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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 7

Chapter 7

❤️Ronell POV cont❤️

I enter my office and my phone begin to ring.. it was mom calling.. hi Mom, I said from my end. Hi my darling, she said from her end of the phone..

I’m okay Mom. Missed you so much.. hope you’re okay.. how’s Dad? I asked her.. umm my darling.. you’re father is up to it again, she said and I sighed..

What is it this time around? I asked her. Your father has sold all the furniture you send and drink the money up dear.. mother that was the purpose of it, I said.
Because I don’t want him drinking the food money but that was fast, o added.

Not that honey. He’s owing about five different people in the neighborhood and it’s so embarrassing because I don’t have money to pay, she said and I sigh again..

Father is just getting worse and also getting on my nerves.. you know what mom? I’m coming there now.. I just have to talk sense into that old man head now, I said hanging up..

I went into Jeff office.. I’m sorry but I have situation at home that needs my attention.. will be back early, I said and he nodded..

Thanks for understanding me sir, I said and with that I walk out. I broaded a cab to my old neighborhood. I mean my neighborhood..

Dad just wanna give me pressure one if these days and it’s working.. he makes you loose control of everything.. he’s so selfish..

I blink tears when I got down.. I enter and met mom at the entrance.. she had old tears drops from her eyes..

Where is Dad? I asked her to.. he’s inside, she said.. I went inside and met him drunk.. again!!! Dad why are you doing this to us huh? I asked him.

Get out if my sight you this stupid girl, he said.. oh really? You sold me for a bottle of whiskey didn’t you? I asked him and he chuckled.

You should be thankful.. normally people will kill to be in your place he said.. well that’s why it’s not normally dad.. a normal father won’t sell their daughter, I said and he slap me.

Shut up,he said vomiting.. no dad you shut up, I said getting angry.. I’m the one who suffers when you drink yourself up..

It’s my hard earn money dad.. during my childhood days I wasn’t treated like one.. I will look for jobs to take care of us..

I’m the child here dad and you should be the one to take care of me not the other way around, I said.

I didn’t complete high school because you’re jobless oh no I forget. because you’re a drunkor.. I have to drop to take care of you but all the money I earned will go on dept’s..

You know what dad? I’m tired of your trouble to me and my Mom.. now pack your things and leave this house immediately before you give mother heart attack, I said.

What Ronell you can’t do that to your father, he said.. I can dad and that’s mean I’m tired with your drunkiness.. I’m tire of washing your urine clothes including stool clothes..

I’m also tired of washing your vomit clothes and floor.. you disgust me. Your whole life is disgusting.. now get out before I get angry dad, I said and he began to plead.

Mom join him. Please mother I don’t wanna get angry with you too. You guys didn’t bring me into this world to suffer on both of you till I die so let dad leave now.

I will paid his dept’s and he’s on his own.. police station is here if he credit anyone.. he was still proving stubborn.. I went upstairs and grab his things and throw it out..

Ronell honey he’s your father, my mother said.. come on mom. Don’t lecture me on something whatt I already no. A father who doesn’t act like one is not a father..

It’s my burden,not yours mom. Now get out,I said really angry this time. You’re going to regret this Ronell, he said. Oh you gonna regret it daddy dear.

Police station gonna see you more often, I said and push him out with his drunky self..

Think anything you wanna think about me I don’t care. After all I’m the one who suffering not anyone so I don’t give a heck about it.

Go on, say I’m a bad child but you don’t know what I have passed through because of him. He ruined my life and this is just a soup compared to what he has done to me.

I sat down on the couch.. dear do you think you have made the right decision? I mean throwing your dad in the street? She asked and I nodded..

It’s the best decision ever. I should have done that long time ago, I said breathing in and out. Okay,she said.. who will cater to him? She asked me.

Oh mom stop!!!! What do you mean who will cater to him? Is he a child? No he’s not.. my lil brother is dead because of him drunkiness..

He was drunk and beat the child to death.. from that moment I should’ve putting him out!!!! What more you want him do first? Should he kill you too because he can’t kill me mom!!!

Please I’m off to work and I don’t wanna hear that you bring father back into this house.. I’m afraid of you do so you gonna follow him, I said and she gasped..

I wipe my tears and left her with some money.. paid his old dept and buy groceries mom.. don’t give father a cent, I said.. infact let me make the list of things you’re going to buy and it’s the money I’m gonna give you, I said grabbing a pen and paper..

I wrote the things that she was supposed to buy and decided to pay dad bills myself just in case mother give it to him. She’s so soft and kind.

I’m going now, I said and she look at me blankly.

Stop giving that look mom.. it won’t change anything,I said..
I check my time and gosh… my phone begin to ring .. it was Jeff..

I answer him. Where are you? He asked me. Around my neighborhood, I said..

Okay be there I’m almost to you, he said and I nodded..I was standing up.. the sun was almost going in making it evening hour to me .

I admired people walking in the I missed those days.. hey Ronell are you okay? I heard Jeff voice and I came to myself immediately..

Huh? I said.. I have been calling you for the pass two minutes now and you seems lost in your thoughts,he said and I smile..

