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Guilty – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 10]



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Story Title: Guilty

Episodes: 10

Category: Love and Crime

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Guilty is the story of a young girl, Kyra who got raped by her crush, defiling her in the most inhumane way possible and when she makes the mistake of reporting to the one person whom she thought could help her, all she got was the perfect opposite!

She finally got the justice she deserved and she even got more. But justice came from the least expected person she could think of and the person who was supposed to help her in the first place turned out to equally guilty. Or maybe even worse. But, who was the hero?

Episode 1

If this was a story, it would have begun on Valentine’s day, the day it all started. But because it isn’t a story, you have to understand how it all started.

Kyra sat where she always sat at the corner of the classroom, watching Dale and Verna cuddling like the happy couple that they were. Not many of her classmates were looking, but she couldn’t just stop looking. If her mother were to be there, she knew what she would call her; “A bitch!”

Her mother was the opposite of a no nonsense woman but if there was one thing she definitely classed as nonsense, it was wanting another girl’s man.

But how could you possibly not want this girl’s man. Dale was everything a girl of her age could possibly ask for. He was everything you wanted in a guy.

Tall, tanned to a fine bronze, muscular, silky smooth hair, blue eyes, rich, athletic and more especially, the leader of school band and the city local band. He had a voice to die for and a smile to kill for and as if that wasn’t enough, he was irressistably gorgeous and nice.

And he was Verna’s boyfriend.

Verna, the girl who was the exact female version of Dale. It was only fair that Dale dated the best.

Kyra knew she wouldn’t stand a chance with Verna even if she tried to make Dale hers but she wanted to try anyway. She didn’t mind going up against Verna who was the opposite of the nice person that Dale was. But don’t they say “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens”.

It wasn’t like she had made up her mind that day to go after Dale, important decisions aren’t just made in a day. She had wanted him from the very first time she saw him after transferring from her former school. She was a girl who never cared what anyone said or thought of her and she wanted Dale for herself.

He might not like her as much as liked Verna, she might not have been as hot and pretty as Verna was, but she was also hot and pretty. Who cared that her own hotness was due to the skimpy and revealing clothes she always wore.

She wasn’t just staring at them for the first time, she had been staring at them, actually “him” since they started to take classes together. Today wasn’t any different.

But today, she took the next biggest step.

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