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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

She tried to make them turn back but they didn’t and soon, she gave up. Dale led her to his room and they plopped on his couch. They started to kiss and the other boys cheered.

It was a bit embarrassing for her but she ignored it. They kissed hungrily and passionately till things started to get heated. Dale almost at the thores of his lust had forgotten totally that he had a girlfriend and he started to tug at Kyra’s skirt.

She liked it, she wanted it. She knew what was going to happen but she was worried. She might have been a bitch, but her bitchiness did not include having sex with a boy in front of his friends.

She wanted to make love with Dale alright, but not in front of his friends.

So, she knocked his hands away and she withdrew. But Dale wasn’t ready to end things. Infact, he was just getting started.

He came at her and she tried to push him away but he wouldn’t budge. Things had gotten really exciting for his drunk friends and they gawked on with excitement.

Kyra grew hysterical and she panicked. So, she did the only thing she thought could help her. She slapped Dale.

She totally slapped him.

And that did it. Or so she thought it did it.

He withdrew. She started to button up her shirt hurriedly. She was at the last button when he grabbed her. She protested, tried to resist him but he was no match for her.

He got hold of her and dragged her to the bed. She tried to get back up but he pinned her down. His friends started to make ribald suggestions again and cheer him.

He grabbed her shirt and tore it open. She started to beg him not to do what he was going to do but that slap had hurt his ego beyond repair and now, she was going to pay the price for doing what no one else has done.

Her tore up her shirt but didn’t stop there. He yanked at her bra and tore it open too. Her boobs popped at his face and his friends burst into laughter. Encouraging him to go on or they would.

He pinned her arms down with his knees and moved on to her skirt. The skirt had already ridden up to her waist from her struggles, so it was easy for him tear off her pant with the same evil vigour with which he tore her shirt.

He undid her skirt zipper and threw the skirt to the floor with not one ounce of dignity. Then, she was totally naked.

Stark naked, and his friends were watching!

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