Why the sudden smiles? I mean just as I see him my sad mood turn brighten..

It’s nothing, I said.. he look around my neighborhood.. guess he’s feeling uncomfortable.. hop in, he said and I did.. so where are you taking me to today? He asked me..

You will see when we get there, I said giving the direction to the driver.. okay, he said and wore that smirk.. it’s not the smirk he normally wear.. this is diffinate different.

I come to realize that after today I have only two days to see him. And come to think of it I have grown to like him not that I love him though..

Huh? This route is leading into the forest,Jeff said and I ignored him. He’s just a big blabber..

Ronell I’m talking to you, he said. Relax,I’m not selling you, I said and he chuckled. That wasn’t funny you know, he said and I smile.

Ma’am were here,the driver announce.. oh thank you so much.. we will call you when ready, I said and he nodded.. what? Ronell this area is absolated,he said..

Stop being a scary boy and let’s move, I said walking in the forest.

Ronell this is the biggest forest in Seoul, he said and I chuckled.. are you scary? I asked him. No I’m not, he said.. Good.. I’m happy you’re not, I said as we begin to walk deeper..

You could here sounds from the bush.. we climbs rocks and jumps over little water that was runner through the forest..

Suddenly the bush before us begin to shake.. Jeff I guess it’s a annacoda, I said with so much fear in my voice.

Jeff who was scare from the beginning seems to have a little courage when he saw the fear in my face.

Jeff I’m scare, I said clinging into him as we both stop to where the bush was shaking..

The sound become so loud that I cling into Jeff chest tightly.. please don’t leave me, I said.. I won’t, he said kissing my forehead..

Before we knew it,it was a rabbit. It jump from the bush. Huh? I said looking at it.. so cute.. a white rabbit to be preside.

I love it can you please catch it for me? I asked him. It’s Soo fast Ronell, he said.. yeah I know but you’re faster, I said making the puppy eyes.

Fine,he said running after the rabbit.. I can’t tell how long it dodge him. He saw a carrot farm and root one up.. what are you doing with that? I asked him.

If you wanna catch a mouse use cheese if you wanna catch a rabbit use carrot 🥕 he said and I smile. I was holding his coat at the moment..

He laid the carrot 🥕 right before him and the rabbit came to get it and then boom. Jeff caught it…

Here is your rabbit miss,he said giving it to me. Wow, thanks. You’re so amazing, I said and he chuckled.. you can stop with the wow and thanks you’re so amazing thing,he said and I smile.

So Jeff we’re almost there and I want to blindfold you, I said and he give me the tell me you’re kidding look.

Come on I’m gonna guard you, I said and he finally give in. I blindfold him with my handkie..

I hold his hand tightly as we skip small rock.. and we was finally here. Just like yesterday I have everything planned.. the nature waterfall and the garden..

Oh the peach 🍑 tree that was in the middle of the garden.. this is more than the garden if Eden..

Most importantly wild animals was there but minding their business.. it was almost like a zoo because the animals here are temmed..

I losen his blindfold and he let out a wow.. beautiful right? I asked him. Beautiful is an understatement,he said smiling.. well,let’s enjoy this scentury,I said and he smiled..

Yeah sure thing.. is that a tent ⛺? He asked me. Of course I’m not going to let us be in our office wear so we gonna change..

And there’s a spot where the water saturate from the waterfall so I suggest we continue our swimming,I said and he nodded.. yeah sure thing,he said.

You go first, he said and I went into the tent and had a change of clothes.. I wore a bikini under with a top into of it.. I wore a nice short skirt..

I losen my hair and came out. You look gorgeous, Jeff said and i blush. Huh? When did I start blushing? You’re cheeks.. there turning red, he said..

I shyly bow my head down and he went to change his clothes.. he came out with a white free shirt and a shorts..

You don’t look bad either, I said and he nodded.. so shall we? He asked and I told him to wait. I have to out my rabbit in a basket full of carrots,I said. Sure thing,he said smiling.

I smile as I run to the rabbit basket and put lots of carrots in it before closing it.. I met him in the water already. I jump in and we both swim together this time around.

It felt so wonderful.. for the first time I felt something different about me and it’s weird but sweet also.

I wish he could feel this two. Umm so I suggest we both ride the swings, I said and he chuckled.. that’s nice.. this whole thing is on a recording..

I decided to record it for memories.. I got out of the water. Wait, he said from behind me. What is it? I asked him. He came closer and remove the string of hair from my face and tuck it behind my ear..

I smile.. I’m afraid of swings but I just want to make memories.. you seems afraid,he said and I nodded.. he sat on the swings and asked me to come forward.

I did. Come on. Sit on my lap, he said and I was like huh? Are you kidding me? He roll his eyes. Fine, u said going to sit on his lap.

He ride the swing slowly as he tells me many tale… now that I have put those feelings together, I realized that I love him very much..

But my mission was to make him have a heart ❤️ not fall for him. Gosh what wrong with me? Why will I fall for him so quickly?

