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Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu – Season 1 Episode 3

The following day I got to school with the

anger of what transpired the previous dayI

got to school late, I purposely did that ,’was

given Transport fare but reserved it and decide to trek and was late and saw latecomers being

punished by the prefects, as I got closer I was

ordered to kneel but I refused and gave them

an excuse but they refused to listen and

reported me to Mr Wilo when they knew am

not kneeling anytime soon

Hamzway what have you done today again, are you

not tired of being punished’ I heard someone

say and looked up to see her, ‘I narrated everything to her, who gave you the

punishment ‘she asked’ Mr Wilo ‘I replied’ alright she said and walked away.

‘She came back few minutes and told me to

go back to my class ‘what!! she pleaded on my

behalf, this lady is God sent, ‘iy thought in my

mind’ I was happy, thanked her and was

about to leave , ‘wait what

class are you again’ she asked’ G8 madam ‘I

answered ‘ alright I will send someone to come and call you during break.

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