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Gift 18+ – Season 2 – Episode 14

Elder say the instinct that separate human
from animals is quick realization. These
people are gambling with my intelligence,
I no blame them shall na myself I blame
wey no know say kulikuli is dangerous
to my health. Israel the First was all over
me, the moment I stepped out of my house
to go to school he will appear there with
his car begging me, when I return from
school he will appear from nowhere to beg
me, the guy was breathing down on me.
Fear come dey catch me say this guy go
press my mumu button one day oh!
had to get rid of him quickly because am
beginning to feel weak rejecting him, the
day that shocked me the most is when
my Step-mom sent me to the market and
Israel appeared there, Chisos! He started
begging me again, the tire me oh! every
eyes is on me. I was ashamed but Israel
didn’t care, one plan enter my head. I
told him that I have forgiven him and he
drove me home with his car on reaching
a road block placed by policemen. I started
screaming ritualist, Israel was confused.
Trust police na, them no wan care if I
dey lie or not, sure sure we all must land
in police station to bail ourselves. I wrote
my statement explaining what happened,
I lied sha.. Writing that Israel was talking
to me in the market be I knew it I saw myself
in his car and when I saw the road block
that police officers were standing, I screamed
for help. Them say make I bail myself,
small pikin like me where I wan get money,
I be underage na. But Naija police nodey
follow law, I called my dad using their
phone ’cause I don’t have phone anymore.
My dad arrived see hala na.

My dad: you again! Gift, wetin you come do for here?

Me: daddy, em wan kidnap me.

Israel: na lie oh! I no wan kidnap am, na my wife.

My dad: *slap him* who dash you wife? You dey mad. Sergeant Okoro!

Sergeat Okoro: yes, sir!

My dad: make sure say this guy no commot here.

gone, I gave him ntoor! before leaving there
just imagine he wanted to take me back
to that evil forest inflicted with poverty.
There was one SSS2 boy crushing on
me, he liked me so much but he is shy.
He only sent letters to me, very cute boy
but too shy jare. And Clara loved him like
mad, see one chance. I pity the boy, sorry
Smith if you are reading this piece. No
be say I no like you oh, my blood dey boil
to revenge. I walked up to Smith and asked
him to go to the school toilet and wait
for me, that he should pulled down his
short and boxer completely. I gave him
small money sha… very shy guy, he didn’t
want to take it but I force him to. He couldn’t
even stand up to me, I shake my head.

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Me: Clara, chaii… Smith p—k big ehnn..

Clara: how you take know?

Me: we fu-ck na *I lie*

Clara: but I don tell you say I love that guy, why you do me that kind thing na.

Me: you sabi para ehnn.. Em dey naked for toilet dey wait for me. Na your opportunity now to have him.

Clara: you be better friend, make I rush go.

Me: yes na, I be better friend. Go quick quick.

I went
to Mr. johnson’s office and reported that
two people are fighting in the school toilet,
he asked me to follow him but I find a
way and escaped. Johnson was a new
teacher so he won’t be able to recognize
me, the SP girl was caught pant down
with SSS2 boy in the toilet. They were
flogged mercilessly in the staff-room and
she was removed from the position of
SP girl of the school after two weeks suspension.
I knew Clara was aware of who betrayed
him, but me I no send. I ready for them,
the last person was my step-mother very
wicked lady. She was asking me about
Israel if I knew he was in police station
that one of her customer told her so, I acted
like someone who doesn’t know. She was
making calls in her room when I went
to the kitchen and brought grand-oil and
poured on the marbled floor just before
her door, when she come out sha.. She
go know say wickedness no be good thing
to do anybody in this life.

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