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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 6

Chapter 6

Jeff POV

Is it truth ? I mean are you show about what you’re saying? I asked her..yes boss ,she said. It’s sir, I said. I’m sorry sir, she reply..

Go on say, I said listening to her. So I thought it was James.. who wouldn’t thought so? He’s a pure suspect and he made the drink from what Mr Robert said..

He even issue it to be on sale, she said.. yeah i think it’s James, I said.. no sir we’re wrong..

If you wanna catch a mouse out cheese down.. so I was thinking about it so I know with the strategy we pull the mole or whosoever it’s gonna act..

Like you said earlier this morning it’s good to used a back up plan. So someone who bent on bringing you down will always come up with new plans.

So I decided to write our new drink formula down on my notepad.. what are you crazy? Do you want them beating us down? I asked her.

No sir.. relax.. I actually wrote a false formula down she said and I sigh.. wait did you say false? Do that means.. yeah you’re right.. it gonna turnout poison just like what happened to yours,she said..

And what? I ask.. he also gonna lose, she said. That’s bad and genius of you, I said smiling..

Continue, I said. So the mole actually took the formula and I figured he’s gonna deliver it this morning.. but it’s now, James is already here at work so he’s off my list..

Umm where’s the sales manager? Haven’t seen him since we arrive, she said.. neither do I, I said and she look at me.

No he’s off the list.i said and she smiled. Nobody is off the list when you’re carrying on an investigation,she said. Anyway fine,that’s all I get for today..

Promise to lure the suspect before my four days comes to an end,she said and with that she went outside..

Ronell POV

I was coming from in Jeff office when I bump into Mr Robert.. umm, hey Ronell, how’re you doing? He asked me. I look at him.

I’m okay Mr Robert.. you’re late for work today, I said.. yeah caught up in the traffic.. umm where are you living? I asked. Four blocks away from here, he said..

Lair. Four blocks away from here is around DELA CRUX restaurant.. Jeff and I used that route this morning and there’s no traffic.

Okay sir, I said smiling… so I’m thinking.. about the company previous lost.. the one someone instructed James to make poison and it turns out pretty bad.

I’m looking into it. Who do you think is a suspect? I asked him. James of course.. come let’s talk this over a coffee, he said and I nodded..

We went over to the coffee machine and pour ourselves a glass for us. I took a sip. He was sweating and breathing faster. His body movement has already give him away.

So you was saying, I said and he nodded. We first hosted a meeting and James brought out an idea which we gonna gain from but in reality we was going to lost.

LUROSE was going to put the liqours out for sale in two months time. So increasing our liquor price was going to be a lost for us, he said and I smiled.

How do you know LUROSE was putting drinks out In two months time? I asked him. Well it’s and instant, he said.. okay but I think James didn’t mean harm…

Two months is yet to come.. so before then when our drinks was going to be on sale it was going to finished before the two months and we was going to benefit more, I said and her nodded.

But, but what Mr Robert? I cut him short. Because all I know at that time it was going to be only our drinks on the market so the consumers have no choice then to buy it.

So before two months time when LUROSE drink is on the market our own drinks gonna be off the market because it was going to finish.

The company could have started a new production now and it was also going to be a great gain for us so why do you say it was a bad proposal? I asked him.

I think you’re right in that aspect but James is still a big time suspect.. he made the drinks. He put it out on sale. You was in the meeting didn’t you? He asked me.

I know Mr Robert… but don’t you think James was being controlled by the real mole and he wanting to see how production works he seize that opportunity and go ahead? I asked and his mouth drop.

Umm I’m gonna get back to work. We will talk later, he said. Okay sir, thanks for your time, it was nice talking to you, I said.

Okay bye now, he said and left.. I don’t mind playing with you Mr Robert. I sigh as I grab my computer.

I decided to do a background investigation on him. He earn 500,000 per month and he has two houses. Three I learn that he built those houses in three months time.

Interesting.. I mean his saving can’t make he built those houses in short period of time..

I close my computer and went outside.. I met James walking through the corador.

Umm James wait, I said and he stop. How are you Ronell? He asked me. I’m fine, I said.. I’m sorry for what happened to you that you end up in jail..

I want to seek justice for you. I know it was not your fault.. I know someone ordered you to do so, I said looking into his eyes..

You’re right, he said.. okay ,go on tell me, I said.. I actually received a call from the boss telling me to do the production.. after it was done, a guy came to the office and tell me that our boss needed to get a taste of the liquor so I give a simple..

Really? Did you say Jeff calls and give you the go ahead? I asked him. Yeah , he said. This is getting spicy, I said.

