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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 9

Chapter 9

🍭Ronell Pov🍭

The next morning I got up with a headche. Gosh, Jeff is so crazy and talking about crazy I’m so gonna deal with his stupid bitchy ex wife.

She have the guts to called me a gold digger.. I went in the shower and have a quick bath..

I dress in a flare skirt and a top. I put my feet in a nice looking sandals.. that reminds me, I have asked for the ex wife location..

I’m gonna deal with her but after making breakfast for my family. I went in the kitchen and made a scramble eggs and toast bread ..

Good morning, Diana said rubbing her eyes..
Good morning D,I said and she chuckle lightly. So cute, I said and she smile.

Umm, you don’t mind helping me carrying the breakfast on the table right? I asked her and she nodded. She grab it and carry it while I follow up behind her.

My head is pounding and only Jeff has medicine.. how I’m I gonna ask him? Gosh my husband is so unspeakable.

I went upstairs to his room and knock the door. He didn’t answer.. Ronell leave my door this instance, he said and I scoff.

How could he tell it was me who is knocking? I sigh. How did you know it was me? I asked from outside.

Only you will knock the door the way you knock it, he said and I smile. So he knows something about me.

Umm please help me with some pain Killers, I said but he didn’t answer. His door open moment later and he came out with nothing in his hands..

He’s crazy, I said going back to have breakfast since he won’t help me. Such a crazy husband.

He was not at the breakfast table either. What’s his problem? I asked myself.

My sister in-law and mother in-law including granny was having breakfast already. Where’s your husband dear? His granny asked.

He went out grandma,I said and she smile.. come have your breakfast my daughter. After that you can rest your body.

I tell you,he will come around soon. Don’t give up on him okay? He’s such a stubborn child and moodly but don’t take that to heart. He loves you and I can see it, she said and I nodded.

I ate my breakfast and did the dishes.. I went back to my room today is Sunday and I find it boring and all that. I decided to call my mom and tell her about my sudden marry.

I dail her number and she pick immediately. Honey, she said and I smile. Hi momma, I said and I guess she also smile. Umm mom I have something to say, I said and the place was quite.

Go ahead, she said. Umm I’m married…. I said closing my eyes. What?!!!! You’re joking right? Is it Jax? She asked. No mom, I said closing my eyes more.

She sighed. Who is it and why you didn’t tell me till now? I’m your mother and I deserve to be with you on that day, she said,and I nodded.

Well mom I’m sorry it happened so suddenly that I wasn’t even aware of it mom. It was not even plan, I said and I heard her sighed..

So who is this guy? She asked me. Ummm the guy that bought me from dad,I said. What!!!!! Are you nuts?she asked me. No calm down mom and I’m gonna explain everything to you, I said…

Okay,she said. Yeah so mom he’s not really a bad person,I said. But he’s bad… she said. Not really, we missed judge him. The thing is he was frustrated by his ex wife so that’s why he became cold mom, I said..

So you love him and he loves you also? She asked. Well I guess, I said and she sigh.

Okay dear, I wish you a happy married life,she said and I sighed. Thank God she didn’t drag this issue with me, I said to myself.

Okay Mom thanks for your blessing and talk to you later, I said and she answer okay and I hung up on her.

I’m seriously sick here and Jeff just ignored me. My skin is burning with fever. Gosh he’s so mean and grumpy.

Im suddenly feeling weak. I grab the duvet and cover my body with it. I quickly fall asleep.

🍭Jeff POV🍭

I went into the pharmacy and bought medicine. Not just painkillers but fever medicine. Not that I notice her but I know the symptoms of fever.

I quickly drove home. I was on full speed. I enter my yard and got down. Because I was breathing heavily,I decided to wait a little bit outside before going inside….

I enter and scan the house but couldn’t see Ronell. Umm where’s Ronell? I asked Diana. Who is Ronell? She asked me.

Come on Diana.. the one who cook yesterday and the same person who made breakfast, I said.. oh you mean my house? My pot and my wife? She asked memicking me. If you’re asking for your wife she’s in her room, she said and I roll my eyes.

Diana is such a headche to me, I said to myself. I walk up to her room but met the door open. I enter and met her sleeping already..

