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GUYS DON’T LIE O!! If Wedding Vows Include “May I D*e If I Cheat” – Would You Still Marry?

Hello guys

Our society has turned cheating into a normal thing and most married men and women still cheat even after wedding.

I must commend those who have decided to spend the rest of their life with one partner and stick by it.

Many married people have broken their wedding vows by cheating on their partners. People now say ” I do”like it’s no big deal.  Even before “death do us part”many vows have been broken into pieces.

Imagine adding “May I Die If I Cheat” to weeding vows with a Bible or Quran or swearing with a god. Maybe this will be the best way to stop cheating after the wedding.

So guys, be honest👇🏻

If Wedding Vows Includes “May I D*e If I Cheat” – Would You Still Marry?

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