Okay thanks James. Rest assured that I will get to the top of this, I said and he nodded..

Umm can you give me Jeff cell that called you that day? I asked him. Yeah sure, he said typing it down on my phone.

I glanced at it. I went back to Jeff office.. umm have you called James and told him about the production? I asked him.

Nope and I don’t remembered talking to James since I took you,he said and I smiled. But this number called James and confirmed the production..

He stated that you even send someone for sample, I said.. you see what I’m saying? He’s responsible and probably lying about that.

I’m gonna have him arrested again, Jeff said sounding angry.. calm down.. actually one of your cell called him, I said showing his number to him.

How did you get this number? He asked me. That’s because James give it to me.

I lost that cell the day I went for you. And that was the same day I took my leave from the company so how come? He asked me.

My phone ring.. I answer the call. Okay, I said hunging up.. so sir Jeff can we go on our first date? I asked him and he nodded with a lopsided smile.

Yeah he said wearing his coat from the chair. He came close to me. I could feel his breath one my face..

He tuck a string of hair behind my ear. I smile. Let’s go,he said and I follow behind him. His catwalk is amazing and I don’t know..

Message pop on my phone.. my bank account was credited 100,000 United States dallors.. OMG.. I can’t believe this right now.

Ronell you’re not doing this for free. You can rent a whole island and you will still have lots of money..

Do you know what this mean? United States dallors? 100,000? This is huge..

We came down from the car.. I actually give the direction to the driver..

Thank you. We gonna called you when we’re ready, I said and Jeff give me the you’re not serious look.

This is a beach,he said.. yeah Jeff Lee.. unlike you I have this well plan, I said and he nodded.

So I’m on the beach with ummm coat I guess, he said.. here is your things ma’am, a lady said.. thanks you can leave now, I said..

See… I told you that I have this well plan.. Jeff Lee,let’s make this memorible.. this is a beach and oh,the resort is that way..

We can both change and come back. Actually his mother paids for this place.. for the whole day actually…

I went in one of the rooms and wore a bikini.. I grab a white towel and put my sunshades on my face with my flair hat..

I carry the snacks out and place it nicely under a shade. Jeff was coming out with only shorts. Can you imagine? Only shorts.

He’s dam gorgeous.. are you drooling? He asked.. you think, I said scoffing shyly. Oh you were, he said and I ignored him

Can we swim? I asked him yeah we can, he said going into the water. I follow behind him and we begin to swim .

He’s a good swimmer, I most admit. My feet stock. Oh my legs. Not now.. Jeff was far from me since he decided to swim fast and to top it up, it was the sea not pool..

Jeff!!!!!! I scream as I was drowning slowly.

Jeff POV

I heard my name from afar and I knew that voice.. but it sounded more like a voice that’s in distress..

I turn to see Ronell drowning.. what? I quickly swim back to her and pull her out of the water.

She wasn’t breathing at the moment.. I suddenly grown scare.. I don’t know why but I was so dam scare right now..

Why won’t she breathe.. hey you promised four days dates so you gonna wake up okay, I said applying pressure to her.

I have come to realize that Ronell is not the money type. The kinda girl who will get to you because of what you’re..

This is my last options.. I put my mouth to her own mouth and breath into her..

Something crazy happened.. her lips got attached to mine.. it was more like a mistake but it happened and she cough out water.

I’m sorry,she said when she gain herself.. okay, you should be more careful next time, I said and she nodded..

My legs got stock,she explained and o just nodded..

She spread the towel to the ground and brought the food basket.. she nicely put the snacks that she brought outside..

I’m sorry for cutting our swim short. We just gonna sit here and watch the suns goes in,she said chewing a grape..

She took one.. here open up, she said and I refuse.. come on,it’s nice I promise,she said.. oh don’t act like that.. I said we should live our best, she added..

Fine, I said opening my mouth and she smile.. I open it and when I thought she was about to put it there she chew it.. what? That’s so absurd and it’s cheating,I said and she chuckled.

Okay,I’m sorry,here is yours,she said and I refuse this time. You ain’t gonna make me open up again,I said and she smiled..

Look I’m sorry okay, she said.. now open up, she added and I did. She dip the grape in mouth and I chew on it..

The juice is so saviouring.. I turn to see her smiling.. so let’s play this game.. it’s called catch and hug, she said..

That’s weird.. haven’t heard about that game before, I said.. well me too but there’s a first time for everything,she said and I smile..

So I’m gonna go first.. I’m gonna run and you run behind me.. if you catches me you’re gonna hug me ,she said and I nodded..

So, ready, steady, go, she said running.. you should come now,she said and I begin to run behind her.

