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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter 3

🍭Ronell POV🍭

Today is the festival and I’m so happy it gonna be a success.. for a start it was hard.. I mean making simple drinks since they’re use to expensive drink..

I’m already dress in a flare strawberry dress. I pick it because strawberry is the main host of today festival.. ummm are you show this gonna work? Jeff asked with no emotions in his voice..

Yes I’m show about it.. trust me they gonna love it so much, I said.. okay, let’s go, he said and I follow him.. we got in and the driver drove to the venue..

It was well decorated..I’m show these people are here to bash me, he said . Oh that.. it was not easy getting people to come here..

I actually did a door to door mobilization, I said and he look at me.. are you nuts? He asked me.. no.. but I couldn’t put all my efforts in something and nobody turns out..

It was going to be a waste and the plans was going to be ruin, I said and he turn his face around..

🍭Jeff POV🍭

Gosh this girl is something.. can’t believe she will do that.. and how did you get their attention? I asked her.. oh I used my favorite strawberry shortcake,she said and I stare at her.

You’re unbelievable.. she’s been nice one minute and the other minutes she’s an animal.. a very wild animal to be preside..

What kind of woman like fighting? Oh she loves that.. can’t count how many times we have fought..

We took our seats as the projector beep.. she pinch me.. oh yeah she did.. what this time? I asked her.. your speech, she said..

I’m I really gonna talk to this almost angry crowd? I asked her.. yes of course.. your company sell them poison to them, she said and I glared at her.

Stop glaring at me like that and take the microphone.. and oh smiled, she said and I roll my eyes.. smile? I asked myself and scoff..

I pull my suit down.. umm, good evening ladies and gentlemen.. it’s so good to have you’ll here at umm, strawberry drink festival.

It’s actually our first festival and I’m hoping for it to be a success.. not with standing this festival is actually for you.. the people of Korea and other foreign nation as a whole..

This is just an apology for me. My company messed up.. I messed up.. I failed you umm, serve you poison also.. I wanna say I’m very sorry and asked for your forgiveness and keep being our customers, I said and they’ll clap their hands.

Ronell grab the microphone from me. For those customers who bought the poison.. were refunding your funds but you should get the receipt for it .

And also we will be show casing our strawberry drinks.. it’s cheap and and nice. But this evening it’s free of charge.. it’s already in stores, supermarket,minimart, etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera she said and they give her a loud hand of clap..

She smiled.. now the wiltress and wilter will passed by you with a glass of any drink you just take yours and make your mouth feeling strawberrish.. she said..

Strawberrish,is that even a word? She smiled at the crowd.. wow she’s so good in making people feels good my best friend said from behind me and nodded.. shame she didn’t make you happy, he added and I also nodded..

What are you made of? He asked me. Blood and flesh, I said.. no maybe it’s ice and stone, he said and I smirk.

I guess you’re right, I said and turn back to her..
She nag her glass with.spoon. who does that? I asked myself..

Now at the count of two we’re gonna cheers, she said and everyone agrees. One, two,cheeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, everyone said with her including my best friend. This is so much fun. Don’t remembered when last I had this fun.

And oh, food is here alone with my favorite strawberry shortcake,she added and the crowd went wild.. music begin to play.. everyone was enjoying themselves and Ronell took the microphone again..

What now? I asked myself..

Okay so I think about it and I want us to do something fun… you know like really fun.. now we all taste the drink and see how saviouring it’s so I want us to do something..

Just to spice it up.. we gonna do a betting on the wine and jin.. we will start with the wine first, she said..the wine gonna go for 400.. 400 who going? She asked. 1000 a guy said, 1000 who going? She asked again..

1500, a lady said.. Oh wow, 1500, who going? She asked again.. 2500, another lady shouted.. Oh really? Ronell asked.. 2500 is it who going? Ronell asked again and the lady who said 1500 shouted 5000 and everyone was wowww..

Ronell smile… she’s a house material, my friend said and I roll my eyes.. 8000 a guy said.. Ronell smile again..

10,000 I heard. 20,000 another person..100,000 another person said.. 200,000.. 300,000 .. 700,000 someone said and I was wow..

