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Haywire – Episode 11

Just then a friend to the director came into the office and found him smiling foolishly.

“And what is that Shrek-smile all about?” Asked the friend. “My guy, i think an angel has just come into my life.” “Which life? I mean which angel?”

“Just look outside and see that lady entering the car”

“Okay, but she has kids meaning she is definitely married”

“They are not hers. They are children for her brother”

“Mmmmm okay, but you have to be very careful with such ladies.”


“She is a high class lady who will just finish off your pocket and leave you poor.

Date ladies of your class”

“Love is blind. It has no class.”

“Yes love is blind but you are not blind to not see that she is way out of your league.”

“What is so way out of my league about her? I have good looks and am getting a salary every month end. Tell me”

“Oh so your ka K6,000 makes you feel like she is your league? Listen dude, did you see that wig on her head? It costs k1,200. Her make up and other beauty work on her costs three quarters of your salary and you are here talking nonsense”

“Are you telling me that she will stop getting those herself when we start dating? Does it mean when you get in a relationship all responsibilities become yours? It’s a relationship and not an adoption.”

“Dude you have to understand that when you ask for a relationship you are asking for responsibility as well. If you are not ready to spend on a lady, then don’t fall in love at all”

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“That’s where you get it all wrong. I will explain to her in the first place that my heart and love is all I got for her. Of course I will be buying her some items once in a while not spending a fortune on her.”

“Okay, anyway I was just opening up your eyes”

“Yeah thank you though for nothing. And i have a piece of advice for you:. Don’t let the Outlook of a lady intimidate you to the extent of feeling like you can’t date her”

“Okay and you should remember that if your woman looks so good and see down your heart you know that you haven’t spent not even a coin on her looks, then you are not different from a security guard guarding a bank”

“These your philosophical words, what are they for? Are you against dating her?” “Look at you. You are throwing tantrums when you have not yet said anything to her.”

“I have her business card.” He said flashing it in the air.

“Let me see.”

“Here see for yourself”

“Public relations manager?!”

“Yes my guy”

“She will accept you on one condition”


“If she is desperate”

“Why do you feel I am so low for her?”

“Never mind, you know what you are doing”

“Of course. There are parents outside. Let me attend to them. See you”

“Oh yeah see you. Am leaving”


Tamarah and the kids sung along to the song playing in the sound system as she drove. That waa one other thing why the kids loved her. No dull moments with her.

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They got still in that singing spirit. They found Peter had just arrived back from work.

The kids went to their rooms to change while Tamarah sat in the living room. Just then Fostinah came wearing her nurse uniform. “And what is that uniform about?” Tamarah asked.

“Am going for work”

“Why? You knocked off early and you are going back?”

“Yes, the one who was supposed to do the night shift has received a funeral of her mother. So she won’t manage to work. So I have been called to cover her up” “Mmmmmmmmm okay. Anyway, since it’s a funeral you can go”

“Yeah, i am leaving. I have already prepared for the kids school things tomorrow. I will find you tommorow morning”

“Okay our wife work well”

“Thank you”

“Mummy you are going for work?” Asked the daughter.

“Yes mummy. I will find you tommorow”


Fostinah left after seeing all her children.

Back at home, Tamarah, Peter amd the kids had their supper before getting into the living room to watch some movies.

As they were chatting, Tamarah’s phone rung and it was a new number. “Hello”

“Hello, I hope I am not disturbing what’s going on with you”

“No, not at all. Sorry, who am I speaking to?”

“It’s the one you gave your business card today when you came to get the kids”

“Oh okay, I didn’t expect the call” she saod standing up leaving the living room

going to her bedroom.

“Oh really?”


“I wouldn’t miss an opportunity of talking to you.”


“Yeah, actually let me introduce myself to you, my name is Pride.”

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“Okay am Tamarah, though my friend call me Tamar”

“Oh okay. It’s great that i habe known one thing from you today. And it was great meeting you.”

“The pleasure is mine”

“Hoping to see you again”

“I doubt”


“I stay out of town”

“I know”

“How did you know?”

“On your business card”

“Oh yes”

Pride and Tamarah chatted for sometime before hanging up. Tamarah went back to join others in the chatting.


On the next day, in the morning, the children prepared for school and the school bus came to pick them up. Peter and Tamarah remained home.

Peter was in his bedroom from taking a shower. He was just cover in a bathing towel when he heard Tamarah shouting in her room.

Peter quickly ran out of her room to check what was happening. Before he could enter Tamarah’s room, she also was heading out so they bumped in each other both falling down. Tamarah was down and Peter fell on top of her. Tamarah was just in a night dress while Peter was just in a towel.

“What happened?” He asked her as he tried to stand up.

Before she could answer or him move out from top of Tamarah where he fell on, Fostinah popped up and found them in that compromising position. “What’s happening here?” Fostinah shouted.


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