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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter 4

❤Jeff POV❤

I was already late.. To top it up, it was raining… Ronell isn’t back yet.. What I’m I saying? She goes out without security and I expect her back? I’m just gonna except that she runs away..

After all she says I’m a monster.. Who would wanna stay with a monster? I try calling her but her line is off.. Her parents didn’t see her..

I grab a bottle and was going back to my room when the door open.. She came back wet and drunk to top it up..

Hey what happened to you? I asked her.. Not of your dam business..Oh I forgot.. I’m your property so I’m entitled to telling you everything,she yell..

Okay here it comes.. My boyfriend that I have known like forever had the guts to tell me he doesn’t love me because I’m not classy and boring because I didn’t give him my body…

Okay what more does he expects from me huh? I clothed him… I felt him.. I put a roof over his head… I pay for his college..

Isn’t that enough? Yes I planned a better future for us.. After college he will have a nice paid job and take care of me… he Will propose and I will agreed… we will marry and I will give him my virginity as a wedding gift but that’s boring..

Haha… so boring, she said going up and I was left speechless… for a sec… what girl does that? I mean that guy is crazy.. I know she’s crazy good…

I remembered something and went down stairs to the bar and begin to drink few bottles…

The power went off because of the rain.. Arghh, I heard a voice from upstairs..

I run and met Ronell sticking to one corner of her room. Is okay.. I’m here for you, I said hugging her.. I put my phone light on for her to know that she’s save..

Can you please umm sleep in my room tonight? I’m afraid of the dark, she said.. Huh? I said.. Please, she said crying.. Okay fine but I’m gonna go to my room for a minute and change this clothes while you change those wet clothe, I said leaving my other phone with her..

She nodded.. I needed to change cause she kinda wet my clothes..

I change into my sleeping wear and went back to her room.. Are you clad?I asked from outside her room.. Yes.. Come in, she said and I did..

This is so ridiculous.. I’m doing this cause she’s hurt and.. Gosh so stupid of me.. I wanted to go back but she pull me back..

Please… she pleaded and I sighed.. She went on her bed and laid down. I laid down too but not too close to her. Thanks, she said and I nodded..

I took my phone and begin to play on it.. She’s already asleep.Before I knew it she roll to my side..

She wrapped her hands around my waist..the thing is I’m facing her right now.. I can’t turn around cause he grip was tight..
Gosh.. This is suicide..

Her fragrance is so soft and sweet.. She put her feet on me.. Seriously? I asked myself..

She’s a rough sleeper and a bad one too.,I said.. Gosh . this is bad.. I have work to do tomorrow and now this?


🍭Ronell POV🍭

I got up the next morning and Jeff was not in my room.. I walk sluggishly to the bathroom and had my bath.. I’m feeling headache

I came back and wore a tracksuit and went downstairs.. I sit on the table.. My breakfast was served.. I lost appetite.. Umm can you bring me hot water? I asked the maid and she nodded..

I sat down and cupped my head in my palms.. The door open and an elderly woman in her late 50s walk in with men in suit.. Jeff is the young version of her..

Good morning ma’am, I greeted her.. Good morning and who are you? She asked me.. I’m Ronell ma’am, I said and she stares at me from head to toe..

What are you doing here? She asked me….. Umm, I’m Mr Jeff property, I said sadly.. She look at me and smile..

I remembered you now.. You’re the girl who organized the festival,she said and I nodded..

She signal her body guards and they left us alone.. I didn’t know I will see you one day..

But that’s fate.. Can I asked you for a favor? She asked me. What is it ma’am? I asked her..

It about Jeff, she said…. Okay….. I said.. Jeff is a very sweet boy but hard headed in the past. He followed behind a girl who intentions was to break him and bring him down

He didn’t listen to me when I advice him to let that girl go.. He love her so deeply and madly..

She falls pregnant and says it was for Jeff.. His happiness knew no boundaries.. He so much loves kids so she used it against him..

He put all his properties in his unborn babe name.. Ridiculous right? She asked and I nodded.. The lady in present give birth to a girl and Jeff was so happy.

He proposed and she agrees.. He marry her and had a complete family then the father of the child shows up.. The girl divorce my son..

She took his properties and move in the other house with her lover and child..

Jeff became dumb.. He didn’t talk a word when she was behaving like that.. He didn’t cried because he was hurt. She hurt my son badly.

He never talk about it to someone.. He acts all dumb about it but it hurt him so much.. He became different person.. Some sees him as monster and I know you feel the same too, she said and a blink of tears drop off my eyes..

What will she hurt a guy like that in the first place? I know how he felt be causing I’m also feeling that.. But his was bad compared to mine..

So ma’am what you want me do? I asked her.. Umm his secretary is in jail and I feel someone is working for Ryan to bring my son down..

Ryan is Kara boyfriend.. After she left my son she put her lover into alcohol business when she saw Jeff engaged into it..