Okay the wine bet gonna end here.. So 700,000 its.. Everyone begin to mumbled… but, to you guys that still want a bottle here it will go for 300,000 she said and everyone clap..

She give a the winner a bottle of wine with her strawberry shortcake.. And I couldn’t believe how people flocks over the wine.

Even our expensive wine is not being sold 300,000.. Umm the highest is 9,000 and they’re buying it 300,000? People was giving more then that..

She did the jin betting and the winner won with 1millions and she give it out for half a million.. She smile.. She order more from our warehouse because it was going. I can’t believe we’re doing our own sales. No middleman and our profit is high because if middleman was invole we was going to give it for cost price for their profit also.

Now for our common people in our mist.. I tell myself never to leave a common man out in everything I do..

So I will urge a common man to name their price, she said and a guy stands up.. Even though this is so simple but its the best drink that I have ever tasted so we the common people gonna paid 20,000 for the wine and 40,000 for the jin he said and the crowd went wild..

By now the total money we make is 46 billions.. And this? After the common people has purchase their own bash of the drink, we got 54 billions from them because they were more even they didn’t paid a higher money but they were many..

So our total amount from the festival is 100 billions.. My eyes couldn’t believe because we didn’t spend much in the making and this? I mean we have more.

I was happy and grab the microphone from her.. Everyone is leaving with two bottle of free drinks.. One wine and a jin or any two of your choice..

They went wild again and scream. You’re the best Jeff, they scream and Ronell unknowingly hug me….

Our first bash of drink we lost 3billions but we gain it triple.. You did it, she said smiling..

No you did it Ronell, I said.. Well it will be better if you smile, she said and I chuckled.. I don’t even know if I can smile.

Okay , I said trying to smile.m that’s lopsided, she said.. But its a smile though, I said.. Okay that’s progress she said and the people was happy and dancing..

They’re all you need Jeff.. The people is all you need for your business.. Once they’re happy you will be happy..

Alcohol takes most of them sorrows and some will paid to have their sorrows taken away, she said and I did a lopsided smile again..

She went on stage and begin to dance.. She make it all happen.. She came up with a perfect plan now this.. She back her plans up… I’m the first richest man here in Korea.. She has just top up my wealth I’m gonna do something for her..


🍭Ronell POV🍭

I got up the next morning so tired.. Gosh headache.. Hungover.. I walk sluggishly down stairs.. Hey are you okay? Jeff asked and I turn around..

I look left.. Look right.. Even look up.. What are you looking for? He asked me.. For the person or thing you’re talking to, I said.. Isn’t it obvious I’m talking to you? He asked..

Obviously speaking I don’t think or know you will be this conscience, I said.. Well I’m I now and happen to be in a good mood today, he said maintaining a strick gaze.

Okay you can start your good mood by smiling you know.. Well I’m happy smile or no smile,He said and I scoff..

Go to your room, he said.. But I want a bottle of water, I told him.. Ronell its an order, he said.. Geez I’m going, I said going back..

Sooo.. Mean, I said to myself.. I enter my room and laid on my bed.. My door open revealing Jeff.. Hey what are you doing here? I asked tirelessly..

He sit on my and put the water at my bed head.. He give me a painkiller and pass me the bottle..

Take it he said.. I smile small.. Are you for real? You should have told me to come back you’re going to get me the water instead of saying it in that tone, I said and he roll his eyes..

You should be thankful, he said and I nodded.. I took the tablet and look at him.. Umm I’m begging you can I see a friend? It won’t take long..

I promise to return,I said and he turn to me.. You can go Ronell. He said and I hug him even though he didn’t hug me back. So boring..

Umm thanks, I say and he went out.. I got dress in a sexy flare dress with a nice flat sandals that has diamond cuted on it..

Jeff knows what to buy me because I don’t wear heels.. I fold my hair in a ponytail and apply lipstick on my lips and smile.

Take one of the cars or better come for transport, he said and I smile.. I took the cash from him and smile. Thanks, I said and he walk back to his room.

I hall a cab to Jax house.. I so much missed him. I don’t see why we didn’t make love because we’re so close. I mean I literally do everything for him..

The cab stop and I pay the driver..

I got down and losen my hair and repack it.. I smile and dust my dress alittle..

