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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 4

called asking were I am, I lied to him that
am not around, infact I nodey for the State.
He said I can’t fool him that he will come
to Estate later and hung up, it was Friday
night and I come dey wonder which kind
wahala be this. My phone no get peace
from one call to another call, the way my
battery ran down I come dey regret why
I recklessly gave out my number. All
of them were just asking me to be their
girlfriend, Clara advised me to accept
so any one wey ask I go say yes so that
them no go disturb me. I had fifty phone
boyfriends and is only two that made
effort to make our relationship physically
official, Gideon called that I should come
and meet him in Estate gate. I told him
I can’t come that he should go back, it
was 8pm already and they will close the
Estate gate by 10pm. I no wan dey waka
upadan, he personally came and knocked
on the door and started shouting at me
for making him come to Abuja when I
wasn’t even there. I told him am no longer
interested in the relationship that he is
a big cheat, that he should get lost biko.
He laughed and said am joking, I told him
flatly that I wasn’t, he started smooching
me, squeezing my bumbum and strongly
crushing his lips on my own pink and
sweet lips. I struggled to broke free but
he added more effort in pressing my big
yansh, I mo-aned into his mouth and he
gro-aned like a lion and delved inside
my mouth with his tongue, wrestling with
my tongue sending sensual electric waves
through out my system. I returned the
kiss and we started peeling away the
clothes on our body. We were both naked
he scooped me off from the floor and carried
me to the bed, he ate my we-t toto sweetly
until I flooded my laps with my own juice,
he drove in firmly with his hard and huge
kulikuli, pounding me seriously. Biting
and chewing my n-pples, he knacked
me till my sugar-pot dried up and refilled,
gosh! Gideon ba-nged me till I couldn’t
walk the next day he left. He deposited
lots of cu-m in me. Caleb one of my new
boyfriend called, that guy can nag for Africa.
He behaved like woman at times, I wondered
if I knew him better I would have accepted
to be his girlfriend, and he is cute such
a waste. Sha.. I picked the call.

Caleb: where you dey?

Me: I dey house.

Caleb: I dey call you since, why you no pick.

Me: I no know.

Caleb: why you nodey like to call person?

Me: sorry.

Caleb: you no even greet me good morning.

Me: good morning.

Caleb: am ho-rny.

Me: sorry.

Caleb: come my house now.

Me: I no well.

Caleb: why you no well.

Me: I no know.

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Caleb: come like that.

Me: I nofit.

Caleb: I no even know why I even date small pikin like you *he hiss*

ended the call, Salvation was a better
boyfriend compared to Caleb. He is caring
but too churchy, even to kiss na wahala.
He had this fear of God that he subjected
all our romance to after marriage. I have
to threatened and force him before we
had our first hug. But that guy is romantic,
I always blush whenever he called and
I will feel butterflies down there, the idiot
Gideon didn’t call again for days and Ezekiel
have got a new girl that he was busy with.
Anywhere I go somebody must toast me,
I even tire sef. Em come be like say all
the toasters association they wait for all
the corners of Earth for me to surface.
My dad returned home to stay for weeks,
when I started having morning sickness.
One day I vomited before him and he
started asking me if I have disgraced
him the second time again, I told him no.
And he pressed my abdomen and I felt
sharp pains down there, he asked me
who was responsible and I told him Gideon.
Seriously, na Gideon enter my mind.
took his handcuffs and dragged me to
show him where Gideon live, when we
reach there I saw a lady with just towel
coming out his one room. And na one
of the girls wey threatened me the other
time, my dad asked for Gideon and came
out looking like someone who was surprised.
I called his name but he denied that his
name isn’t Gideon even the girl supported
him, he said the Gideon I was looking
for doesn’t live in the yard. He claimed
his name is Uche and he doesn’t know
me from Adam, my dad was so vexed
and he had no choice to take me to the
hospital for abortion. He looked tired and
ashamed of me, I felt hurt too. After the
abortion the doctor came to warn me.

Doctor: your daughter get only two eggs remaining.

My dad: how?

Doctor: she no go fit born pikin again if she abort two more times again.

My dad: Gift, you dey hear am. If you like scatter your womb, who you even resemble.

Me: *I start crying* daddy, I no go try am again. I don change.

day I came back from school, the girl I
saw with Uche the other day and his gang
attacked me and gave me beating of my
life. I was treated seriously for days, when
the news got to my dad he arrested all
of them. I was heartbroken when Salvation
broke up with me when he learnt that
I was pregnant for someone else, I was
so heart-broken and tired. Our Elder say
the face of a man at day isn’t the same
face he carried at night.

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