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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

She took Kyra by the hand and together, they went to the school where the annual Valentine’s day celebration was taking place.

Dale’s band was about to start their performance when they walked into the stage, hand in hand. No one would have noticed them if they had just walked in together but, they were holding hands. That was most unexpected.

Everyone knew Verna and Kyra weren’t friends and after the allegations that Kyra had made that year, the last thing anyone expected was to ever see her in the same room with Verna again. Holding hands, that was the worst!

Something was going on, people knew it at once. So when she snatched the microphone from a shocked Dale, the whole audience fell into grave silence.

She started by narrating how she had felt that night when Kyra knocked at her door. She had been so shocked that she couldn’t say anything and when Kyra disappeared the next day, she had been mad at her for not standing up for herself and just fleeing like a coward.

It reminded her of her own experience again and once more, she felt angry for not being able to do anything. She testified to seeing the evidence of her rape first-hand and she described it to be the most inhumane thing anyone could ever do to a girl.

The crowd started to hum but she shut them up and continued.

She was scared to take action then but she was no longer scared now. She dropped Kyra’s hand, and moved closer to the edge of the stage, then she pointed.

“You!” She said. People followed the direction of her finger and it pointed at the chancellor.

“You violated me the very first day I got into this college. You are a relative of my family, and I am your cousin but you still did it. I was at your place as you requested, because I was a new student at your college and you said you wanted to congratulate your favourite niece for her achievement but when I got there, you had sent everyone in my your place out and you forced yourself on me.

I was just 16 and you were a man of 60 but the large age difference didn’t stop you. You went on rocking me terribly hard despite the fact that I was your niece, a virgin, a kid and my body couldn’t take a man of your size. When you were done and I was all sore, you told me it was my fault because I was wearing a very revealing dress and I seduced you by hugging you and sitting on your laps.

I thought you were a respectable and responsible man because you seemed nice by making me a member of the school band on my first day and that was why I hugged you. You took advantage of my love for music and my innocence and you ruined my life.

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