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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 29

knew my papa go fit hear our conversation
and I don decrease the call voice volume,
Luckily I wore a T-shirt with small front
pocket. That is were I hid the phone.

Me: oga Simeon, wetin you come fine for here?

Simeon: I wan come enjoy you na.

Me: Oga Simeon jejely go your shop oh! I go tell my papa.

Simeon: see this mumu girl, your papa no go even believe.

Me: I go shout rape for your head oh.

Simeon: shout na, I go talk say you dey se-duce me. And everybody go believe me because them no which kind girl you be.

Me: I go call my papa now.

brought out the phone and quickly press
the red button before he grabbed it from
me and rushed me like wounded lion.
I know say my toto sweet well well, the
way he reaped off my strong jean bumshort
together with my pa-nt together proved
it, he was panting and breathing like someone
that was se-xually starved, he pinned
my hands above my head and forced
my sweet legs opened. I felt his hard
useless kulikuli knocking at the door of
gate of sugar and honey, I felt his kulikuli
shoved inside me and he mo-aned like
someone that his di-ck have enter the
sweetest of the sweetest. He started moving
when I want to enjoy it, I heard a loud
“Aaaahhh” and he started shaking breathing
heavily, something wey never even start
it is over. He wore his clothes and wore
one schoolboy smile wey don lick The
Promise Ice- cream for the first time and
left, I was so ho-rny and no way to quench
the desire apart from shoving in and out
of my puna with cucumber and stimulating
my cli-t till I climaxed and my legs wobbled.
That Evening Chisom came to call me
that my father have returned but he is
trying to arrest Simeon, I was so happy.
The idiot wey don force me back to self-servicing,
I ran down to his shop and met my dad
with three policemen dragging and beating
Simeon to their van. From that day henceforth
my quarantine order was uplifted, and
I was able to return back to School. One
fine boy named Gideon started disturbing
me, begging me seriously for my number.
I gave him and he started disturbing me,
sending tons of messages for me to be
his girlfriend. After I thought about it because
I go soon enter Js3 and I need boyfriend,
I agreed because being single is entering
into the clutches of ma-sturbation.
started seeing Gideon, Gideon na very
sweet boy. He started taking me to fields
anytime his going to play ball and he never
asked of se-x. He showed me love, I was
madly into him. One day we came to the
field together holding hands when we
saw Ezekiel and his useless friend. Suddenly
they started laughing.

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Gideon: Ezekiel, why ona dey laugh?

Theo: nodey deceive us, collect your share waka, biko.

Me: Theo wetin bring that nonsense na?

Ezekiel: see Gift dey make noise, Gift the cheerful giver. Abeg em dey hungry me oh!

Me: thunder burn your baggy trouser and you there.

Gideon: even tho. Na cheerful giver, ehnn.. Theo no be your sister them catch for school dey fu-ck ehn? Primary five in that matter, pastor pikin too. Tufiaa!!

love for Gideon doubled that day, after
he dealt with them very well and beyond
repair, them carry shame waka go. one
day I was at home reading when someone
knocked. Thinking say na better person,
I opened the door and saw Ezekiel. He
started begging and telling me to forgive
him, I no even follow am talk and I went
inside and fetch a bucket of water and
returned to him. And baptized him with
name of cold water thou wet your body
and give him sense while he is lacking
sense. Our Elder say a tortoise remain
a tortoise even in different seasons.

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