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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter 8

❤️Jeff POV❤️

Calm down babe, I can explain, she said.. not another word for you woman. I said going to my room I look at Kara. Out of my house!!!!!!!!! I said and she flinch..

Stop flinching and get the fuck outta my house!! We shouldn’t meet in the future, I said and just then my door open. My mother enter.

Just the person I wanted. And you out if my house too, I told Ronell.. she’s not going anywhere, I heard another voice saying.

I could see a silhouette of the person.. huh? Grandma is that you? I asked her. She smile. Oh my boy.. you’re so grown up and dashing..

Look at you, she said cupping my cheeks.. brother!!!!!! I heard and it’s my lovely sister who I haven’t heard from for umm about 5 years now..

She hug me. Brother I missed you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. she exclaimed. Me too princess and don’t run away from me again,I said and she nodded.

Brother who is she? I mean the cute one not Kara, she said rolling her eyes at Kara.

Diana she’s nobody, I said.. I’m Ronell… Jeff girlfriend, Ronell said and o glare at her. Oh dear.. you’re so pretty, my grandmother said.

Umm excuse us granny, I wanna have a word with Ronell here, I said and they’ll nodded.. I pull her outside. Let go of me Jeff, she said pulling her hands from my grip.

She fix her hair and adjusted her clothes.. Are you happy? What you mean Jeff? She asked me. My mother is here. Are you happy seeing your friend? I asked her and she roll her eyes.

Look, I want you out of here before today’s end, I said and she roll her eyes… a car suddenly enter my yard.

And I’m suddenly having guests today, I said letting her go. It was a priest.. huh? What the priest doing here? I asked myself..

I enter before him. He came in later and my granny welcomes him. Good I’m the only one here whose dumb today.

Umm grandma what is the priest doing here? I asked her. Oh boy.. to administer your wedding of course, she said and I was like What!!!!!

Okay calm down Jeff. Kara smirk. You’re marrying Ronell dear, my granny said . Beat it Kara, Diana said making Kara embarrassed and went outside.

But granny? I said… there’s no buts dear. Look at her. She’s cute and caring. I’m dying the soonest and want my grandson to marry and give me a great grand kids,she said chuckling..

Granny….. I said.. oh don’t granny me. I know you’re worry about the ring don’t you? I have this made in Paris .. it’s a special pearls..

I Know you will prefer diamond ring to it but it’s something you see easily.. This rare gem here is hard to find,she said referring to Ronell. I roll my eyes.

Umm you see, silver is common to get which make gold quite expensive but gold is easy to get compare to diamonds which make diamonds more expenses. But dear a pearl is so rare that you barley see one that’s why I chose this..

It’s found in the deepest part of the sea. To get one you have to travel a long distance. Sometimes you can’t even find it. It’s hiden which makes it rare..

See her dress sense. It’s not wild compare to your ex woman who was here not long ago.. here kind is rare so you gonna marry her under my wish, grandma said..

And she finally trip me. I’m gonna marry her and let her leave here tomorrow, I said..

Fine granny, I said.. yes!!!! Ronell said and I roll my eyes. We will proceed.. you guys look okay for it.

Since you’re a public figure you will have your party later,she said and I scoffed. Party my ass..

So father we’re ready, my mother said happily.. really? They’re all in this together? How dare Ronell make my parents do This..

Even Diana.. I can’t believe she’s here. She didn’t attend my wedding with Kara. Oh Kara is highly around.. she’s not the type to get too adjusted with someone but she’s with another gold digger Ronell.

Only if she knew what Ronell did.

The priest smile. O think we will do this now, he added and I walk infront of him and Ronell did the same.

You can go to the point, my mother said. I believe you guys have your vows, the priest said.. No, I said rolling my eyes.

I have, Ronell said. Okay, go ahead, the priest said. You can hold his hands while saying it, he said and she sigh.

She held my hand

Sconstances make us not to come on the right path. I will forgive you because you wrong and misjudged me, she said and I scoff.

But I will tell you this.. I love you whole heartly and I’m not going to give up.

To be sincere, I hated you from start because you bought me and I feel like I was ruin for life. Like the saying goes, everything happens for a reason and I tell you it’s a good one,she said smiling..

I promise to love you Jeff Lee, she said and my family clap. I can’t believe she’s marrying without her parents consent.

