Seeing Fostinah there, Peter quickly stood up. As the standing up was so quick, unfortunately, the towel fell down leaving him completely nude. He quickly picked it and covered himself with it. Tamarah also stood up pulling down the night dress which had been pulled up when she fell down. As she was pulling it down, Fostinah noticed that she had nothing inside down there which enraged her even more. It was beyond any reasonable doubt that they were about to do it and chances were they had enjoyed each other the whole night. “Fostinah, it’s not what you think. Let me explain” peter pleaded.

“Explain what? That you were about to lavish on her and I disturbed you?! Huh?!” “No, I am from bathing and I heard her shouting so I came to check on her” “Check on her whilst on top?! I have had enough of you. Just wait for me here” fostinah said throwing down her handbag and going to the bedroom. Peter and Tamarah stood there looking at each other.

“Have you seen what you have put me into?”

“It’s not my fault that she has got it all wrong.”

“And why were you screaming?”

“There is no time for that. She will do something crazy when she comes out of that room.”

“She can’t do anything. Just tell me why you were screaming”

“I know her more than you. She gets crazy when mad. Let me Leave this place before she comes out” Tamarah said going into her room. Peter held her hand with force.

“Tell me why you were screaming?”

“Don’t hold me. Go and take your crazy wife who judges before knowing the truth ”

Tamarah got into her room. Quickly got the small suitcase he had her things in and her car keys then headed out still wearing the night dress.

“Where are you going?” Asked Peter who was still standing there not knowing

where to go.

“To a safe place”

Peter just shook his head in dismay as he assumed that Tamarah was also over reacting to the situation just like his wife Fostinah.

Tamarah got to the door and got out of the house and entered into her car. Peter started heading to the bedroom where Fostinah was. When he just made a step forward, Fostinah popped up holding a pistol in her hands.

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“I will blow off your stupid cheating brains” Fostinah said pointing the gun at him. “Fostinah please, you are not really going to do this” Peter pleaded holding his hands high.

“Oh yes I will surely do it.”

Fostinah then fired a bullet at Peter and it narrowly missed his head by an inch. Peter fell down with fear and started crawling away for his safety. When Fostinah fired a second bullet, Peter had got to the corner and rushed to the door. He got out and banged the door behind him.

As he jumped down the steps his towel fell down and remained completely nude. He didn’t even bother about being naked. This time, Tamarah was driving out of the gate. Peter quickly ran to the car and sat in the passengers seat in front. “Drive faster” he said quickly.

Tamarah dashed the car out of the yard and joined the main road at high speed. Peter was there with his hands between his legs as he shivered with fear of what would have happened. He then felt his cheek where the bullet almost hit. He could feel the warmth of the bullet still there. He didn’t even realize urine coming out of him on the seat where he sat as he went on fidgeting. At that moment he didn’t even care that he was naked and they were driving into town. All what mattered to him at that point was that he was away from Fostinah.

Tamarah then looked at Peter for the first time since she drove out. She saw how

terrified he was and felt pity for him.

“What? You have peed in my car?!”

Peter didn’t say anything but looked like a child who had been caught stealing relish from his mother’s pot.

“Anyway, take a chitenge material from my suitcase behind and cover yourself. I

don’t want to go deaf”


“I mean blind”

Peter got the chitenge material and covered himself with it.

“So where are we going now?” He asked.

“To Grandma’s place”

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“No please. Let’s go somewhere else”.

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“Like where?”

“To your home”

“My home is an hour drive. What about your work?”

“My work can wait but my life is very important. Let’s go we think this whole thing through first before we do anything” “Okay”

Tamarah increased the speed as she joined to the road heading to the town she worked from.


Back home, Fostinah fired all the bullets until there were no more left. She sat on the steps holding the gun on her hand as she cried her heart out.

“I have been trying to be as a good wife as possible for him but he still cheats. I will kill him the day I will set my eyes on him.” She lamented.

Just then, her female neighbor who sent her the text about Tamarah came into the yard. She walked slowly to her but the moment she saw a gun, she got scared. “Fostinah, please let’s talk” she said.

“Don’t come near me or else I will kill myself” fostinah said.

“Please no, don’t do that” she said drawing close to her.

Fostinah pointed the gun at her head as she looked at her neighbor. “Any more step near me, I will blow off my brains” Fostinah shouted. “Please don’t point the gun at your head”

“Oh I should point it at you? Okay wait” fostinah.

She then removed the gun point from her head, cocked it and pointed it at the neighbor.

“Please no, okay, i will leave now” the neighbor pleaded.

“You are not going anywhere. I am killing you today. That way you will learn to mind your business.”

“I mind my business all the time”

“What are you doing here if you mind your business?”

“I heard gun shots and wanted to check whats happening”

“And you call that minding your own business?”

“Please no”

Fostinah aimed the gun at her head and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the gun had no bullet in it as they were already finished.

The neighbor was standing facing down as she held her head expecting a bullet to

hit her body. When she saw that she wasn’t shot and realised that the bullets were

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finished, she gave a deep sigh of relief.

“There are no more bullets in it” Fostinah said.

The neighbor made a step towards Fostinah. That step made the flood gates of urine to open up running down her legs wetting the slippers. She was scared to death as hell.

Fostinah put down the gun and and held her head as she sobbed. The neighbor quickly went and got the gun.

“Hey look at me” she said to Fostinah.

When Fostinah lifted up her head to look at her, the neighbor gave her a dirty slap to her face.

“Do you think you can joke around with a gun? See, i had to pee on myself because of you. Stupid woman. A gun doesn’t solve anything. Am very annoyed. I can’t even hear what happened.” She said.

The neighbour threw the gun a bit away from Fostinah and left the yard angrily.

Fostinah decided to call her partenal aunt. She wanted her to come to her house immediately.


Tamarah and Peter finally got to her home. They got into her house as Peter was still clad in the chitenge material. Peter sat in the living room thinking of what to do next. He realised that he had left his phone home during the gateway. He asked for Tamarah’s phone so that he could call his grandfather. “Hello Tamarah” grandfather answered.

“It’s me Peter grandpa” he answered.

“What happened to your phone?”

“I left it home”

“Okay, is everything okay?”

“Nothing is fine. Fostinah almost shot me for suspecting that am going out with Tamarah. So I have ran away from home” “Ooops, so where are you right now?”

“I am at Tamarah’s place”

“With Tamarah?”


“Your wife suspected you of going out with her and now you have ran away with

her to her house, what message are you sending? Will she believe anything you

will say?” Grandfather asked.


Watch out for episode 13.

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