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Have A Heart – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Have a heart

Have a heart

❤Have a heart❤
🌹Pure love🌹
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved

Chapter 1

🍭Now enjoy🍭

16years ago

🌹Writer POV🌹

Jeff Hoo, was a very lively and romantic guy to top it up.. He’s the nicest person one could think of.. He’s jovel, and good.. He loves kids, oh yes he does..

He normally goes to the orphanage home to donate and plays with the little kids.. He believes kids are angel..

But then, he suddenly started hating everyone around him. He hated kids too and considered them to be devil..
He changed to a very bad guy..

Cold.. What’s is the word again? Ummm… okay introvert.. Yes he became introverted…

He sure nobody mercy.. He’s literally closed with his nanny.. The old woman took care of him when he was just a child so he decided to hire her..

Beside her, nobody knew Jeff Hoo mercies..


❤Ronell POV❤

It gonna be a good day..
Yeah, it gonna be a very good dayyyyy,
I was singing while doing the house chores.
Ohhhhhhhhh.. What are very
Ronell here is your father, a neighbor said throwing him on the floor..

Good day, I ended my song dryly.
Seriously dad? You slept out? Stinking drunk this morning? I asked him.

Get from before me Ronell, he said and I sigh.. Mom!!!! Dad is back, I shouted from the kitchen.. Oh heaven Ronell where did you take him from? She asked with a worry face..

I don’t know mom. Louis just brought him in and he’s drunk mom, I said..
She look at him and then back at me..

She put her hands on her head.. And I could see the tears set in her are you okay? I asked dryly..

I’m not okay dear.. Your father is just a trouble maker and a drunker.. I’m so sorry honey.. She said dragging father to their room.. I sigh and went back to my chores..

I quickly got through with it and make pancakes for breakfast.. I ate mine and went in my room. I quickly shower and got ready for work..

I will do the laundry when I’m back if I’m not tired, I said folding my hair in a ponytail..

Mom I’m up for work, breakfast is already serve, I shouted and got out. What a beautiful day in Seoul.. The Sun is out making the day so bright.

Morning ma’am, I greeted miss Lisa.. Ronell, she called me.. Huh? I asked her.. Your father owe me 1500 she said and I sigh..

That’s my whole month salary.. Umm I’m gonna paid you back when the month ends ma’am.. Please don’t make my father credit you again, I pleaded with my palms fold..

Okay dear, she said smiling.. Thanks ma’am, I said continuing my walk..

Morning ma’am, I greeted miss Helen.. Morning Ronell.. Your father credit 700 bucks yesterday when you gonna paid? She asked me..

When month end ma’am.. Please don’t credit him anymore, I pleaded and she nodded. Father is a complete mess.. After 30 minutes i was at the at food shop…

Almost like a restaurant but a restaurant is much bigger than it…

You’re five minutes late, Mr Lee who happens to be my boss scolded.. I’m sorry Mr Lee, I said. Oh spay me the sorries Ronell..

You’re always late, he said and I roll my eyes.. Now leave my presence, you’re not even pretty to attract customers, he said.. What? I took a quick glance at him.

Such pot belly and a very big head men is saying that to me? He’s lucky he’s my boss or I’m gonna ruin his ugly face this morning, I mumbled under my voice.

You say what? He asked me. Nothing butler Lee, I said with so much sarcasm in my voice….

Ronell made tea with bread and egg, Mr Lee shouted.. Dammit.. What wrong Ronell? Princess asked me.. Nothing, I said with a stare..

So equisity.. I mumbled and she roll her eyes..Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there. I said and she walk out of the kitchen.. such a back stabber..

She hates me. I hate her.. there,the equition is balance.. she have it coming her way.. I hurrily fry the egg and toast the bread and laid the egg in it..

I mix the tea and carry it out.. the seat over there, Mr Lee said pointing to a customer..

Morning sir, here’s your order, I said placing it down before him.
I went back to the kitchen.. Argh, this old man, I curse under my voice..

🌹Jeff POV🌹

Begin the meeting, I said adjusting my suit… sir we want to put a hult to our sales.. I mean the liquor has drop on the market.. We want to wait a little and then increase the price of each bottle, James said and I nodded..

Good.. So now we gonna make more and just reserved it for the increase of price later for more profit, I said nodding my head in agreement to James proposal..