I touch her her forehead and gosh her skin was burning. I grab a bowl and went into her bathroom and fill it with water and grab a towel.

I went back to her and dip the towel in the water and squeeze it a bit and put it on her forehead. I removed it after few seconds and put it in the water and repeat the process..

I touch her skin and notice it was warm.. I turn on the aircool in her room.. I lay down beside her and pull her in my arms.. you gonna get better, I promise you, I said running my hands in her hair…

I fall asleep while playing in her hair.


I got up and she was still sleeping but then her skin was hotter than fire. I got up good. Ronell get up, I said shaken her but she didn’t get up.

Oh no, I said and lift her up. I carry her in a bridal style and run downstairs with her.

What’s going on? Diana who was watching a movie asked me. Diana hurry and get me my car keys, I said picnicking.

Okay. Okay…. She said running to Ronell room to get my keys. She came down and open my car. I put Ronell in it and Diana got in too.

I got in and blow the horn.. the security guard quickly open the gate . I drove out. Gosh today is Sunday. What happened to her?

I don’t know. She asked me for drugs this morning which I didn’t had at the moment but decided to get it for her…. When I came back she was sick and had this high fever, I said..

OMG Jeff,she’s bleeding from her mouth and nose, Diana shouted.. huh? What you mean? I asked turning around and she was and also conversing..

This is not happening now,I said stopping.. Jeff what are you doing? Diana asked me.. I got down. Diana come down quick and drive…

I’m afraid I will made a accident, I said and she nodded.. I came down mainly to be by her side.. I held her on my lap when Diana drove with full speed to the hospital..

As soon as we arrive I didn’t wait for them to bring the stretcher I run with her inside..

The nurses came to my rescue and took her with me.. what is it sir? One of the doctor asked me and I glare at him.

I’m sorry sir,we gonna do all we can, he said and I sighed.. better, I said following them inside.. the doctor check her and they look at each other…

Get her ready, they said and I was confused.. what’s going on? I asked the doctor.. can I see you in my office for a minute? He asked and I nodded..

Have a seat, he said and look at me. I did as he instructed.. doctor what’s wrong with her? Is she gonna be okay? I asked him.

She was poison, he said… Poison but how? I asked him. I’m sorry she was poison by a very bad poison… as it’s now we can only suppress it now because we don’t have the cure, he said…

I’m gonna carry on the operation now. If not she will be dead in umm 5 minutes,he said looking at the time.. i grab his collar.. if she dies, you and your entire family dies alone with her, I said…

Sir she needs me now, he said and I relase him. How did she gets poison? Who could have poison her? I asked myself..

What wrong with her? Diana asked me.. she was poison,I said.. huh? How? Diana asked with a blink of tears that escape her eyes..

Calm down she’s gonna be okay, I said hugging her… after one hour the doctor came outside… how is she? I asked him. She will soon wake up but she won’t be strong like before..

She will experience bleeding nose and mouth with a very high fever.. at certain point it will also comes from her ear and eyes… the poison is so powerful..

It will create lots of pains in her body.. so I advice you don’t allow her to work or be stress out in this period of time,he said and I nodded..

It takes three days before you notice it.. you guys were smart to bring her here or she was going to die without anyone noticing,he said…

So you’re saying she will still die? I asked him. I’m afraid so yes sir.. we only suppress it for five minimum 7 days sir. If shes not take the antidote she will die,he said and I look at him.

So where you think we can get this antidote from? I asked him. Seems like you really care about her sir, he said.. shut up …she’s my wife and I should care for her alot, I said.,….,

I’m sorry sir.. umm I can refer you to a hospital in Hong Kong,he said.. what are you waiting for? I asked him.

He run in his office and grab a sheet of paper and wrote the address of the hospital and give it to me.. thanks, I said and he nodded..

Can I see her? I asked him. Yes, he said and I went in her room. She was sleeping with oxygen to her mouth…

I’m sorry okay. I know you’re in a lots of pains now, I said holding her hands.. I’m gonna make sure you’re better and cheerful again okay, I said while smiling..

When you’re going to wake up? I asked her but no reply.. please wake up and tell me who poison you, I said with a blink of tears…

She still didn’t answer…

Diana enter.. did you finish with the payment? I asked her. Yes, she replied.

