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Have A Heart – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Chapter 10

💕Writer POV💕

The next day Jeff boarded his private jet and fly Ronell out of the country but not after he spirk Mr Robert drink. Mr Robert was so careless to leave the poison on his desk which Jeff saw when he went to look for mr Robert.

He smile when he knows that what happened to Ronell will definitely happen to Mr Robert.

The good news is the public is taking Ryan to court… he has lost all his money because he invested hugely in the drink turns out it was poison all thanks to Ronell Ryan has gone bankrupt.

Ronell was quite throughout the flight. Jeff wanted to asked her what’s her problem but he’s too proud to ask since he bent on Ronell leaving his house when she’s better.

Ronell was feeling too much pains in her body and that got her uncomfortable.. she was weak and decided to sleep.. he just watch her sleeps..

Ryan will come for revenge… it’s about time he will come and Jeff don’t want Ronell to be around him before she’s hurt.. the first thing that happened is they poison her and he don’t want anything to happen to her.

Sir, we’re here,the pilot told Jeff. He just nodded. He went over to Ronell and tap her on the shoulder. She didn’t respond and he sighed.

He was about lifting her up but she got up within that time. She rub her eyes and look at Jeff. She just walk pass him and got down..

This attitude of hers is becoming boring… Jeff love the hot Ronell. The one who is always talking back at him.

The one who is always talking to him even when he’s not answering her.. he sigh and follow behind her.

Jeff being rich give him the opportunity of having properties all over the world..he was about to open the door of the car for her to enter but she open it instead and got in..

He sit to the front seat and the driver enter too. She place her head on the door of the car and begin to sleep.

He look behind and saw her sleeping… he was tempted to touch her and he don’t know why.. maybe it’s because she’s sick and because of me to top it up and he’s just feeling bad,he said to himself..

Meanwhile, Ryan was so farious about what happened to his company.. where did we go wrong huh? He asked grabbing mr Robert by his collar..

I’m sorry but I don’t know.. I figured out that Ronell gives the wrong ingredients because I noticed she was on my trails.

But I didn’t leave her alone as she’s already poison and the cure is not here so I figured she will be dead by now in that way Jeff won’t know it was us who plot against him.

If Jeff happens to Know you know what will happen to you… now your wealtg is in thousands of he happens to take you court you might end up a nobody, Mr Robert said..

Ryan release him and sigh. Just then Kara enter with her daughter.. Ryan smiled.. he so much missed his darling daughter..

Daddy, Renee said running to her father but Kara pull her back. Don’t you dare pull my daughter back like that Kara, Ryan said and she roll her eyes…

Fine… Kara said releasing Renee.. she will spend time with you or I might just give her to you, Kara said.. shot what is the deal? Ryan asked her.

You’re still smart,she said smiling. I want Jeff back, she said and Ryan grew angry. Oh your little boyfriend has bring me down to the drainage..

I’m almost poor, Ryan said with so much anger in his voice. Oh that’s no biggie.. you’re poor remembered? Always a poor boy is a poor boy,she said and Ryan shouted enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kara chuckled.. what happened dear.. did I hurt your feelings? She asked him he just look at her.. my terms is simple.. just get Ronell out of the way, she said..

Ronell should be dead by now, Mr Robert interrupted the conversation.. oh you’re so dam wrong Robert.. she’s alive and healthy.. I mean she almost pulled my hair from my scaf yesterday, Kara said..

But how? Robert asked looking at Ryan.. I poison her and there’s no cure for it here in Korea so how? Robert asked nobody in particular…

Unless she didn’t drink it dummy.. she’s way more smarter then I thought, Kara said.. no she drank it.. I mean I was there and I said her drinking it, Robert said..

I think Kara is right.. maybe she didn’t drink it and fool you like she always does. Remembered she give you fake recipes? Ryan asked Mr Robert..

But… Mr Robert said but was cut short by his phone.. it’s a private number, he said and Ryan give him the go ahead to answer it.

Hi Mr Robert… this is Ronell speaking.
Umm I called to inform you that Jeff and I are on our honeymoon in China and we leave you in charge since you’re one of the trusted worker we have, she said sounding so lively as possible..

Okay.. Mr Robert stutter.. okay bye then,she said and cut the line off.. who was it? Kara asked him.

Ronell.. alive and happy, he said confusily.. where is she and why her number on private? Kara asked him again.. China.. on a honeymoon with Jeff, he replied her.

That little brat is pushing her luck too far, Kara said. I told you she’s smarter than you. She just fool an old man like you two times in role, Ryan said really pissed up at Mr Robert..

