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Having a bad day? Here’s six tips to lighten your mood

Not feeling like your best today? Does it suddenly feel like the world is against you? Yeah, we get you because we’ve been in your shoes one too many times.

You’ve spilled coffee over your new shirt, some idiot driver spilled dirty water on you, and that silly conductor almost made away with your change. It’s almost as if the universe is playing a huge trick on you and you’re starting to get frustrated.

The truth is that bad days happen. Even to the best of us and that’s sadly a part of life. Each one of us has had our fair share of bad days and yes, it definitely sucks.

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As people who have walked in your shoes, here are some proven ways to lighten your mood. Some of these tips work within minutes while others may take some time to grow on you and colour your happiness.

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  1. Take A Walk

A great way to feel better on a bad day is by taking a walk. There’s just something about being out in nature [or wherever your feet take you] that clears the mind. If you’ve experienced this feeling, you’ll definitely understand.

This simple trick will definitely get you out of your depressing state. Sometimes, sitting in a particular space for a long time can also contribute to your bad mood since it cuts off blood and oxygen flow. By walking, you’re not only allowing for blood flow, but you’re activating your body and therefore, contributing to the general improvement of your body.

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If you can, go for a run or a jog. You can also try brisk walking. But the idea is to move. So get up, and move, move, move.

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