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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

He penetrated into her suddenly and with so much force that she screamed out more in pain than for help. She didn’t know if it was out of mockery or shock, but she heard someone retch like they were vomiting and another guy burst into laughter, but the last guy had gone quiet.

She started to cry and beg Dale but, he was far too gone and engrossed in the evil sweetness of what he was doing to even consider her pleas. She continued to cry and struggle as he kept on rocking her like a horse and when her sobs became annoying to him, he punched her in the head.

And she blacked out.

She woke up around 4 am at dawn. The room was empty, except for her naked body lying on the bed. Memories of what had happened to her came flooding her head and she burst into tears.

He hadn’t just raped her in front of his friends, he had also done it in the most horrible way a girl of her age could be raped. If the other boys had done it too, she didn’t know. All she knew was that they left her completely naked on the bed with not a single cloth over her body. All of them had seen her naked body and all of them had watched her scream as he had taken advantage of her.

She got up and got dressed. Her shirt was badly torn, but she wore it nevertheless. It was better that way. At least, she would have evidence to show to them.

Yes, she was going to report.

To the school authority.

She took one last look at the bed on which she had been raped and the blood stain on it made her swell with bitter emotions. She burst into fresh tears and sobbed out of the house.

The bed wasn’t the only thing stained with blood that day, her thighs too were badly stained meaning that he had done it really rough with her.

What a gruesome way to lose your virginity.

The night was quiet. No one was lurking around. So, she was very lucky. Not that she would have even cared if anyone saw her.

She made her way to the Chancellor’s lodge and knocked loudly at the door. She had to knock six times before an angry maid opened the door and rained curses on her for disturbing their sleep at this time of the night before she could even say anything. But when she saw what state she was in, the maid shut up instantly.

Her face grew grim with remorse and she moved aside for Kyra to get in.

This is it, Kyra thought.

But was that really it?

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