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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 20

night I sneaked out of our apartment and
knocked at Brother Titus apartment, he
let me in and locked the protector and
his sitting- room door. He insisted that the prayer
will take place in a secret place because
G** sees and worketh in secret, he took
me to his bedroom and locked the door.
I wore just vex and bumshort, he laid
a hand on my head that I have wore shower
cap. He started speaking in tongues and
praying heavily, I looked at his boxer because
he wore singlet and just the brief. His
kulikuli have started forming tent at the

Titus: take it! *he grab my left bre-ast*

Me: amen!

Titus: ayaayaaaa! Take it *he grabbed my both bre-asts*

Me: aaahhhh!! *I mo-an*

Titus: the spirit just minister to me that you should raise your hands up! Puuu!! Ayayaa! the gate of hell shall never prevail. Raise your hands up!!

Me: ameeennn! *I raise my hands up and he pull of my vex*

Titus: is moving *he start pressing and gro-ping my soft bre-asts*

Me: aaahh!! aaahh!!

a twinkle of an eye, we are both starked
naked on the bed. He is on top of me while
his kulikuli is inside my sugar-pot. He
started moving his waist, fu-cking me,
giving it to me hard. Smashing my sugar-hole,
making me to mo-an and see stars. He
was just speaking in tongues and b-anging
me hard, sweating on top of me. Smashing
my sugar-pot, pressing and su-cking my
two sweet melons. He poured inside me
and shouted hallelujah, that I have been
delivered after he rolled away from my
body, I come dey wonder if the deliverance
na from konji or something else. Our Elder
say a child who doesn’t count his teeth
while talking will not even know when
to speak or to keep quiet. During the holiday
I will see Brother Titus telling people to
come to his house for deliverance in the
night, one day he invited Madam Veronica
a woman whose husband is a police officer
to his house for deliverance against Village
people that locked up her womb, that night
I was jealous, tarh! na just small. I was
just hearing their prayer voices until I
heard a loud bang, like someone slapped
person and everywhere was quiet. Minutes
later I didn’t hear anything again till the
next Morning. From that day Brother Titus
avoided Madam Veronica, he even invited
Grace one day like that. Grace hate anything
that has to do with Church, I come dey
wonder if she be witch tru tru as she dey
act like one sometimes sha. I stopped
following Brother Titus to his church after
our sweet midnight romp, the guy no even
last up to ten minutes. Matcheewww..
There is one choir member of brother
Titus their church member that always
visit him everyday, and them godey pray
that their fake prayer. For midnight I godey
start to hear the girl mo-an, you no go even
understand if them dey fu-ck or nof ’cause
Brother Titus nodey las, one day like that
early morning. One man and a woman
dragged the girl that always visit Titus
to our Estate, Grace was plaiting my hairs
at the door post when they dragged the
crying girl to Brother Titus apartment.
He was brushing his mouth when he saw

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Titus: G** bless you sir and ma, Dumebi why are you crying, the daughters of Zion should not cry. Wipe your tears God is in control.

Man: na the man wey give you belle be that? *barking at the girl*

Dumebi: yes, na him be the person.

Titus: when Mary got pregnant in the bible, who impregnated her? Go in peace, the spirit is with your family.

Woman: *dive and grab his singlet* so na wetin ona dey do for that ona church, you don give my daughter belle… You must marry her oh!

Titus: the son of G** suffer persecution, Madam I no know who give your daughter belle oh.

Dumebi: Titus! aaahh!! why you dey do ministration on top me!! You wan deny say you nodey last up to five minutes?

day everybody for Estate gather for Titus
oh, he denied the pregnancy and the girl’s
parents arrested him, he later accepted
and the girl with him started living together.
Everyone started calling him ‘pastor chukky
chukky’. The holiday ended and my dad
took me to a Girls Government School,
I was so happy because I be Jss 1 babe.
See the way fine girls dey rush to be my
friend ehnn… chai, even teachers dey
look my upcoming yansh one day and
mistakenly fell down. That is how I met
Alhaji through my two female friends
Choima and Hannah. HIV is real my dear.

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