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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 5

I made sure Papa Tabara and Adeyin
saw me before I left the room without
saying a word.

Adeyin: please, Gift wait biko.

Me: I don wait, wetin happen?

Adeyin: abeg, no tell Mama Tabara. I go share the money wey Papa Tabara go give me with you.

Me: I no need money.

Adeyin: wetin you need?

Me: I go tell you later.

I left her standing wondering while Papa
Tabara never came out to plead with me
also. I told Mama Tabara that he is at home
and I left their shop after my Private Teacher
left the Estate gate. I came back and met
Aunty Grace watching television. After
the holiday was over, I went back to school.
But my father insisted that I should be
taking lessons from my Private Teacher
Ben everyday. With time the Estate boys
started frequently our house because
of Grace, they will stay out with our house-girl
gisting till it is late in the night. Charles
and her little brother Kennedy always
came together, according to Grace that
Charles is her friend. Both of them were
pretty close, I became friend with Charle’s
kid brother Kennedy, he was twelve
while I was Ten then. There was this night
our four were watching a movie when
they took the light. Charles and Grace
came out of the room but I decided to stay
back and Kennedy also said he wanted
to stay with me, we were in the sitting-room
when Ken started touching me. he pulled
his small short and brought out his small
er-ected rod, he guided my hand to it.
and I felt the hard flesh, he started pulling
my hand up and down his s—t, he was
about putting his hand inside my skirt
when his older brother called him. The
next day we didn’t have an opportunity to
carry out our little escaped, useless PHCN
no gree collect light. We were watching
movie when a thought came into my mind,
I told Kennedy to come and help me with
assignment in my room. Our house girl
Grace didn’t object, maybe they also needed
some privacy as much as we needed it.
Immediately we got inside the room, I locked
the door and fell on the bed. Ken climbed
on me and started moving, he then pulled
down the skirt I was wearing, and pulled
down my pant also. I was naked with
just a top on me, he then separated my
legs. And pulled down his zip, he brought
out his small hard pencil and spitted on
it. He spitted on his palm and rubbed it
on his small hard di-ck, he pene-trated
and I screamed, it was very painful and
I held on to his back, a knock landed on
the door immediately. we quickly put on
our clothes before I opened the door, Charles
asked while I was shouting and I lied that I saw
something that looked like snake. We
couldn’t continue that day. The next day
we had a perfect opportunity, Grace and
Charles went of the house leaving me and
Kennedy, he quickly removed his short
immediately we got inside my room. We
were both starked naked, as he climbed
me and repeated the same action the
other day, I was just begging and crying
as he moved in and out of my pu-ssy.

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Me: aahh! sto…p … is.. sweeting.. me.

Kennedy: aahh! aaahh!!

He was just ban-ging me so fast in missionary
style, smooching and pressing my small
bre-asts, till he got tired. I was so weak
after the se-x. I couldn’t go to school for
some days because I was terribly ill, I stayed
at home for Grace to take care of me.
she called my father that am ill and he
said he will be back soon to take me to
the hospital, I was sleeping on my bed
when I got up from the bed feeling a terrible
headache. I staggered our of the room,
I was about entering the bathroom when
I overheard voices coming from Grace’s
room, I stopped walking and waited to
listen what ’caused the argument.

Voice: see, I get belle na you give me am.

Voice: I no be the papa of that pikin, we dey always use condom.

Voice: you don forget say you be the person wey talk say you nodey enjoy my big yansh anytime we use condom.

Voice: ehem… But we still use condom na.

Voice: you lie, after that day the condom break. We stop to use am.

I recognised the voices to belong to Ben
and our house-girl Grace.

Voice: Gift!

Someone called behind me and I turned.


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