Thanks… I will be flying Ronell to China Tuesday, I said and she nodded.. she will live right? She asked me and I nodded..

You can go home now and have a rest, I said and she nodded again.. I turn back to Ronell and she was still sleeping.. you know the doctor said you will wake up early so please do, I said but no respond..

I got on her bed and laid beside her. I fall asleep on her bed.

❤️Ronell Pov❤️

I got up in the middle of the night and saw Jeff laying down beside me. I smile a little.. I notice that I was in the hospital and wearing oxygen to top it up..

What wrong with me? I feeling lots of pains in my body.. I decided to watch Jeff sleeping..

And he say he doesn’t love me.. such a joker.. I decided to run my hands in his head.

You know we are already married and we didn’t even have a honeymoon, I said to him more like talking to myself because he was sleeping..

You’re so bad Jeff, I said smiling… I love you Jeff, I said to myself.

I begin to cough.. I continue coughing till blood came out of my mouth.. Jeff got up… Ronell what’s wrong? He asked me.. nothing, I said wiping the blood with my hands..

Umm it’s just a cough, I said.. why did you removed the oxygen? He asked me.. umm nothing, just wanted to drink, I said lying. ..

But that’s something,he said going for the water across the table in the room. He put it in the glass and give me the open your mouth look..

I chuckled alittle.. this is fun watching Jeff take care of me. I open my mouth and he feed me with the water. I’m okay, I said and he removed the cup from my mouth..

He grab a napkin and wipe my mouth with it… go back to sleep,he said and I nodded.. good night I said and he smiled before putting the oxygen back..

🍭Jeff POV🍭

I look at the napkin and blood was inside. She just cough blood and hide it.. she was already sleeping when I took her hands..

I clean it well because she used it to wipe the blood from her mouth.. she’s so strong and doesn’t want people to notice that she’s sick…


The next morning I got up and she was still sleeping.. I went home since I didn’t wanted to disturb her.

I got prepare for work because I have something to do to the office and run up so I can fly Ronell out of the country as soon as possible..

I got to my office and begin to do some paperwork.. someone knock my office and I told them to enter..

Kara what are you doing here? I asked her.. I’m sorry Jeff I didn’t mean to hurt you in the past, she said crying ..

I know it was fake even if it was real I still don’t care. Now my focus is on Ronell right now.

I’m sorry Jeff.. will you ever forgive me? She asked coming closer. I look at her. I know you have already throw that low life out of your life,she said coming closer and I look at her.

She’s lucky I don’t hit on women or I’m gonna slap her the moment she calleds Ronell low life .. you’re not better than her you Know, I said and she roll her eyes.

Jeff babe can’t you see him I love you? She asked cupping my cheeks and wanted to take off her clothes when my door open..

I will Jeff babe you now if you don’t leave my husband alone this instance, Ronell said.. what is she doing here? She don’t need to be stress out or work, I said to myself..

Husband? Kara asked her.. oh yeah we’re married tramp, Ronell said.. Ronell blink her ring infront of Kara. Pearls? Kara asked and Ronell reply ahuh..

You’re shock right?, You think you can break us apart? Let me tell you something.. I owe you a beating and I’m gonna give it to you sooner or later, trust me, Ronell said pushing Kara out of my office…

She look at me.. what? I didn’t do anything and why are y? I asked her. Well I get something to say, she said.. and you couldn’t wait for me to come to you? I asked her and she roll her eyes..

You’re not supposed to be stressing yourself out, I said.. well you must be sacking in Jehovah witness church she said and I chuckled..

Ha that’s not funny, I said.. good, I’m not a comedian,she said sitting down. Tell me, I said. Mr Robert is the mole. The day you took your leave he stole your phone and did the communication with James..

He finds out that I was on his back and invited me for a coffee which I agree to four days ago and I didn’t refuse.. he spike my coffee, she said and my begin red was if I was the one who was poison here..

Are you okay? She asked me.. yeah I’m perfectly okay, I said.. did you see Mr Robert around? I asked her. Nope, he’s not around because I checked for him before coming in your office,she said and I nodded.

I think he’s gonna look for antidote also, I said to myself.


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