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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 5

was coming from every corners for my
Papa to marry, he asked me if I am okay
with it, I agreed. I can’t be a shame and
stumbling block at a time, my relatives
did everything on behalf of my Dad. He
only brought a lady home and we parked
out of Estate to our permanent house,
gosh! it was so big with gate and I got
my personal room with big bed and reading
desk, wow! with standing mirror wey I
godey check out my beauty. The lady they
brought for my dad isn’t bad looking but
her yansh too big oh, I wonder how my
papa wan do that kind woman from back.
Sha.. I never see em size oh, maybe sha..
But wow, bye to that foolish Estate, here
na enjoyment and the house is fine. My
Dad wasn’t attracted to the lady at all,
that lovely look that men gave to their
wife was absent in my father’s eyes, I
no come dey understand, issit how this
man love my wife, no wonder upon all
the things I did, he still loved me unconditionally
God bless you papa. My dad opened a
bar for his new wife since he won’t be
home always and doesn’t want her to spend
all the time at home, we get one gate man
called Akpan, that guy get so many colors
and his Calabar tongue is like a cross
he is carrying upadan, sha… Wetin concern
me, I dey notice backyard business betwixt
him and my father’s wife oh! Make I no
first talk, I finished my Junior WAEC and
spent long holiday at home, the whole
thing boring die. No boys around sef, the
area just dey come up and our house is
very close to the express way, no house
behind us. It will take up to twenty minutes
walk before you go see area wey houses
dey and em dey bubble, that is were my
step-mom has her shop. Clara visited
me one day like that.

Clara: na Calabar guy be ona gate man?

Me: yes na, wetin happen?

Clara: you don fu-ck am?

Me: Gawd forbid, that guy wey no fine.

Clara: you see that guy, em no fine for face em fine for down.

Me: which down kwanu?

Clara: that thing wey em dey in boxer sweet well well.

Me: clean your mouth.

Clara: dey there na, I dey go meet am.

to Clara words, she went ahead and met
him, after I waited for Clara for a longtime
I didn’t see her return. I used my leg waka
go the security post and the more I got
closer, I heard Clara mo-aning loud. Like
this “aaahh! ewwooohh!! you go kill me
oohh! stoop oohh! no faster, scatter me
with your Calabar di-ck” I peeped and
saw Clara been banged with doggystyle.
Her br-a was on the floor and her shirt
have been folded to allow her fallen bre-asts
to have freedom, her eyes was shut close
as she held on to the wall and bent shooting
her ass backward, the skirt she wore was
rolled to her waist and her p-ant have
been shifted to her kneel. Our gate man
have removed his short from his waist
and he was ba-nging Clara seriously, scattering
her toto and spanking her hard too on
top. At the sight of his big kulikuli shoving
in and out of Clara borehole, my pant
and I dipped my hand down there. Looking
at the window I wished am the one rough
handled like that, but Clara made me vow
not to snatch him away. I gree sha, wetin
I go gain to loose my personal adviser
or because of big kulikuli. My dad decided
to register me in one of the mixed school
around, I was so happy. Come see fine
boys na, wow.. Government school get
cute dudes sha.. I started crushing on
the finest boy in the School, Jef. That
guy fine gan with pink lips, he is in SSS2.
gosh, I love or na like him so much. I started
writing love letters to him, I was even
the one that asked for his number and
bought lots of things for him, gosh! Gift
is in love. He doesn’t have phone so I
bought one for him, plenty girls just dey
pursue Jef for the school. I wanted Jef
to ask me out, I did everything. I even
decided to show him how much I love
him through se-x. I texted him to meet
in the school toilet, because the guy just
dull to ask me to be his girlfriend, he came
and we started kissing. Gosh, his lips
was so sweet. He turned me around and
told me to raise my school skirt, I did and
he shifted my pa-nted and thru-sted in.
He started ba-nging me, scattering my
we-t toto with his hard kulikuli, it was so
sweet. I was just mo-aning, weeping for
more. He cu-mmed inside me and we
cleaned up, I turned and kiss him.

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Me: I love you Jef.

Jef: okay.

okay? I was taken aback oh! I no even
get myself until he left the toilet. Wetin
be okay, isn’t okay. I texted him that I
love him and he replied he doesn’t love
me, wetin be this na. I was so vexed, I
go poison person pikin. After chopping
my money and my sugar-pot he is saying
he doesn’t love me, chaii.. the thing pepper
me ehnn when I saw him patrolling the
school with different girls, one knot commot
from my head, I demanded him to return
the phone I bought for him. He did and
one stupid girl bought another one for me,
I was so angry. I been wan break em head,
I go kill person pikin oh! eehhnn. Our
say, a gold isn’t find by many because
it is rare gem.

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