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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 28

dad dragged me like Hausa goat down
to Ezekiel’s house, luckily his parents
are at home. My dad would have shot
him at sight, when my dad told his parents
that their child impregnated me. Both
of them vehemently vouched for their
child, his parents were even ready to swear
that their son have nothing to do with
a girl. That he is a saint blabla.. They
called Ezekiel who came in with baggy
trouser and one papa dash me shirt hugging
a bible, when he saw us he pretended
to be surprise.

Ezekiel: sister Gift *smiling*

Papa Ezekiel: you know this girl?

Ezekiel: she be good pikin, she be youth choir mistress.

My dad: na you give my daughter belle?

Ezekiel: Blood of Jes**! no weapon fashion against me shall prosper, sister Gift why you wan give your life to devil when you don see light?

Me: *I start crying* Ezekiel talk truth na.

Ezekiel: *start speaking in tongues* daddy Gift, my parents here and the pastor go confirm say am against fornication, your daughter no know who give am belle.

Me: na lie! na you!!

My dad: hope say you nodey deny?

Mama Ezekiel: this girl na witch, leave my son alone. My son never even see girl nakedness talk more of to give girl belle.

Ezekiel: sister Gift, I am disappointed in you. I think say you be good example to the youths in the church, wolf in sheep clothing. No wonder judgment dey start from church, lemme call pastor right away.

papa was so angry that he dragged me
out of the house angrily, Ezekiel and his
parents and many people in the Estate
attested that Ezekiel is a good boy. I lost
the battle completely, and the pastor added
insult to the injury. I was so ashamed
of myself as my dad dragged me beating me
home before every eyes in the Estate,
telling me am a huge disgrace. My dad
threw Grace out of the house, he pounced
on me and beat me to coma, I find myself
in the hospital. I was told I had miscarriage,
I even happy sef say the foetus don go
back to were em came from. After a week
in the hospital my dad brought me home,
he warned me not to go to anywhere and
instruct Simeon the carpenter and chief
nailer as them dey hail am to watch my
movement, I wasn’t allowed to entertain
visitor or even step out of the house.
started using the opportunity to ask me
to allow him do, I told him no. He went
ahead and told my dad that I sneaked
out of the house in the night to go and
see one useless boy that me sef no know.

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My dad: so you commot from this house?

Me: me, no! I no commot oh!

My dad: you no wan learn from your mistake, Gift?

Me: but dadd…

My dad: close your dirty mouth.

slapped me and flogged me mercilessly,
Simeon came when he travelled and asked
me to give him chance that he will not
tell my dad anytime I want to go out.
told me that he is sorry, that he liked me
well that why he lied. He told me that
I shouldn’t be afraid of pregnancy that
he will use co-ndom, he told me that if
I say no that he will tell my dad that I allowed
a guy to enter our house in the Night. I
like kulkuli sha.. So I allowed him, he quickly
removed his dirty short and brought out
a huge kulikuli that looked like small python,
I laid on the bed naked and he entered
screaming like someone that was attacked
by sweet witch. My puna too sweet, he
started moving his waist mo-aning louder
that I am, just twenty five thru-sts he cu-mmed.
I no even understand wetin dey happen
until he rolled off from me breathing like
exhausted dog that have been running
for five days, he was breathing and sweating
profusely. I tried getting up his kulikuli
but his useless kulikuli didn’t get up or
even move sef. He thanked me and wore
his dirty short and left, I vex ehnn.. Upon
all the endurance of the wood smell he
was spreading about na under-performance
I get in return. I planned to make him
pay, konji wan finish me that day.
stupid man still come back after that day,
I called my dad and hid the phone in my
Elder say a goat cannot be a friend to
yam in a lonely cage.
no light for days, that is why i couldn’t write and update

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