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Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu – Season 1 Episode 5

I got dressed and

took an excuse from my parents that am

spending the weekend with my cousin who

just graduated finished and was staying

alone, I have already planned everything out

with him so I got my tracks covered.


‘I got to Miss Maphiwe’s house at 9:15am, I have

been there before so it was easy for me

locating her house. It was a one room self

contain apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The single room serves as a bedroom and also the sitting room with two small chairs, a mattress and a make up table at the far end of the room though the room is big enough and there was still a lot of space left.

‘I knocked on her door and got no response, I


knocked again ‘who is there’ a voice which I

know belongs to Miss Maphiwe asked from inside. But I said nothing cause it was a surprise visit, she needs to find out herself so iy knocked

again and the door was flung open’ Miss

Maphiwe stood at the doorway putting on a

night robe she was surprised as she threw

herself on me, I placed my palms under her

Butt for her to sit on and behold she

wasn’t putting any panty I got an instant hard on. Am very surprised to see you Hamzway



said’ while still on my body and her Butt

was sitting on my palms, I stepped in with her as she locked the door and bolted it, my Joystick was rock hard, I got inside the room with her and she wasted no time in taking my tongue in hers, the kiss was hot I thought she wanted to eat my lips, I dropped her and grabbed her Butts immediately and was spreading her Butts open revealing her a—–e, I grabbed and was squeezing her

Butts with the intent of bursting them, she

m0aned and moved her hand to my hard

Joystick and was squeezing it, I freed her Butts and brought my hand to her already


w€t *****, I rubbed her **** andc–t,

inserted my finger in her k—–c she gasped and threw her head backwards m0aning out loud as I was finger Bleeping her

K*****t, I brought out my hand, gave her to

lick and gushed down to the floor and some flowing down her legs, I bent down and buried my mouth in her k****t and was lapping away. The pleasure was too much for her as she started screaming, ‘I got up and was fondling her B—m,

caressing them.

‘Hamzway just do it please she said’ I wasted no time as I unleashed the dragon that was now rock hard, I took her to a small couch removed her night robe and positioned her in a

doggy, I opened her *****, spread it open

and plunged into her ***** and a scream

escaped her mouth, I began to t—-t slowly

and increased my pace and it became fast, I helddown her waist and pounded into her ***** as she kept m0aning and was

responded to my every t—-t, she climaxed

three times during the 30mins I F***d her

and I feel my c—-x approaching, she must

have noticed too as she withdrew herself from my hold and brought her mouth to my Joystick and I deposited my Pour in her mouth and my Joystick lost its rigidity, she held my Joystick and gave me Mouth action but my Joystick was too huge for her to suck,

few minutes my Joystick became hard and she told me to lie on the bed and she lowered her glistening ***** on my Joystick, I fondled with her B—m, held her waist as rode herself to o—-m.

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