She begin to giggle while run.. it was not up to one minute when I grab her. She’s a slow runner.. my hands slip around her waist..

I pull her to me and hug her.

Ronell Pov

I could feel his heart beating against mine.. butterflies begin to play in my stomach oh oh… what is this weird feelings?

Gosh,this is so weird.. he pull back. So it’s my turn, he said and I smile.

Yeah it’s your time, I said and he nodded.. he began to run. The guy is a fast runner. Five minutes now and I can’t catch him. Hes just dodging me.

I stand to catch my breath. Okay I give up, I said chuckling.. you’re so slow, he said and I smile..

I think I should do this more often, he said smiling. He grab his towel and wipe his sweat with it. We went back and enjoy our snack…

We sit down and watch the sun set.. it was a beautiful sighting to see the sun going to bed like I called it.. the moon soon take over as we both went in our rooms and took a shower..

We came back to watch the moon light.. the Stars was dangling in the sky.. it’s a beautiful night and a memorable one too. I took our pictures unknown to Jeff..

He’s so cute in it too.

Thanks, he said facing me. Oh it’s nothing, I said and he smiled.. umm it’s something, he said smiling again but this time it was a real smile.

I have never have such fun In a very long time, he said hugging me.. his breath hit my skin and butterflies begin to dance in my stomach again.

It’s no biggie, I said and he smiled.. good night and I’m looking forward for tomorrow surprise,he said and I smile..

Yeah,it’s sure gonna be a surprise, I said smiling.. okay then, see you in the morning and don’t forget to get up early for work, he said going inside and I nodded..

So tomorrow we gonna for a sight seeing in the Forest.. it gonna be fill with so much fun and scares.

Gosh can’t wait and what with that wierd feeelimgs I get whenever Jeff is close to me? I guess it’s a sickness and I’m going to get better when day breaks.


Ronell wake up sleepy head, I heard a voice at my door which I consider it was Jeff voice from my door. I’m still dreaming yet, I replied him.

Okay I’m gonna take this very slow as I can but can you please wake up we’re really running late for work here, he said and I check the time..

Jesus!!! Almost 8am. Gosh why you didn’t wake me ever since? I asked from my room.

Thought you needed more sleep since you came to bed so late, he said.. oh darn it I said running in the shower..

I heard foot steps and I guess he went back outside or probably having breakfast since his mother and I have this all plan and she won’t leave her son starving..

So good of a rich mother.. I came out after having a quick shower. I apply lotion on my body and quickly wire my clothes.. I fold my hair in a ponytail this time around and apply red lipstick on my lip.

Way to go Ronell, I said looking at myself in the mirror.. I’m gonna missed you beach house, I said smiling..

Oh least I forget, I said sending our pictures to Jeff mother.
Today we’re going on an adventure and it gonna be super funfair..

I love adventure.. like predicted, Jeff was having breakfast.. come join me, he said and I did. I hurrily stuff myself up with the pasta…Okay take it easy, he said and I smile.

He look at me and came closer.. what is he doing? Do he wanna kiss me? Oh no he can’t kiss me. Aww what is it that he want? My mind begin to fight with itself.

He just wipe my mouth with his hands and lick the source.. what? Gosh butterflies again and it’s so stupid, I said to myself.

Umm I’m gonna be in the car when you finish you should come let’s leave, he said and I nodded shyly and when did I became shy? I asked myself.

So stupid Ronell.. you’re fallen for him dummy, my mind said.. oh hell no I’m not, I said.. why not? He has everything a woman wants in a man so why not? My mind fought back.

I’m not in love with Jeff Lee, I shot back.. okay explain the butterflies and the sudden shyness, my mind spoke back.

Come on… just shut up will you? I asked my mind and I’m suddenly getting crazy.

I took a sip of the juice and went outside. I met him in the car.. he turn and face me.. I can’t believe you used your own cash to tent this area, he said smiling..

Anyway thanks,he said and I nodded. Thanks once more,he said and with that he began to drive . He was smiling throughout the drive and I don’t know why.

Is there something on my face? I asked him. If there’s any I will gladly remove it, he said and I smile. If there’s any I will gladly remove it, I mimick in mind.

That sounds so sweet and thoughtful of him.. we’re here, he said and I look outside and realize we was at work already..

So I want you to start active work begins today, he said handing me a file..

Go over it and then report to me, he said and I nodded.. I was getting down when he called , Ronell… have a good day, he said.. were working together remember? I asked and he nodded..

Sorry about that you can leave now, he said and I nodded. I’m so happy I’m not going to be bored again..


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