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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 25

Okoye: Gift Gift, small pin charger wey sabi charge fast.

asked me to hold the bathroom wall and
he spread my ass cheeks with his palms
and pe-netrated from behind, I felt his
hard long kulikuki deep inside my w-et
pu-ssy, he started fu-cking me. Slapping
my yansh, scattering my sugar toto, squeezing
and pressing my oranges on my chest.
Firing and pounding me, slapping my
yansh making me to yelp in pleasure and
mo-an. He was just ban-nging me hard and
fast, Okoye unclad himself and guided
one of my hand to his raging kulikuli. I
started pumping it as he bit his lower
lip and groaned, while I mo-aned as Samuel
kulikuli was touching the right places inside
my pot of sugar, he pulled out and I caught
my breathe, sweating and feeling the
impact of being pounded hard by long
kulikuli. Okoye took over and thru-sted
in without warning, I mo-aned out loud
at the sudden mixed of pain and pleasure,
he slapped my yansh and dug his nails
on my waist as he kept scattering my
pot of sugar with his short kulikuli using
doggystyle. Samuel adjusted my position
and I held on to him as he guided his p—k
to my lips, he pressed it on my lips and
I opened my mouth, I nearly bit it off if
no be say em get sense to commot am.

Okoye: ewooohh! assshhh! Gift ooohh!

Me: aaahhh! Ooohhh! Yes!! harder aaahhh!!

Samuel: *rubbing his kulikuli on my face* aaahh! fine gal.

bathroom door was opened all of a sudden.
We were startled as the person that opened
the bathroom door screamed.

Granny: chimoooo!! aaahhh! Gift *screaming*

collect my pa-nt run, Okoye quickly pulled
out of my now expanded hole and Samuel
covered his kulikuli with his palms, suddenly
grandmother slummed on the floor out
of shock, she be BP patient already. I
think say she no go come back till Evening.
I was terrified and rushed over to her
screaming in shock, Okoye and Samuel
quickly wore their clothes and disappeared.
I shook her repeatedly on the floor but
she didn’t move, I screamed in shock
and ran with my tiny legs naked to call
the maid. The maid rushed in with me
and find my grandmother lying motionless
on the floor, she asked me to call Okoye
and Samuel so that they will carry her
to the health-centre in the village
since the only hospital
in the Local Government is located at
the centre.
Seeing that I was naked she decided to
call them by herself, something wey them
don see and touch. I quickly wore my
clothes and Samuel with Okoye came in
with the maid wailing like women of Owu,
they carried grandmother out of the house.
I ran out of the gate and called a car passing
by, since our house is closed to the village
major entrance road, the only tarred road
in the village sha. The man volunteered
to help carry her to the hospital in the
centre, the maid didn’t go with them instead
she called my father. My heart started
beating fast, I started praying let my grandmother
loose her memory if she survive, my papa
go just kill me if my granny tell her wetin
I dey chop clean mouth at my age.
that evening my dad came home and
sent for me.
I waka like somebody wey them catch
stealing meats in the kitchen.

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Dad: Gift, why your grandmother fall?

Me: I no know, she open my bathroom door come fall.

Dad: *sigh* the doctor say she no go survive.

Me: no no, mama nofit die.

Dad: make we pray so.

Christmas no sweet again for me, I no
even go watch masquerade again. I was
praying everyday for mama. The next
morning being first day of the next year,
My papa announce the death of my grandmother.
I nofit laugh, I nofit cry, I just know say
kulikuli don make me send my grandmother
to early grave. Our Elder say when a child
think she dances more than the elders
who have outgrown the stage, is a bird
chirping to the tone of a hunter.

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