Such a long live gold digger. A desperate one too. That was a wonderful vows which was not long but fill with so much love , my sister said..

Okay you can slide the ring on her finger with a word more like a oath,the priest said. I don’t have, I said sliding it on her finger.

She sigh. A blink of tears escape her eyes.. I wanted to wipe it. I seriously had the urge to wipe it off but gosh I can’t now.

She held my ring in her hand which was made of pure white diamonds.. my ring is diamonds and hers is pearls..

She wipe it off. I slide this ring on your finger and pledge to be a loving and caring wife to you. I’m not perfect but I will try to be by your side.

I promise to love you through rich and poor.. sickness and in good health till death do us apart,she said sliding it on my finger. She stare at me and I turn my face.

My family clap. I now pronounce you husband and wife,the priest said and they clap again. You may kiss the bride, he added. Huh? Is that really necessary? I asked but was cut by Ronell who was already kissing me.

Aww, Diana said. I remembered our kiss from yesterday.. it was so full of love. I love her just yesterday but hate her today is that even possible? I asked myself.

Maybe I didn’t love her that much. Beside we just came together so it won’t be hard erasing whatever I felt for her.

I didn’t reciprocate.. she pull back. I’m sorry,she muttered. My granny hug her first. Then my mom and later my sister who pull her into a tight hug.

Congratulations dear, Diana said and Ronell smile. Finally I’m hungry, Diana said and it click to my mind that I sent the maids away. Good. Just good.

Umm what you wanna eat? Ronell asked her. No my precious sister in-law. I don’t want you stressing yourself out because of us. I will just order food, Diana said because she’s a bad cook.

Diana always cooks poison.. gosh I don’t even wanna remembered it. Relax I will do it, Ronell said smiling. Okay .. umm chicken stew, she said and Ronell nodded.

I went up to my room.

🌹Ronell POV🌹

Why will Jeff thinks that I love h cause of his money? Well it was after he asked me to be his girlfriend

Flash back 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

Are you show about this? Mrs Lee asked me. Yes ma’am. I’m Jeff girlfriend now and I don’t think it’s right I used it.

About the amount that I have already taken from there, I promise to return it when I get my salary, I said and she nodded.

My dear the money was all a test. I thought you love the money more than him but you prove me wrong dear.

Your kind is rare,she said hugging me. But you can have it, she said. Thanks ma’am but I don’t think I need it now, I said and she hug me.

You’re the best woman for my son ,she said but I didn’t understand what she meant.

End of flash back

This wedding was plan by her. That’s why she said I’m the best woman for her son.

I smile. Jeff think he can get rid of me so easily.. he must be joking about that. My love is not a one day love so he must be twerking on gospel beat.

My mother already told me that the home is kept by the woman.. he loves me and simply hate me because his gold digger ex wife said I’m a gold digger.

I’m not going to tell him, he will finds out on his own.
I’m so gonna deal with her gold digger ass.

And for thinking she will ruin me to get back with Jeff she must be crazy and a bitch..

I hurrily lit the stove and begin to cook the rice and chicken stew..

I took a big whole chicken from the fridge and cut it into suitable pieces.

I season it with the different types of seasons and cut some onions on it. I put it down for the season to penetrate inside it.

I put the pot on the stove and put little oil into it. When the oil was hot a little bit, I put few pieces of onions in it.

I put season in the oil including black pepper too. I already like the scent of my oil. I decided to put a cup of water in it. That was my rice water.

The season has already penetrated in the chicken so I put the fry pan of the other side of the stove. I out a little quantity of oail in the pan but enough to fry the chicken.

I waited for the oil to get hot and then I quickly put my rice in the water so it can cook.

The oil was hot immediately I finish putting the rice in the pot. I begin to put the chicken in the fry pan sizes by sizes.

I left it there to fry. I cut another onion and pepper including tomatoes. I then grab some vegetables and put in in the blender while I turn the chicken around.

I love the color of my fry chicken.. it was deep brown and crumsy to top it up.

I took the chicken down and put another pot on the stove which I put a light quantity of fresh oil in.. I grab the blender souce and put in in the oil..

The aroma have already fill the entire house not only the kitchen. I drop my cubes and season into it.

I look at my rice which was already done by now. I tasted it. Uuuu yummy. The rice was season good and the onions in it give it a great taste and scent too..

