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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7

Kyra left the school the next day and no one heard from her or knew what was going on with her untill a year after.

It was in January, a cold morning in the middle of winter when the viral tweet came. The whole internet was in chaos and the school wasn’t left out of the rukus.

Kyra had just declared Dale a rapist. She had narrated what happened that night but leaving out the part where she went to Verna’s room. Dale’s parents were the first to react to it by accusing her of defamation and suing her for it.

They didn’t take lightly to the accusations at all, as it could jeopardize their political future. Dale was questioned about the incident and though he admitted that they had sex that night, he vehemently denied raping her.

He ignored his parents’ pleas and advice to stay away from school or his girlfriend, saying he had nothing to hide from since he was innocent and he went to school everyday like nothing had happened.

Everyone expected the rukus and rumor to die down in a couple of weeks but, they were surprised. It didn’t.

And infact, it only waxed.

Soon, the state’s bureau of investigation got interested in the case and an investigation began.

Dale’s friends and everyone else close to Dale was interrogated and just like friends capable of experiencing what they experienced that night, they denied everything she claimed was true about them and kept stressing the fact that she was just a whole and a liar.

Even Verna didn’t just deny ever knowing anything about the incident, she also claimed Kyra was just trying to get back at her and Dale for no reason except jealousy.

The detective appointed to the case tried all he could but since there was no evidence to support the claim, he closed the case.

Kyra had burnt the clothes from that night. It pained her that she did. She wouldn’t have done it if she had thought someone could believe her and it hurt her so much.

Once more, she became the bitch, a laughing stock and a liar who only wanted to ruin the life of a boy because she couldn’t have him. That pained her so much but what pained her more was Verna’s allegations.

She had secretly hoped Verna would defend her since she was the only other person who knew the whole story. How stupid of her to have thought of that.

Now, it was truly over!

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