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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

It was Valentine’s day, the day it happened.

The evening was calm and beautiful.

The street were alight and ablaze with joy and high spirits.

The campus was full with love sick students and love suckers who had nothing else in their heads that day but how to profess their undying love to their lovers.

The band wasn’t left out of the fun, they were preparing the grand open stage for the grand annual Valentine’s day performance. Though, the real fun hadn’t started yet and wouldn’t start till it was night, Valentine was in the air and everyone could feel it.

The day passed in a daze and soon, night came. Students in their hundreds gathered at the school’s grand open stage. Since it was the school’s stage and a public celebration, Dale’s band wasn’t the only entertainment that there was that night.

There were a few others like a drama group, a choreography performance and a break dance show but Dale’s band used the stage first. After their performance, they left the stage for the next users and made their way to the back of the school to celebrate the night.

They were all drinking and smoking except for Verna and another guy from the band. Verna didn’t drink because she wasn’t a drinker and the other guy couldn’t drink because he was fasting but nevertheless, beer and weed kept flowing in and by midnight, a number of them were drunk.

Though, Kyra wasn’t, Dale wasn’t and three of his friends including the guy that didn’t drink at all weren’t, no one could tell if Kyra was actually drunk or not. She had unbuttoned her blouse and was now giving Dale a lap dance.

Once or twice, she’d smooch him and kiss him and regardless of the fact that Verna was sitting alone not too far from where they were and could see all that was going on, his friends kept cheering and Dale allowed himself to flow along with the lust.

When it was past one o’clock, Verna left the place for her hostel and the joy and lust within Kyra knew no bounds. She threw herself more and more to Dale and soon she started to beg him to take her to his room.

Dale hesitated at first but his friends were so bent on playing the devil’s advocate that night so, they started to cheer him and crack ribald jokes. They encouraged him to go with her and soon, he gave in

What Kyra wanted that night was to make love with Dale but what she didn’t expect was for the other three of his friends to follow them.

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