His door was close.. I have access to his house because I paids the bail.. Maybe I will get in and cook something for him first.

I smile and enter.. I began to hear faint moan.. Wtf? I enter the room and met my Jax having sex with no other person but Angel. Angel is my bestfriend..

She was giving him doggy.. Tears drop my eyes.. Angel!!!!!!!!! I shouted before she jump off him..

Jax hissed.. Did I hear right? I wipe my tears. Okay what’s going on? I think this is a dream so explain,I demanded..

I’m sorry Ronell, Angel pleaded.. Please what huh? Jax asked and I was like wtf? What do you mean Jax? You’re having sex with my bestfriend..

Our friend by the way, I said.. Oh cut the chase Ronell. You act like a saint and all that. You’re 22 and still a virgin.. What do you expect from me Huh?

You don’t dress sexyly.. You’re always dull and don’t dress classy.. You act all holy and I don’t need a girl like that..
I stayed with you because you was understanding..

You help me finish college.. You rent me an apartment and paid the bills.. You paid both the water and current bills..

You buy food stuff.. I’m not so stupid to leave you like that.. If not all those reasons I would have left you ever since because you’re not to my level.

I don’t love you, he said and I slap him really hard..

You piece of Hippocrate.. I’m gonna show you what class is today, I said and he look at me dumbfully.. I’m gonna show you that craziness runs in my family..

My own father sold me for a bottle of whiskey.. Isn’t that crazy? Oh is not I’m gonna show you real crazy, I said taking a lighter..

I took a lighter.. I carry his suitcases out and took all his clothes out. I grab a knife.. Hey what’s you doing? He asked coming closer..

Don’t you dare come closer or I’m gonna killed you right here and right now, I said and he stop.. Babe we can talk it over, he said pleading..

Okay fine.. Just a sec, I said lighting his clothes.. What? Babe are you crazy? He asked. Not now, I said.. I went inside..

I called a moving truck.. I sit on the chair.. Ronell I’m sorry, Angel said.. I look at her.. Get lost and I don’t wanna see your face or I’m gonna ruin your face with your fake hair,I told her.

She run out.. Babe lets talk this out, jax said.. I’m listening Jax,I said.. Look I’m sorry okay, he said and I nodded.. Few minutes later there was a knock on the door..

Babe did you order pizza 🍕? He asked.. Oh yeah.. I figure you’ll be tire after all the hard work you did, I said. That’s so thoughtful of you, he said and I smile..

I open the door.. Babe they’re not pizza delivery guys he said.. Yeah I know Jax.. You’re the only dumb one here now, I said.. Get out boyfriend, I said and he look at me

Put him out guys and remove everything in there.. Nothing should leave not even a string of hair, I said and smile..

This is how low class I’m Jax.. I didn’t go to college so you don’t expect me to get manners or act like a classy girl after breakup or do you? I asked but he ignore me..

Look babe I’m sorry okay… I love you.. I’m deeply sorry… I love you.. You’re the best girlfriend ever.. You’re classy.. I lied okay.. That’s the thing about sex. I was hard, he said and I smile.

Shut up Jax babe.. We’re finish ma’am, a guy said.. Okay thanks.. I give them my parents location.. Dad can sell it and drink himself up with it for all I care..

Give me the house keys Jax, I said and he look at me with teary eyes.. You’re a bitch, he said.. I don’t care Jax.. I just took all that was mine, I said..

The clothes you wear.. The food you eat.. The house you stay in is all mine Jax classy..

The guys was still there.. He give me the keys.. Now take up the clothes that is on you.. I bought that shirt and trauser, I said.. You’re crazy Ronell..

I guess you’re hard, he said.. Yeah I also guess so, I said.. Will you take it off or I should asked the guys for little help? I asked.. He took it off and hands it over to me.. You’re a crazy bitch, he said..

You should be thankful I let the brief stays on you.. One word from you I’m gonna have you take it off too, I said and he begin calm..

Good boy.. I took the keys and left the area.. You’re not gonna see me cry.. You just messed with the wrong girl. I went back and he stares at me.. I kick him where the sun never rise..

Don’t you dare show me your ugly face again, I said leaving the place..



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