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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 19

was all over me regardless he had a girlfriend,
I come dey wonder if the dude get sense
or is he lacking it. He get the morale to
dey bring him girlfriend come lodge dey
fu-ck am for him apartment and come
dey seduce me for se-x. Too much yam
full him head, I just shake head dey avoid
the guy. Franklin has refused to forgive
me so I just had to move on, I can’t depend
on him always to find my feet in Campus.
I went about some essential things to
complete my registration, I even go about
reading on my own. I was fine avoiding
that useless Jay, Franklin just dey show
off with one worwor girl as if Gift care
sha… The thing is guys became scared
of me, no one come dey make effort to
woo me. They were all intimidated by
my beauty and brain, I come dey wonder
if to fine na curse, konji come dey worry
me upadan, and Jay was lurking like a
rapist to have his way. Just then I find
myself making friends with the big girls
on campus, they were two then and they
always drove to school, them nodey gree
come lectures because the first time I
came across one of them na Examination
that we are placed in close range, because
University nodey allow more than two
people for seat. The girl was just asking
me for all the answers, we were nearly
caught but I doubt if the invigilator didn’t
catch us. But he pretended not to know
what was going on, after the Examination
she thanked me and introduced herself
as Eva. Her partner joined her with smile,
I later knew that one’s name is Naomi.

Eva: babe, how far your exam na?

Naomi: mehnn.. I no write anything, but I dey go meet prof. Later.

Eva: I no sure I go follow you, that babe for back don help me. I full my book fah, and I don give Moses some cash if not that guy for collect my script.

Naomi: you mean Gift?

Eva: yes na.

Naomi: so, na you be the Gift wey we dey hear about. Our department boys nodey allow your name rest.

Me: me?

Eva: I no sure say she dey the department whatsapp group.

Me: I nodey.

Naomi: you be correct fine babe oh.

Eva: I dey go club with my boyfriend later.

Naomi: which of them?

Eva: Jmoney na, em maga don cash in em say make we go spend am.

Naomi: after I don handle that two minutes man I go come meet you, no chop all.

dropped me in my lodge, I was like which
type of girls be this? I shrugged and went
inside my apartment and got busy with
reading, preparing for the next Exam.
around 4pm I went back to the library and
read till 7pm, they usually close during
6pm but due to the examination it was
extended. Naomi and Eva sat by my side
through out the examination and I wonder
how they were able to do that, but knowing
they are girls with swag and money who
no want money. The invigilators are very
much co-operative with them, even the
course lecturers were not doing anything
about it. A boy was threw out of the exam
hall for coming in with bomb, after the
examination ended that semester, my papa
no even gree my attend the party with
my friends, because Naomi and Eva were
ready to club my ass out that night after
the examination for helping them not to
sleep with those old men anymore, if not
they usually pay in kind and cash to re-write
their script in a cozy hotel room with senior
lecturers. The day we finished writing
our exams, my dad drove me home without
even waiting for the semester to end.
Sarah was so happy to see me, the babe
don freshen up with bouncy bre-asts and
nice a-ss. And she is becoming prettier
everyday, I was like wow and why? She
said she want to be very beautiful so that
my brother will fall for her. Na her life
dream be that, she wasn’t that brilliant.
When I pointed to this the girl went into
reading madness, I even blame myself
to tell am that thing. She became obsess
with books, she stopped watching movie
or even going out to meet her amebo friends
around our house. Naso so question of
when will your brother return to Nigeria,
me sef that didn’t know when he will.
I was so happy when the holiday ended,
and I returned back to Campus. Just two
days in my lodge when one big fight happen,
Jay’s girlfriend fought with a girl in our
lodge for sleeping with Jay and trying to
snatch him away from her. Come see fight
na, Jay girlfriend beat the girl like say she
be man. I pity the girl as Jay girlfriend
almost naked her completely as they fought
dirty. The thing sweet me as Franklin worwor
girlfriend dumped him, the guy come dey
look me as I dey fine and win more male
friends for myself. The problem with
handsome guys coming close to me, is
that none of them wanted to make any
effort to make me their girlfriend. They
are just scared of being turned down because
I was seen as one of the big girls on Campus,
my dad no gree my lack anything so they
are feeling inferior.

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Franklin: Gift, wait. I wan talk to you.

Me: senior colleague, good afternoon.

Franklin: this one you nodey call my name again, hope all is well?

Me: you no be my senior colleague again?

Franklin: so, Gift how far?

Me: I just dey oh, you?

Franklin: I wan apologise.

Me: for?

Franklin: everything, abeg. Make we try work things out.

Me: what of your very beautiful girlfriend?

Franklin: who?

Me: ask me again.

Franklin: you mean Stephanie? forget about that worwor girl.

Me: guy, nodey dream of Gift ’cause I nodey reason you again.

left him stunned in our department building
and went home, on Friday Eva chatted
me up if I would love to club with them.
I was bored as fu-ck, so I agreed with
them. They called me later around 10pm
and I came out looking gorgeous, I thought
I was exposing too much until I saw Eva
and Naomi that I could even see the color
of Eva’s bra and Naomi’s perky ni-pples.
We drove to the club and everywhere
was booming with music, as girls and boys
dance dirty, there was even some guys
smoking their ass out in a corner. Naomi
and Eva disappeared into their boyfriends
arms in the dimly lit room, someone grabbed
me from nowhere. I help and find Anderson,
one of my rich coursemate that I happened to help
some days ago with assignment. He wasn’t
happy to see me there, he didn’t even allow
any guy to come close to me and he didn’t
make any attempt to even make the night
lively for me. I got bored and he took it
upon himself to drive me home, he warned
me to stay away from Naomi and Eva.
I got upset and flared up, he is just a friend
to me not a jealous boyfriend or my brother.
Our Elder say, there a friend that is even
more than a brother and a father to everyone

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