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Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu – Season 1 Episode 4

This lady is God sent, ‘I thought in my mind’ I was happy, thanked her and was about to leave , ‘wait what class are you again’ she asked’ G8 madam ‘I answered ‘ alright I will send someone to come and call you during break.


You have been trending in the staff room, teachers have been saying different negative things about you and I can also testify to that cause from the starting of this week you have been serving punishment Miss Maphiwe said as I got to her office’ and its not a good record for a new student like you, it can affect your results, do you want that ‘she asked’ no madam ‘I replied’ then you have to be a good boy’ she continued’ obey your seniors, do whatever


you are asked to do okay’





yes madam ‘ I replied’ . ‘That was how Miss Maphiwe and I became friends or should I say friends with benefit, she gives me gift, money and


sometimes food’. ‘on this faithful day I sat in Miss Maphiwe’s office gawking at her partly exposed B—m and thighs, she made no effort to cover it as she was busy with her work. I raised my head and saw Miss Maphiwe giving me the I-know what-


you-were-doing smile, Hamzway go to your class, the break is over’ she said’ as I got up my Joystick sprang up and my hard on was very much visible, what!! ‘Screamed Miss Maphiwe when she saw the tent my Joystick has


created in my trouser’ are you going to the class with that’ she said as I made an effort to cover it, she kept looking at it as I stood there like a statue, the S*xual tension between us





was obvious , I noticed a tiny drop of water


dripping down from the chair Miss Maphiwe sat


on, miss Maphiwe has w€t the chair with her ***** juice.


‘I don’t know where the guts came from as I


moved towards her and grabbed her B—m and was fondling them, put my hand in my skirt and touched her ***** it was a


slippery, I shifted her pants and inserted my middle finger and was finger-Bleeping her, her mouth was wide open but no sound came out, I finger f*****d her for a few minute and brought out myfinger. I was about to start another round of finger- Bleeping when we heard footsteps


approaching, I sprang up with the speed of light and my Joystick that was hard deflated immediately and became calm as the waters ‘that was when I realize that tension is the only thing capable ofdeflating a hard- Joystick in a second. I looked at Miss Maphiwe and she was well seated and her rumpled dress have been straightened. ‘I got to class but was finding it hard to concentrate, memories of what happened in Miss Maphiwe’s office few hours ago kept


refreshing in my brain. ‘The school closed


early and thatwas when I remembered it was a Friday so the school tend to close early. I went to miss Maphiwe’s office and met her office


locked ,was very sad Miss Maphiwe has gone home. I left the school and made up my mind to visit Miss Maphiwe tomorrow and probably spend the weekend with her.


‘Saturday finally came after a long night of


fantasy about Miss Maphiwe I got dressed and took an excuse from my parents that am spending the weekend with my cousin who just graduated and was staying alone, I have already planned everything out with him so I got my tracks covered.

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