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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

She signed up for the school music band and she passed her test. She joined the school band because she knew that being on Dale’s band meant she could hang out more with him. Verna tried to object at first, but then there was nothing she could do, Kyra passed the test.

The two girls were uncool to each other. That was expected. Verna hated that Kyra always wore skimpy clothes and was always flirting with Dale, and Kyra didn’t care if Verna hated her or not, all she knew was that Verna was Dale’s girlfriend and she didn’t like her.

Kyra flirted openly with Dale at every chance she got till it became evident that she wanted Dale for herself. And of course, Verna noticed, but the two girls didn’t do what everyone would expect and fight over a boy in public.

For Kyra, she was just a bitch who practically had no emotions and didn’t care. But for Verna, it was totally different. She was Dale’s girl. She knew she was Dale’s girl and even if Dale were to cheat on her with another girl, she couldn’t be jealous. There was no competition for her at all and Dale was hers.

Once in a while, they got into a fight with each other at the girls’ hostel but it always had nothing to do with Dale and had more to do with the fact that krya was a bitch and Verna didn’t like her at all.

At first, the other members of the band didn’t like Kyra very much but she turned out to be a great singer with a very great voice and soon, they started to warm up to her.

Even Dale returned her flirtations at times.

She was the dirty singer of their band. She wrote the dirtiest lyrics and everyone liked it. Why wouldn’t anyone like it anyway, she made it plain that she was pretty cheap.

So, it wasn’t surprising when what happened on Valentine’s day happened to her.

Though, it was a bit shocking and practically no one believed her then. A few even thought she deserved what happened to her. She was like the last person anyone in college respected.

Or maybe it wasn’t her.

Maybe it wasn’t because no one trusted or respected her.

Maybe it wasn’t because everyone thought she deserved it.

Maybe it really was because no one dared go up against Dale.

Going after Dale meant going after his parents who happened to be the senator of the state, going after Dale meant going after the school band and the city’s biggest local band, going after Dale meant going after probably the most populous kid in the city.

And if you lose, you lose for life!

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