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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 22

weeks later Papa Tabara came back to
the Estate with some of his relatives and
took Tabara away in the absence of Mama
Tabara’s husband, the woman couldn’t
do much to prevent the situation, he claimed
that they should return the money he spent
on marrying her. After some days Tabara
came back to the house with her real daddy.
Titus and Dumebi didn’t cool their fight
at all it got worse everyday, Ben the prodigal
boyfriend returned from wherever he had
disappeared to and Grace seemed pleased
to receive him back, and they began fu-cking
in ernest. I was single and kicking, just
that I have to end up peeling off my skins
due to self-servicing. Hannah introduced
me to a cute guy like, he started preaching
love like pentecostal pastor, I was surprised
on how much he deeply acted the love
script. I wonder if we have met before
that I couldn’t remember, I gave him the
capital ‘NO’ answer straight up. Anything
and anybody that has any connection
with Hannah and Choima have HIV blueprint
to me, it still baffled me on how love seed
grew within a few seconds into a big Village
compound tree na wa oh! ‘for all these
mama thank you boys’. I was wondering
why I still don’t have boyfriend amongst
the cute guys living in Estate. I was thinking
my beauty was intimidating or they were
just scared of my father, either ways I
am supposed to have one abeg, make
I advertise say I want boyfriend at thirteen
years, all these mumu boys ehnn.. One
Sunny afternoon I returned home from
school to meet Grace and Ben arguing
inside her room.

Grace: this your thing don dey small nowadays oh! why na?

Ben: na who dey scatter your toto, the thing no tight again?

Grace: how em go tight when your cucumber don turn carrot overnight, abeg repair that thing oh.

Ben: I no know wetin you want make I do oh, talk truth Grace. Who dey yansh you for this Estate?

Grace: you nofit even last two rounds again, you don spoil my mood. Come dey go…

must have licked all the honey in Grace’s
pot with that his amnesty kulikuli. I was
still in hunt for boyfriend but they were
no where to be find, Christmas that year
got me single and ho-rny as we landed
in the Village. I was amazed to meet Okonye
as a dad of a baby, I wonder which kind
bad belle dey follow me since I enter that
Girls Secondary school, hope isn’t the demonic
spirit of lesbianism chasing me upadan.
I vehemently rebuked that spirit, ah ah!
How I go leave sweet something like kulikuli
over mere fingers and rubbing body.
Okonye’s wife is very handsome like
him no offense to the woman, their baby
was one hell of cute big head black baby.
I felt like breaking his balls, I was freaking
jealous. I was thinking he will be up and
running in and out of my ho-rny puna.
Matcheeww.. Useless man, my dad drove
on us around the village and saw some
young girls backing baby. He now met
a woman like that, that I was told is one
of my relative. I accepted sha..

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My dad: mama Adanne, ah ah! na only you dey go farm today, what of Adanne?

Mama Adanne: Adanne don go carry belle for one useless village boy, she don even born pikin sef.

My dad: as she small like that?

Mama Adanne: all these children of nowadays na old person something dey sweet them.

My dad: my daughter no go ever try that kind thing.

the woman left and we moved the car
my dad asked if I were still a virgin, which
I answered ‘yes’. This man no know what’sup
at all. I was in my room dancing to
a song when a knock landed on my door,
I opened it and saw Okonye. He entered
the room and started begging me, that
he is sorry blablabla… that he wouldn’t
have gotten her pregnant if I came home
last December and many more shit. He
started telling me how beautiful I am, he started
touching all over my body. I mo-aned ‘ooh’
and I enjoyed his kulikuli once again.
Elder says a masquerade is regarded
as spirit isn’t for nothing.

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