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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 7

I met Okoye in the bathroom naked and
his body foamed with soap. He is short
and mascular, black toned skin with shapeless
head. He held a phone in his hand that
was making funny sounds, like two p-ornstars
are fu-cking themselves crazy in the video
he was watching. He used the other of
his hand to wrap his short thick di-ck.
his right arm muscles tensed and relaxed
as he je-rked himself making throaty sounds.
He didn’t notice me all along until he started
spurting loads of cu-m from his pulsating

Okoye: aaahhh! yes! oohh! gawd!!!

Me: when you don do finish, mama say make you come.

He was startled and the look on his face
was mixed with surprise and fear, I knew
I had him in the corner that I wanted him
to be. Our elders say a chick that refused
to follow the footsteps of its mother, wanders
away to the cold hands of death. Mama
refused me going out and even refused
the male children coming into the compound
to play with me where she won’t see us.
Mama has gone to the farm when Sisi
the lady that normally cook for us went
home after cooking, Chike the gardener
has gone home since it was Christmas.
Even when my dad provided anything
that mama needed, mama didn’t leave
farming. she complaint that she will get
sick if she stopped farming, even though
she dey complain of pains oh! the woman
go drink medicine still go farm till noon
everyday. Okoye came inside the sitting-room
to pacify me while I was watching movie,
I been dey expect am tay tay, *winks*

Okoye: ehnn…. Gift oh! mama dey inside house?

Me: no, you open gate for her na.

Okoye: *scratching his head* you don tell am?

Me: wetin?

Okoye: that day na.. wetin you see that day?

Me: wetin I see?

He grinned thinking that I was a naive
girl who doesn’t know anything about
libido, he didn’t know my se*xuality has
been awaken before I was even ten years.
I threatened to tell my mom if he didn’t
put his kilukilu inside my puna, he complained
that am a little girl. I told him I will also
tell my dad and he will loose his job, he
was shaken a bit by my threats. He told
me that he will only give me once, Grace
has stopped staying with us ’cause she
has gone to stay with her parents while
on holiday, there is no phone and there is no
access to po-rn for me to self-service
myself, I was so ho-rny on the 29th night
of December. I sneaked out of the house
and ran as fast my little legs could carry
me to the security post. Okoye was scared
but after so much persuasion that my
threats did, he kowtowed and pulled my
clothes, he had a hairy chest because
he was wearing just boxer. He became
excited as he was smooching and caressing
my small bre-asts, his di-ck was so strong
in his boxer. Almost making pyramid of
Gizza at the front of his g—n. He inserted
two fingers inside my pu-ssy and started
fi-ngering me, he complained that am
not a virgin and am not very tight. Ogbeni!
you don see where masquerade dey disvirgin?
em no even happy say I wan make am
stop soapy. He laid me on the bed after
rubbing spits on his hard short di-ck, he
spread my legs wide and pen-etrated
with mommy and daddy style. I was just
moa-ning and crying, as he was ba-nging
me fast and steady, pressing my small
bre-asts and su-cking it. He was on top
moving fast and sweating on me, pounding
and banging me fast, making me cry and
shout. I was just enjoying how his short
fat amu was stretching my small hole,
He tensed and groaned like pig and spurted
loads of cu-m inside me. He cu-mmed
for over a minute, if no be say I be small
pikin I for don get belle sef. The akamu
jehovah was just leaking out of my hole.
he laid beside me breathing heavily.

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Okoye: Gift, your thing sweet well well oh.

Me: hmmm…

Okoye: I want more again, shey you go come again?

Me: no problem.

Voice from outside: Okoye oh! you see Gift?!


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