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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

She shouldn’t have come back when the detective asked her to. She had dropped out of school and left the country when the incident happened and she had taken the job of a waitress at a restaurant for a measly pay.

Living had been hell for her and every time a male customer tried to hit on her, she remembered that night and it brought back the pain freshly to her heart. What could be more painful than losing your virginity in an embarrassing rape scene with your crush.

She had thought she could move on and forget what had happened but one night, she went to bed tired and had a nightmare about the incident. It was so vivid and fresh and when she woke up, she had felt like she was just waking up after the incident. She couldn’t take it anymore and that was when she posted the tweet.

And that tweet brought her to this moment.

It was going to be totally over soon, she thought.

She knew what to do.

She sent a message to Verna to meet her at the train station, and she left. She waited for hours till it was night, but Verna didn’t show up. She needed to apologise before she went, she really needed to.

The night grew cold and she started to shiver. Verna still hadn’t appear. She waited for an hour more, till it was almost midnight and when Verna still didn’t come, she stood up.

It was the fourteenth of February, it was Valentine’s day. She would make a story from this. She’d end it the day it all began and maybe after she was gone, people would finally believe her.

She walked to the platform and waited till she saw the train coming.

Then she stepped in and the track and closed her eyes.

The train was just a few feet away from her when someone suddenly screamed and pulled her away. She struggled to release herself from the grip but she couldn’t. It was the grip of someone holding on to a life, her life.

The grip of someone who really didn’t want her to die. Who was it?

She turned around and looked into the face of Verna.

“Leave me alone, let me die.” Kyra yelled

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Verna replied admist tears. “I’m sorry I didn’t stand up for you. I was scared of what it would do to me, but now I know better. I should have stood up for us.”

“What do you mean by us.” Kyra asked.

But Verna only kept crying. “I’ve faced what you faced in the hands of the very man who asked you to shut up”


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