Now I’m gonna be so poor and I hate it, Ryan said. Shut up Ryan.. you have always been a poor boy.. not that but greedy also.

I give you all Jeff wealth instead of you to manage it you decided to run competition with a very smart man like Jeff.. you’re the biggest fool and dummy here, she said pulling her daughter alone with her.

Where are you carrying my daughter? Ryan asked her. Isn’t it obvious? I’m carrying her back home. You’re not capable of taking care of her, she said walking away with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Jeff granny move Ronell things into Jeff room. Mother we’re running late, Mrs Lee said. They was actually going to the temple to pray for Ronell to recover quickly…

I’m coming dear, granny said going to meet her daughter. They got in the car and the driver drove them to the temple..

Few minutes later they arrive.. they went in and begin to say their prayers..


💕Jeff POV💕

They have already operated on Ronell though she hasn’t woken up by now. She’s fond of sleeping lately..

It’s good you brought her on time. The poison was damaging her small intestine and lungs..we had to operate on her first before giving her the antidote..

She will be perfectly fine when she wakes up, the doctor said and I sigh.. thanks doc,I said hugging him. It’s my job sir, he said and I smile..

You can see her now but don’t disturb her because she’s sleeping, he said and I nodded.. thank goodness you’re save, I said when I enter..

You’re awake? I asked because she was obviously spying me.. of course not, she said and I nodded.. I don’t like it here. I’m missing my job and family,she said..

Okay we will go back when you’re better, I said. But I’m better. I hate hospital and besides I’m perfectly okay, she said..

Fine if you’re discharge today we will leave tomorrow, I said and she smile. Thanks, she said turning around…

Days later

🥀Ronell POV🥀

You really want me to leave huh? Do you really hate me this much? I asked Jeff..

Yes Ronell… I want you leave this house and my life also, he said and I nodded.. fine Jeff, I will leave your house and your life also, I said..

But one thing… don’t come looking for me Jeff, I said and he scoff.. oh you think highly of yourself, he said and I roll my eyes..

Fine then but don’t regret it after because it might be late for you, I said and he grab his car keys.. I don’t want to see you when I’m back, he said.

Oh you won’t see me when you’re back you psychopathic idiot, I said throwing my shoes at him but he grab it… don’t do that again Ronell, he said.

Oh I will do more, I said throwing the other pair at him which hit his butt.. come and do your worst Jeff.

I’m so dam tired of your babbling.. I’m so tired of you telling me to leave your house including your dam miserable life.. yeah your life is so miserable…

To think that I can get you to have a heart is a freaking lies that I made up in my head…

I will leave. Maybe Kara wasn’t the problem.. maybe you’re your own problem Jeff..

So leave and you won’t see me again, I said going upstairs to pack my things and leave from his house.. I took up his dam ring and put it on his dresser.

The door open and it was his family. Dear don’t leave, Granny said. I’m sorry granny bit we’re not working, I said… Jeff love you so much and he just doesn’t realize it yet, she said…

Well he shouldn’t since I’m leaving, I said.. no dear,we have a plan,she said. I’m sorry granny, I said..

It’s one crazy plan, Diana said…. I sit on the bed.. fine I’m listening, I said and they’ll came to sit side me.

Diana whispered in my ear. What? That’s crazy and he won’t fall for it trust me, I said and she chuckled.. it’s just three days Ronell, if he doesn’t you will leave, she said and I nodded…

Just because I love him… yes I love him and I don’t want to give up easily …

🥀Jeff POV🥀

You’re dump man, my best friend said.. what? After all I wanted her to leave my house before any of this happened, I said.. but Mr Robert is dead and Ryan is in jail, he said

Whatever.. do you think I care? I asked him. He roll his eyes.. bye dude.. have enough of your behavior, he said and I roll my eyes..

By now Ronell is out of my house and life… I want to live a peaceful life with no good digger involve, I said to myself. I got in my car and drove home.

I was listening to perfect.. literally they are not perfect it’s just a song.. I blow the horn and the security open up.. I park the car in the garage…

I got down with so much smile on my face.. the house was quite. I stop and look around.. hi Diane, I said and she ignored me.

I went to my room and Ronell things wasn’t there. I sigh and sit down on the bed. I decided to called and checked on her if she reach home…

I called her number and it was off. Damnit, I said throwing my phone down.. what if something bad happens to her? No let me check her home, I said..

I went outside in haste and drove to her home. I greeted her mother but couldn’t see any signs of her. Umm ma ,is Ronell home? I asked her..