I took up the family food in a very big glass bowl and Jeff own in another bowl. I guess he won’t eat such a jerk..

I mean who will love someone yesterday and hate them today.. isn’t the weird and insane? Jeff is really insane and that’s final..

Ten minutes later the stew was ready but o didn’t cook the chicken with it because I prefer it been eating alone.. I cook the stew with beef.

I serve the stew just how I serve the rice. I put it on a plater and carry it to the dinner table.. woww,my mouth is already watery, Diana said from the living room..

I smile and went back to make healthy juice for them. I quickly blend some orange and some grapes with a little tomato.. I pull the juice into a big pitcher and carry it with me to the dinner table.

Mom,granny, dinner is ready, Diana shouted. You should called your husband Ronell, she said to me and I was like huh? He won’t come when I called him, I said.

Who wouldn’t come with this serve before them?She asked me. Only Jeff, I said. I will called him, granny said and I smile. She walk up to his room while we all was seated at the dinner table.

Few minutes later she and Jeff was coming down. I couldn’t help but stare at him. The blue hair make him sexy more..

I can’t believe that I marry this man. I serve granny and my mother in-law first.. I serve Diana and went for Jeff own potion of food and serve him.

I pull a glass of juice for everyone before I finally serve myself. Granny say a shirt prayers before we started eating.ummm.. this is so yammy and gosh the rice 🍚. The chicken and the stew is a bomb…

So delicious I haven’t tasted something like this before even in the best restaurant, Diana complimented me and I smile. Jeff haven’t touch his food yet.

Granny and mother in-law begin to rain praises on me too. I just watch Jeff who hasn’t touvh his food yet. Have never cook for him to eat before because maids was always around.

Jeff boy eat up, his granny said. I’m not hungry granny, he respond. Granny leave Jeff alone. I am also wishing for him to not eat so I will eat his food, Diana said and I smile..

Okay dear just take a spoonful and go back to your room if you want, granny said and he nodded..

I took my eyes off him and begin to eat up..
Don’t wanna watch Jeff anymore. He’s so joykiller.. I don’t know even if it’s a thing but he’s so joykiller, I said eating up.

I notice Diana good already finish from her plate and she was looking at Jeff weirdly and I turn to see Jeff plate empty.. not only his plate but his entire bowl.

I smile to myself and everyone turn to look at him. What? He asked no one in particular.. Jeff brother you was supposed to take one spoonful and go back to your room but you have even grind the bone of the chicken and empty all your food.

I suppose you was filled, Diana said.. oh did I? He asked which we didn’t understand. I checked under his table to see maybe he empty it under the table but no.

The oil was around his mouth.. the grind bones of the chicken was before him. Emm, by chance do you.. you know left some rice and stew in the pot? She asked me and I smile.

I just nodded… good….. you’re the best sister in-law, she said jumping up. She got up and carry her plate alone with her. Umm, I’m gonna do the dishes, Jeff said pointing to his own dishes in his hands..

But I can do it, I said. No I will do it, he said following behind Diana.

💕Jeff POV💕

Get away from that pot little sis, I said and she look at me and begin to look around.. whose talking? She asked me.

Me of course, I said and she smiled. Okay what you want now Jeff,she asked me. Umm this is my house and my kitchen and also my pots, I said.

Okay……. But I don’t understand,she said. My pot my food, I said. But you said you was fill,she said. Oh come on Diana. You’re not a big eater but you’re still eating, I said.

That’s because the food is delicious,she said.. good, that’s the same reason I’m eating okay,and I’m your big brother so you gonna do this for me.

I took off my wallet and give her 5000 won… go eat in the restaurant. There’s a new french restaurant that open two blocks away from here, I said and she roll her eyes.

She collected it.. but we’re going to eat this together,she said and I smile..
We grab our spoons and begin to eat together.. let say I was leading her because I was eating faster..

Take time Jeff, she said.. I already paid you off Diana stop being a babe, I said and she got angry. Oh she hate it when you tell her that.. she hate to be called a babe..

That’s it, before she knew it I grab the both pots and run away. There was a room not far from the kitchen,I enter and lock the door..

Jeff open up now I’m still eating,she said. No can’t do little sister.. this is my house and my wife cook this food also, I said..

Did I just say wife? Gosh I’m so stupid..



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