James is my Secretary.. Sir I doubt that’s not a good idea. We both know in two months time LUROSE will come up with a product…

We both know our product is the best that’s why its expensive.. LUROSE product is not to our product standards but cheaper..

Let take for the common man who doesn’t have money to drink an expensive alcohol.. He will definitely go for LUROSE.. Why? Because it’s preferable.. When the available is not vailable? The vailable became available..

In opportunity cost You go for what you can afford, he added.
Sir we can adjust what James said and look into what I have just said.. The sales manager said…

Sir, we’re talking about more profit here, James said.. Sir I rather the products go then it been store till the expiration date, the sales manager who happens to be Robert said..

Let this matter ends here.. Without my consent no production should take place, I said getting up.. I left from there and went into my office..

Sir, I have been working with you more then 6 years now and I understand the business well.. My proposal is the best and it bring in more funds, James said and I look at him..

He suddenly became scared.. I’m sorry sir, he said stuttering..he now his head down.. Look at me James, I said.

I dare not sir, he said.. Okay good.. I will make this clear for the last time with you because you have stayed long with me….

I’m not your friend so don’t get too used to talking with me.. When I say the matter is over I mean its over and I don’t need your point of view..

And don’t lecture me on what do.. This is your last warning.. Don’t made me maddd, I said slowly and with that he got lost quickly..

Good.. I said adjusting my tie this time around…
So I get an old man who owe me. I don’t mind he owing me because its just one bottle but he made a very good proposal which I can’t refuse..

I got up and pick up my phone which had a diamond laid on it. I went out and got in my car.. My driver ignited the car and drove to where his daughter works..

For a start I won’t dare go in that environment but I’m gonna pick up my property so I don’t mind. I give honor and pleasure to all my things so this is nothing..

We’re here sir, my body guard said opening the door of the car and I got down.. He give me a hanky and a mask.

The environment gosh. I wore the mask and enter a little area look like a restaurant.. Gosh do people even eat here? I asked myself.

I walk in a a older man came smiling.. What can I get for you sir? I mean his Excellency.. I will have my best cook Ronell assign to it asap, he said and I scan the area..

Called Ronell, I said and he shouted her name.. She came out. Yes butler Lee, she said wiping her hands on her apron..

She’s here your excellency, he said smiling. Umm butler Lee where is the president? She asked looking around. Shut up Ronell.

This is the famous Jeff Hoo, he said and I removed my mask.. Oh gosh.. Wait hold it there.. Jeff Hoo, 27 years old multi billionaires…

Have lots of companies both national and international.. Well known for JEFFY Alcohol company. The best alcohol company ever..

Okay, wealth is 500,1905 billions…
So very rich…
Korea top 1 most handsome guy.. Oh my gosh oh my gosh, she said excitedly while I just stare at her..

Okay enough of that.. I’m here for you, guys take her to the car, I said and she stare at me blankly.. Okay wait what’s going on here? And why are you here from me? She asked me..

First of all your my property and mine properties belong to my house, I said…

💗Ronell POV💗

Okay I’m not processing this good.. I took a expensive bottle of water and gulp it down. Come again, I said and he smirk… I don’t repeat myself miss, but I will make you an exception….

Here is your papa signature and the deed, he said giving it to me.. What? A bottle of whiskey? I exclaim

You’re not serious are you? I asked him.
Do I look like a comedian? He asked me. Well you’re face looks kinda funny to me, I said.. He smirk again.. Get her in the car guys, he said to the hefty men that was standing behind him.

Don’t you guys dare comes closer, I said facing my blow… get her in my car now, he said and they grab me but not after they receive few blows from me..

They throw me in the car.. This is pure kidnap.. I can paid you back the bottle of whiskey, I shouted but he didn’t here me because he was in the other car..

I sigh.. Ronell this is just a nightmare.. You gonna wake up soon. Just wait day will soon break and all this gonna be over soon, I said smiling and the guy look at me like I’m some lunatic..

What huh? Will you stop looking it me before you feel nell? I asked him. What is Nell? He asked me. My punch Ofcouse.. Oh I have name for everything I do, and stop looking at me like I’m a lunatic!!!

I’m gonna fired a complain about your boss and you’re also included. You, you, you, and you, I said pointing to them all.



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