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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter 2

Ronell POV

The car came to a stop and I came to myself.. Okay this is not a dream. I rub my eyes.. Oh my gosh its not a dream, I said sticking in the car..

Get her down, I heard a husky voice said.. The guys came back to the car. They was two. Let go of me bastards, I said kicking their faces..

Dammit, they said rubbing their face and grab me tight this time around… put me down bastards, I said shouting but nobody could hear my voice.

Wow, this is sooo beautiful, I said chuckling on their head.. Oh yeah, they they put me on their head..

Put her down, he ordered again. Follow me, he said and I hiss.. He turned to me.. If I was you I won’t do that again, He said walking upstairs..

He’s indeed a monster.. I walk behind him silently.. This is your room.. Make yourself comfortable, he said and I ignored him.
How I’m I to even feel comfortable here?

Please can I at least see my mom? I mean like go back home today and tell her my dad sell me for a bottle of whiskey? I asked..

He hand me the phone. Should I even touch that? It glatter with diamonds.. Umm should I touched that? I asked him and he give me a cold glare..

Call her, he said… oh man I have enough of your problem.. Can’t I go home? I mean that wasn’t even in my paps deal.You’re my property..
You move when I asked you too.. Your food will be brought to you.. Don’t come down.. You’re sweaty.. Shower and have a change of clothes..

About the clothes thing, it will be brought to you.. Don’t come out.. I repeat don’t come out.. Or you don’t wanna see your little family again, he said stepping out . .

He stop. About the phone, I won’t be needing it back, he said going out. I throw my lazy body on the bed. Its so comfy..

I dail my mother number. Mom, I said sighing.. Oh mine.. Ronell where are you? Its so late, she said and I sigh again..

Mom I’m at a rich guy house.. I mean the richest guy here in Korea.. I was sold for a bottle of whiskey mom, I said..

Oh my darling.. I’m so sorry.. You’re so unlucky.. I mean I’m unlucky to give you that father, she said sobbing.. Its okay mom, I said wiping my own tears..

Mom I’m hunging up now take care, I said and with that I went off.. I went in the shower.. I was too scare to enter..
Oh my gosh.. Is this a what?

For a start I thought water was on the floor before it click my mind that its a wallpaper… I enter under the shower and have a warm bath.. I was really sweaty.. I’m feeling more comfortable now but do he have to say it?

Some men ain’t a gentleman at all… I came out with towel tied on me.. A knock came on the door.. It was a female voice so I allow her in.. He is your thing ma’am, she said rolling a suitcases in.. And drop a nylon on my bed.. any chance did you guys went to my house? I asked before I notice I don’t even get a suitcase like that.. She stare at me.

Forget it.. You can go out now, I said and she nodded.

Sir Jeff said when you’re through you should come down, she said and with that she left.

Wow, I said opening the suitcases.. So many clothes.. I grab a peach hang up blouse and a flare skit.. I wore it and put my feet in a flat slipper.

I went down the stairs.. I almost slip. The stairs is so slippery..I took my time to look around the place.. Most of the things was diamond.. And gold laid things..

This guy.. He was eating on the table while the maids was standing over him. He look up at me and then back at the food..

Sit and eat.. You should change the blouse.. Its so exposing I will have my friend here in the next few minutes, he said and I roll my eyes again..

He drop the fork on the plate nicely enough to not make noise.. This is my last warning to you.. Won’t do that again, he said coldly and continue his food..

I serve myself a plate of fry rice with chicken 🍗🍖.. you know you should stop being cold and grumpy, I said looking at him..

I didn’t asked you to talk.. first I’m not your friend so don’t get too use to that, he said and I drop the fork.

To hell with him. First of all Mr grumpy I don’t wanna be here.. I can paid off my dad whiskey Dept, I said..

Shut up and have some tables manner,he said and I clenche my fist.

I suddenly punch his face and he groan. He held his face.. never you tell me to shut up.. that’s so rude of you, I said and his door open..

If I didn’t see that I will diffinate not believe that just that happen, a guy said entering.. Jeff grab my hand tight in his hands..

He smirked.. let go of me punk.Lord give me patience because if you give me strength someone may end up dead., I said and his friend just chuckled..

He didn’t let go and you can’t tell the kinds of pains I was going through right now.. Okay I’m the one who gonna end up dead I think.

Let go of her now Jeff, his friend said.. Okay, he said smirking, he said and my hand suddenly turns red. I’m not your friend and you don’t get to talk to me and oh, don’t you dare do that again, he said..

Now eat and go to your room,he said and I roll my eyes… he grab my hand again and held it much tight then before… small tears slide my eyes..

He let go of me.. I told you not to do that, he said.. I was going upstairs.. This man is an idiot.. Come back here and eat your food with quietness, he said and I did just as he said..

I didn’t retaliate. Jeff she’s a girl, his friend whisper.. Shut up, I’m eating, he said coldly..

He drank a glass of water and get up.. When you finish eating go and sleep.. You don’t have no work to do, he said and I nodded..

He walks out with his friend. Dam you, I mumbled..

Jeff POV

What did you do that? Jay asked me. Do what? I asked him back. You hurt her man, he said and I roll my eyes.. You know for some reason I want you back to the old Jeff.

The one who won’t do that. The one who will gladly smile when he’s being punch.. The loveable Jeff..

Even me don’t know what’s your problem dude.. You gotta chill, he said.

Don’t shout when talking to me, I told him and he nodded.. So what you want us to do? He asked me.. Umm play golf, I said and he had that smile on his face.