💀Kara POV💀

I sigh as I enter Seoul. I remembered all what I did to Jeff and I kinda hate myself for that. I mean he was the nicest person that I came across and I just make him to hate me.

I regretted everything that I did to Jeff because I thought I was in love with Ryan was wrong.

Ryan was rough in bed and I guess I was literally obsessed with him for the sex and that’s all.

But I betrayed Jeff love for him because I wanted to be with Ryan.. Ryan from a poor family so my parents didn’t agree to him so we both strick a plan of getting Jeff wealth..

As the saying goes, when a door closed, another door is open up to you.

I have my men following Jeff around lately and I also leatn that there’s a girl in his life.
From the looks of things she’s not his girlfriend but he’s falling slowly and madly in love with her and that’s trouble for me.

He can’t love her never. I’m the only woman he lives and that remains constant..

Now I have something that will make he hate her like he once did to me and I’m gonna nurse him back to his feet and we gonna start over..

Just wait and watch me crush you whoever you are,I said smirking while sipping a glass of wine..


💕Jeff POV💕

So today is the last day for the dates. Man are you show about this? Jay asked me. Yes I’m man. I secretly video recorded all or dates.

Yesterday we went snowboarding and that was amazing.. I plan on doing the surprise today and asking her to be my girlfriend..

I Know she feels something for me too.. I smile as I look at our moments in the forest.

She’s so cute and simple.. now Jay pass me the candle, I said and he glare at me.

Please man, i said and he handed my the candle.. everything is set.. I just want to have dinner with her. It’s actually in my main house..

Missed this house recently though.

I have already ordered a dress for her. She won’t notice me because she near see this part of my yard before.

I went inside and Jay left for his house. Hope she likes the food because I personally prepare it.

I enter my room when I knew she was already around. I had a quick cold shower as and cam out. Oh I dye my hair blue yesterday..

And I love the color.. I came out and wore a simple blue shirt with a shorts.

I wore my shades and finger ring with my bracelet.
I spray myself.. I look at myself one more time before coming out.

I met her coming out too. She was wearing a red dress and a silver heels which I learn that she wasn’t balancing well in.

He hair was fold in a neatly ponytail..her nature long leashes was bashing and her pump lips was red painted with lipstick.

The single tread diamond necklace was beautiful around her neck and the earrings was glittering I’m her ears.

The bracelet she has on was all glittering too. She looks expensive tonight and I like it so much.

She smile when she saw me. I smile back. Shall we? I asked and she nodded.. I give him my hands so she will balance well in the heels she was wearing.

I close her eyes and lead her to the garden.. I then open her eyes. She smile and I saw tears escape her eyes. I wipe it off.

I pull a chair for her and she sit down.. I cut her food and she began to eat shly. I pull her a glass of wine.

She stare at me and then begin to eat. We both ate quietly.. do you wanna dance? I asked her and she nodded.

I smile.. I stand up. I place her hands on my shoulder while I hold her waist. We dance slowly as the music play.

We stop when the music stop. I look at her and kiss her forehead .. I cupped her face in my palms..

Please don’t go, I said and she look at me blankly. I love you Ronell.. I never thought I was going to say those words to anyone, I said and she smiled.

Please stay with me and make me feel like a human again, I said and she smiled
I love you too Jeff,she said shyly..

Really? I asked and she nodded.. I didn’t know when she kiss me. I respond and we both kiss each other..

THE NEXT morning

Jeff honey get down breakfast is served, Ronell said shouting my name..

Okay I’m gonna be there soon, I said.. who are you? I heard Ronell asking someone. Babe who are you talking to? I asked coming down when I saw the silhouette of the person..

It was actually Kara. Oh gosh what is she doing here? I didn’t tell Ronell about her.

Jeff babe, she said coming towards me but Ronell pull her back. What with the Jeff babe thing? One more Jeff babe and I’m gonna pull your hair off your scarf,Ronell said and I chuckled..

She’s crazy.. who is she? Ronell asked me. It’s a long story and I promise to tell you, I said and she nodded. Who is she? Kara asked me.

She’s my girlfriend Kara, I said and Kara smirk. Oh she’s the Ronell girl? I see, she see, she said smiling..

Thought you hate gold digger Jeff.. turns out you like them, she said.. what are you talking about Kara? I asked her. Why don’t you ask your little girlfriend here to tell you what I’m saying? She asked.

Ronell what Kara is saying? I asked her. How I’m o supposed to Know? Ronell asked me back. Well since she doesn’t know I Know, Ronell said.

Your little girlfriend here was paid by your mother to do all she did. She doesn’t love you or whatever it’s. She was paid the sum of 100,000 United States dallors, Kara said and my mouth drop.
All those spots,your mother paids for it before she take you there.

What? Do you think she loves you? Oh Jeff you’re just so stupid,Kara added.

Babe I can explain.. it’s not how she talk it, Ronell said.. I calm down.. Ronell I’m gonna asked you this questions.

Did my mother paid you? I asked her. Yes babe but.. don’t talk Ronell. Did my mother rented those areas? I asked her again..

Yes but it’s not what you think, she said.. what huh? Did you make a fool of me!!!!!!! I shouted.



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