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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 9

told my step-mom about Israel’s proposal
but she was indifferent about it, maybe as
she dey spit like reptile, pregnancy wahala
have affected her greatly. Israel asked
me to call him over whenever my dad
comes around, I did one weekend my
Father returned to see his pregnant wife.
Israel came over and we all sat in the
sitting-room, my dad was surprised to
see handsome Israel, the guy na fine
bo-bo and rich too, oh gosh! am blushing.

My dad: young man, who you dey fine?

Israel: good evening, sir. I see ripe orange for your compound and I wan pluck am.

My dad: Gift, you plant orange?

Israel: sir no be the one wey them dey lick.

My dad: na which type?

Israel: the one them dey marry.

My dad: Chisos! go ahead na, em no concern me.

Israel: sir, I wan marry your daughter.

My dad: what! which of my daughter?

My step-mom: how many you born?

My dad: Gift, which kind madness be this?

Me: papa I love am oh! and I wan marry am.

My dad: you be sixteen years, you wan marry? you sure say them no curse you or something. And you, young man, you no see any other orange apart from my daughter?

Israel: I really love your daughter.

My dad: before I close my eyes and open it, you don vamoose.

had to run for his life because my dad
brought his gun to shoot him, even me
sef tuwama. Israel called me and told
me that we should elope, that he is ready
to train me in Secondary School and University
that I shouldn’t worry. Money no be problem,
When my papa travelled I packed my
things and ran away with Israel with his
car. He drove us to his State and my spirit
kpai when I saw the Village he took me
to, network nodey and the house na mud
house. Everything just weigh me down,
I come dey wonder why Israel wey get
car dey live for this kind Village without
network and light.

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Me: baby, when we go go your house na?

Israel: my love no worry, make this mud house no deceive you. I dey build my mansion, drop your bag inside make I go show you.

Me: make I go drop am. *I drop my box and return*

Israel: you go try get belle, so that your papa go agree to the marriage.

Me: that one no be wahala, you know say I love you well well.

Israel: I know.

drove to one incomplete building that
the workers weren’t on site that day and
showed me to be his house, he took me
inside the house and started showing
me the rooms. He started touching me,
romancing my yansh and squeezing and
squashing my br-easts. My toto don we-t,
I asked him to calm down when we reached
home but he didn’t hear. He was all over
me like a hungry lion, he asked me to
hold the window while he pulled down
his zipper and brought out his fair kulikuli,
He raiser my skirt up and asked me to
hold it, he shifted my pa-nt and th-rusted
in his hard kulikuli. Oh! gosh!! My wide
toto swallowed it and his big hard kulikuli
was touching the right places. Oohh! He
started moving his waist, fu-cking me,
ba-nging me, scattering my we-t toto with
his hard kulikuli. Shoving in and out pressing
my breastchester, he suckled on my ears
as he bleeped me roughly till he cu-mmed
in me grunting heavily. My legs were wobbling
when he was done pounding me, I was
just sweating trying to catch my breathe.
Israel went out that Evening and didn’t
came back with his car, that was the last
time I saw his car. I asked him and he
claimed armed-robbers stole it from him,
My mind cut. Which kind soup I go cook
myself?. Our Elder say no one can escape
the laws of nature that is why the lizard
can not reproduce the egg of a fowl.


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