No dear I thought she stay with you now and you guys are married she said and I nodded. Yes ma’am just didn’t see her so I got worry..

Oh maybe she’s taking a scroll and will come back soon,she said and I nodded. Thanks ma’am I will be leaving now, I said. Alright dear,she said and I enter my car.

She’s not home . Where will she be? I asked myself. Jeff you hated her and so much wanted her to leave,my inner voice said.

Shut up dummy. I love her you idiot, I said back to myself. I drove home with a worry face and decided to ask my mom..

I sollow hard. Umm mom can I please ask you a question? I asked her. Yes son,she said. Have you by any means Ronell tells you where she was going? I asked her.

No honey,she said and I nodded.. I was going to my room when she stop me. Are too have something to asked you,she said. Shot mom, I said.

Why do you hate your wife? She asked. Because she’s a gold digger who took money from you mom, I said. Oh son,why didn’t you asked me huh? She asked.

What there to asked about mom when she did it? That doesn’t matter anymore, I said. She did received the money from me when I asked her to change you but later returned it when she falls in love with you including the ones which was already spent,she said and tears drop off my eyes.

Why she didn’t tell me? I asked.. because she felt you will believe her obviously it was your gold digger ex wife who told you that and you believe her instantly,mom said .

Not that mom but you know how much I hate gold digger and what one did to me, I said running to my room.

Damnit, I said throwing my other phone down. I’m sorry babe, please come back home. I love you so much and I can’t lose you.

The thing is I always say you should leave but I never wanted you to leave me. I thought you will play stubborn and stay like before..

I’m so sorry, I said crying silently..


It been three days since Ronell left this house. I refuse to eat, refused to work … all I did within that time time is to searched for Ronell..

I run downstairs to Diana.. Jeff I’m leaving for America tomorrow,she said and I nodded.. what is it? She asked me.

I held her shoulder. Look Diana, I’m begging you. Please tell me if you know where Ronell is. I know she told you something when she was leaving please, I said and she chuckled

I’m sorry brother but I don’t no anything,she said and I nodded.. fine, I said going back to my room. You can eat you know you might fall sick if you don’t,she said and I ignore her.

I enter my room and pick my phone. I decided to leave her a voicemail.. umm Ronell, I’m sorry please come home.
I won’t act like a snub and I won’t tell you to leave anymore because you’re my wife, I said.

Promise? I heard a voice saying and turn but nobody was there.. it was Ronell voice. I look at the phone. Not the phone dummy.. I’m right here, she said and I look all around but she was not there..

Okay hold on I’m coming outside,she said and I turn to see her coming fr out of the bed. Hoo, she said catching her breath. What were you doing under the bed? I asked her.

Oh that… I been there for the past three days and I was seeing you, she said showing me the camera… but…. But how? I stutter.. no but.. but how here, she said mimicking me.. you made a promise remember? I asked her.

Yeah, I said hugging her into my chest. I love you, I said and she smiled. Say that again, she said and I smile. I love you so much babe, I said and she smiled again.

I love you too babe, she said staring at my lips. She smiled and i took her lips in mine. I kiss her slowly as she moan. So sweet. She run her hands on my bare chest and roam in my hair also.

I removed her clothes and throw it on the bed and she didn’t. She chuckled and I smile. Are you ready? I asked her and she nodded.

I carry her on the bed and begin to lick her body. I lick her p***y,when I know it was lubricated enough, I penetrated inside her slowly. I Know she’s a virgin.

She winced in pains and I stop. I’m sorry babe, I said and she nodded. Go ahead,she said and I nodded.

I went in and slowly penetrated. She grab my back and her nails penetrated my skin.

We made love that night and it was amazing. She’s the best woman ever and at this age she’s a virgin. Sjes a perfect house wife.

I smile as I kiss her forehead.we both fall asleep that night.

Four years later.

🥀Writer POV 🥀

Kelvin will you stop running away the house? Ronell asked her son who is a striking resemblance of his father. Young man why are you home? She asked him.

Nothing mom, he said and just then my phone begin to ring. Kelvin by any chance did you get in problem at school? I asked him.

He grabbed from my hand and give me the puppy eyes look.. I inhale. Fine I won’t take the car but I promise to go on your campus,she said and Kelvin nodded.

Come here, she said hugging her son. Just then Jeff enter. Hey they prince and my love,Jeff said.

Aww, Ronell said and hug her husband. I missed you, he said kissing her. I’m still here dad, Kelvin said and Jeff carry him in his arms.

Ah big man, he said and Kelvin smile.. so our date stands? Jeff asked and they nodded..

They did a group hug
And live happily ever after

The end

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