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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 7

was planning on how to get phone from
my dad, one horrible looking illness struck
me that I couldn’t even walk properly or
even eat well. I was taken to the hospital
and my mind jumped into my mouth, fear
gripped me when they mentioned they have
taken my blood sample for HIV test. I
remembered when Jef ba-nged me hard
in the toilet and I prayed it was a nightmare,
your creator go judge you Jef, chaii…!
small pikin like me go come get that evil
virus wey dey kill, the nurse carried me
to the test laboratory. I waka see the lady
wey fine get horns and because she no
wan smile go my way.

Nurse: how many boyfriend you get?

Me: I no get any boyfriend.

Nurse: you know say world nodey end here.

Me: nurse, wetin dey happen.

Nurse: you be negative.

Me: na you wan give me bp.

Nurse: how?

Me: forget, aunty nurse.

didn’t know how the illness disappeared
and I swore no condom no kulikuli. I dropped
my phone inside water and called
my father that my phone has spoilt, I told
him to get one that is browsing. I was
so happy when he promised to get it for me, muaaww..! muaaww..! I love
you daddy.
He bought Blackberry for me and I called
Clara to help me with it, Clara na addict
presser, so she taught me things especially
how to download the other one. She helped
me download and register in 2go, I picked
Gift2sweet as my username. I started
the 2go and I was asked to search for
friends in my phonebook, I refused because
those guys no get sense, how you go take
girl number then forget about her totally
after calling just once, their brains don
fry finish for oil pan. I started frequenting
2go rooms and add some guys closed
to my LGA, I added one guy with Veteran
star and I regretted why I did when he
showed his masquerade face on his profile
picture, he kept bugging me with love
messages, and plenty hi. One certain
day I was bored and logged in, he has
done it again but this time something
sweet and we-t. Wetin you dey think? bad
pikin like you. He sent the biggest kulikuli
that have ever seen in picture, I quickly
start typing sharp sharp, all those kind
actions need to be responded with actions

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Me: na your kulikuli be that?

Amoeba18: yes, you like am?

Me: yes, em dey make we we-t.

Amoeba18: my send more.

Me: yes.

Amoeba18: lets se-x chat so that I can make you squi-rt.

Me: wetin be se-x chat?

Amoeba18: you be new comer for 2go?

mastur*bation placed a ring on my finger,
every day I will charge my battery full
just to chat Amoeba18, we exchanged
numbers and even did call se-x too. But
the one wey sweet pass na the se-x chat.
He will send his er-ected di-ck and order
me to su-ck, while I will wrote some words
that implied that am actually su-cking
his hard kulikuli. Like that like that oh!
he became my online boyfriend, the guy
can diss fah. I will upload sexy pictures
and he will used it as his profile picture.
He taught me how to beef too, I even joined
his crew Mentor as we went crazy on
2go love. I met my biggest mistake on
2go when I added Israel, that took me
to the opposite of Promise Land in the

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