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Guilty – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]

Episode 10

You threatened to remove me from the group if I told anyone and you said no one would believe me if I told them what you did. You said it was my fault that it happened to me and I should feel guilty for that. You ruined me. And you know what, I’m guilty. I feel guilty.

I’m guilty for not standing up for myself when no one else would. I’m guilty for being a coward and not demanding justice for what you did to me. I’m guilty for covering up such an evil crime and again, I’m guilty for allowing Kyra to pass through the same thing I passed through.” She said and dropped the microphone.

The crowd was shocked and the chancellor got up and tried to sneak out but, he wasn’t fast enough. People held him down and the crowd started to mob him.

Dale grew purple with panic but his panic soon turned to pain as angry mobs stormed the stage. They hit him everywhere and with everything they could. It took almost an hour for the police to arrive and set things straight and by the time they did, five males were bleeding badly. They were badly injured. The chancellor, Dale and the three other boys who had witnessed Kyra’s rape that night.

After a few days, they were tried in court and all were found guilty. The three witnesses were given 10 years imprisonment, Dale was given 15 years and the chancellor was given 25 years.

The two girls were awarded full scholarship to the best university in the country by the government and the family of Dale not only did they lose their political careers, they were forced to pay a sum of Ten million dollars to Kyra for defamation and damages.

The end!


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