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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

The maid asked her to wait in the living room and she went to fetch the chancellor. The chancellor finally came after minutes of keeping her waiting and he demanded the reason why she was there, like he didn’t see what state she was in.

She narrated the full experience to him without mincing words and when she was done, he looked as if he hadn’t heard what she had just said.

He was sipping tea and she was waiting for him to say something, and when he finally did, it wasn’t totally unexpected.

He said it was her fault she was raped, and no one else’s. Wasn’t it she who had seduced him into doing it even though she knew so well that he had a girlfriend.

He said it was even wrong for her to call it rape since they both enjoyed it and it was her who started everything in the first place and if his friends had laughed at her, that had nothing to do with anything because anyone witnessing that would laugh.

He told her not to try to fight the case unless she was ready to lose everything including the last shred of dignity she had left in her and then, he dismissed her from his house.

She couldn’t cry. His words had dried up every water she had in her ducts to the last drop. Maybe he was right, who would believe her anyway. How would anyone take her side when it was her who asked for it. She practically forced him into doing it and because he didn’t do it the way she wanted, she tought it was unfair.

Though, a little voice at the back of her mind kept telling her that it wasn’t right, she was raped and she had to fight for herself, but guilt got the better of her.

She staggered to her hostel and walked in. She didn’t meet anyone too and she was almost at the door of her room when she decided that someone else should see the evidence.

She didn’t want to go to the hostel keeper because she felt really guilty and was afraid of the disgrace that would follow if the whole hostel of girls who didn’t even like her before get to know.

So, she turned around and her legs took her to the one door she knew could make a difference.


She knocked at the door and Verna answered immediately. Verna was surprised to see her in that state but Kyra just walked in and she narrated all that had happened to her.

Verna’s expression did not change all through the narration and when Kyra was done, she left the room without saying a word.

She thought Verna was cruel and insensitive by the way she acted, but if only she knew.


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