Ryan and him has been a competitor since he began his business.. Their plan is to make Jeff comes down.. I heard news that Ryan break up with Kate after she open up a company for her.. That’s rumors hope its true..

But someone is giving Ryan information so I want you in his company to dig for the mole and for you to softened his heart a little bit..

Friday which is two days from now will be their anniversary so I want you have a quiet time with him please, she pleaded with tears..

Every mother wants her child to be happy, she added with a small smile.. Okay I will try, I said and she hug me… thanks dear and I really appreciate it now, she said.. .

Really? Like now? I asked her and she nodded.. He’s carrying out a secretary interview so I want you to go there now, she said..

Okay let me get dress, I said going upstairs.. I wore a coat skit and a blouse with coat over it.. That’s Secretary attire, I said to myself..

I fold my hair in a bun making me to look professional.. I went downstairs.. I will drop you off, she said and I nodded. We went outside and got into her car and the driver drove to Jeff company.

Few minutes later we was there. I came down. Good luck, she said and I nodded.. I will really need that though.. Thanks, she said and I nodded too..

The car drove out of my presence. I heive a sigh.. Gosh this will be fun, I said going in.. I suddenly felt sorry for him. I enter and met lots of people waiting to be interview by him. I beg a lady for me to take her position..

She refused but I give her the puppy eyes and she agrees… beside you’re not qualify.. You doesn’t even have a portfolio, she said and I roll my eyes.

Fine but just let me take your space, I said. Whatever, she said.. Whatever makes you ugly, I mumble.. What did you say? She asked me. Uh nothing, I said and sit down.

She’s right.. I didn’t even write an application letter.. Its your turn ma’am, someone said tapping me.. Huh? I asked blankly.. You’re here for the job right? The person asked..

Yeah I reply.. Well its your turn to be interview,she said and I stood up. Thanks, I said opening the office door.. You ain’t qualify, he said without glancing at me..

Huh why sir? I asked him.. Because you open the door just how Ronell does.. Wait Ronell? He asked lifting his head up..

Good morning sir. I said.. What are you doing here? Isn’t your problem enough at home or you wanna make my life a hell? He asked me.

You’re so mean, I said looking at him.. Okay fine What are you here for? He asked me.. The job, I said.. Okay fine.. Where’s your credential? He asked..

I don’t have any, I said.. And you expect me to hire you without any credential? He asked.. Well I have one, I said pointing at my attire..

What that suppose to mean? He asked me.. Secretary ofcouse.. I’m dress like one which nobody outside dress like this.. So I’m fit, I said sitting down..

I didn’t asked you to sit down, he said and I scoff.. And I will remain you for the last time that I don’t want you scoffing at me, he said dryly.

Sorry sir, I said.. Good… seems like I’m gonna hire you but not as my secretary, he said.. What? Why? I asked together..

Because you’re not qualify for a secretary job, he said.. Is either you give me the job or you have no Secretary..

Firstly I can tell there’s a mole in your company.. Come to think of it. You lost billions dollars not long ago. If not because of my smartness that got you on track..

I’m not saying its necessary to fish out the mole but if you don’t your company will continue to lost and I won’t always come up with a perfect plan..

As its now you will need to release your former Secretary.. I’m not saying he’s not taking his punishment.. Ofcourrse he’s gonna drink his poison..

But a mare Secretary can’t just act like that.. He need to be under our watch. Give him a space here.. Oh when I meant our watch , I meant mine watch, I said..

Bravo.. You have just earn yourself a job that paids 500,000 he said and I smile.. Good thanks sir, I said..

But here’s the thing.. Don’t missed work with home affairs.. Here you will come to work alone.. Is either you drive yourself… what? I don’t drive, I said..

Let me end my statement young woman, he said… is either you drive yourself here or the driver drives you .. Here you don’t know me…

I’m your boss not your friend.. Okay boss, I said.. Its sir Ronell.. And that’s suit is old fashion.. I didn’t bought that for you did are? He asked..

You didn’t.. Its my favorite clothes so I decided to bring it alone with me when I visited my parents, I said.. I see why your boyfriend said those mean things to you, he said and I just wanted to punch him..

He wrote on a paper and pass it to me.. I pick it up.. It reads Jeff mall. Huh? Does he also own a mall?

What I’m I going for boss? I asked. Its sir, he said.. He throw me his credit card.. Go shopping for yourself . in calling someone to help you choose because I think your taste in clothes is horrible, he said and I sigh.

Thanks boss.. Again sir, he said rolling his chair area.. You can go now and go home afterwards, he said and I nodded..

I get the job.. I get the job, I said running around.. Oh gosh.. I look at my clothes.. Did he just called me old fashion? So Jax was right? But must Jeff rub it in my face…

I’m gonna show him what classy looks like.. What taste of fashion looks like . dam you both…



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