Good.. Thought you never asked…. I mean you been so busy to have our moment, he said and I roll my eyes.. Been busy with work…

But I’m free now because I take time off work.. We can catch up, I said and he smile again.. Stop with the smiling thing, I said and he smile again.. You know real men doesn’t smile, I said and he chuckled this time..

We change into our golf ⛳ wear and went out on the field to play..

Ryan POV

Are you show about that? I asked the caller.. yes sir.. everything will go as planned and we will win this fight,he said and I smiled.

Good now… I already smell victory and I seems to likes the smell, I said sipping my wine.

Good.. give me updates on your every moment.. power is so sweet.. royalty paids more of money.. money is the sweetest, I said hugging up my phone..

No body can beat me in this game.. I’m gonna be a trillionaire soon.. can’t imagine all that money. Competition is the best when you have all you need and comes up with the best strategy..

Fast forward 👉👉👉👉🕓🕓

Ronell POV

Jeff has been kinda nice and bad to me for the past weeks.. seems he had a two weeks leave from work..

When I say nice and bad I mean he’s nice sometime acting all cool and the next minutes he’s cold.

He’s someone you can’t just understand.. I think I’m gonna study him. Even though he’s nice sometime but never smiling. He always smirk.

So coldd… I was already down for breakfast.. I kept checking him up. He’s super handsome.. I wondered if he’s human.. I guess God was in space when making him because he wanted no distractions so he made him perfectly….

Stop drooling, he said.. huh? I said shyly and confusely. He put his fork down. Stop checking me every moment you get..

Don’t like me talk about falling for me. As a good man im telling you because it won’t work.. it’s so disgusting so stop..

Eat up you’re following me to the office, he said and I nodded.. he’s Soo mean and full of himself.. he thinks highly of himself.. well he’s right .

For a man like him who you just can’t interpret, how can you fall in love with him? I asked myself..

I got through eating and drink a bottle of juice.. this is amazing.. I have already paid off all my father depts.. okay when I made mention of the nice, he always give me money which I literally don’t have used for..

He made his driver to take me to my house for a whole day.. I’m so much missing Jax.. Jax is my beloved boyfriend. Haven’t talked to him for awhile now ..

We was actually in this confusion.. he been together for 5 years and we haven’t have sex yet.. I feel like I have wrong him.

We stayed long together and now I’m regretting it.. I’m thinking about asking Jeff for he to allow me out so I can make things right..

I will wait when he’s in his nice mood. Let’s go,he said and I nodded.. we went outside and entered the car.. the driver drove to his company..

He was on his computer throughout… he made the driver to put the radio on..

The Jeefy cooperation is a total mess.. they sell their products of a very high price which is not good. What was they even thinking about when they was making the alcohols? The reporter asked..

What’s going on? His mood suddenly change..

We want our monies back, a protestor said.. turn it off, he said with rage.. speed up, he told the driver and they did.. the car came to a stop and angry protestor was infront of the company..

He wore a mask and his bodyguard quickly slide him in because of the angry protestor but not angry as he’s now..

Who the hell put these products out and how did you guys made the ingredients!!???! He shouted..

Okay fine, I’m gonna calm down now and I want you all in the ballroom immediately, he said and everyone rush in the ballroom..

I followed him and stand over him like a secretary.. everyone had their seats.. so now start talking, he said..

Robert how about we start with you? He asked.. umm sir we don’t understand the reasons of your anger because you left James in your position…

James being the head of the company took the initiative of mixting the wine and Jin.. he even put it on sale under your order..

we told him the drinks was very bad but he said you love the new taste and it’s your order so we released it on your orders, he said and he glare at James..

Okay fine, get me a bottle of the wine and Jin, he said and Mr Robert did.

He pulled it in a glass for Jeff.. first was the wine.. he drank it and spill it out and then the Jin.. he spilled all out and look at the James man.

Jeff stands up and walked to him.. open your mouth, Jeff order and James did. He empty all the wine in James mouth.. his future suddenly change..

Now you will drink all this poison you make, Jeff said making James to guop it down. He took the Jin and make him to drink it too.

Please sir, James begin to cry.. I told you not to mess around with me.. Jeff run his hands in his head.. you wanna kill the citizens?

You wanna bring me down or what? I know just what to do to you, he said calling the police.. few minutes they was there.. get me 60 carton of each of the poison he made..

Until he finished drinking all, he’s not allowed to leave prison for wanting to killed billions of people, he said to the police. Huh? Everyone gasp..

This is pure suicide, James said… truly suicide, I said to myself.. his punishment is always hash..

Now that I lost billions of dollars and my repetition, he said.. ummm, I have a suggestion, I said and he look at me.. go ahead, he said coldly..

Umm, I suggest you take all your products from the market and just make a simple but nice strawberry wine and a Jin with strawberries scent..

It won’t cost much because our local farmers has it and it’s harvest time.. do a festival like in an apologictic manner like.
It shouldn’t be for sale.. I mean the one at the festival.

Tell the people you’re sorry and also listen to their cries. Try that and watch your customers flocks over the drinks.

About how to make that, I have an idea about it.. my grandmother thought me how and it’s the best, I said and he continues to look at me..

The ball members begin to clap. That’s a good idea sir.. we will need the people attention.. they’re the one who buys the commodities..

Even if we make a new one without apologising, I don’t think they will trust our dream.. about the flavor I think it’s also the best, me Robert said and Jeff nodded..

She will be working with your team, he told Mr Robert and the man nodded.. I smiled.. after this is successful I guess he will allow me see Jax. This is my chance, I said smiling..


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