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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 19

Elders say that a growing child who doesn’t
know that hiding is a part of womanhood
is a chick who dances before the watch
of the hawk even as a prey. I went inside
and sat in the armless cane chair in the
sitting-room, he was drinking a half devoured
bottle of beer that evening and I wonder
if the man dey do anything apart from
drinking. He finished the beer and staggered
to sit be side me, he started touching my
bare laps and I kept removing his hand.
He started telling how soft and sweet
my skin is and how beautiful am growing
fast, I no want fat women their trouble.
The man wife fat pass Big Daddy the
wrestler and I dey imagine how the woman
go climb ring fall on top of me if I get anything
to do with her husband. He became furious
and locked the door, went inside his room
and came out with a gun in his right, na wa
oh! now now it have reach gun level.

Schoolboy: you wan co-operate with officer of the law twenty bullet or you wan die?!

Me: no… I …go co-operate.

Schoolboy: pull your shirt now!

Me: *I pull it fast fast* I don do am.

Schoolboy: *he start groping the sweet mangoes on my chest one by one* sas your chest fine, oya pull your skirt sharp sharp.

Me: *I pull down the zip of my skirt and my skirt drop on the floor* I don pull am.

pulled down his zip and brought out the
biggest di-ck that I have ever seen in my
life, no wonder his wife wan die on top
the marriage. So this is what the fat woman
is enjoying all by herself, this woman
greedy oh. He asked me to kneel and
put it in my mouth, I was skeptical first
because the last time I did it to a person.
He landed in the hospital, as I covered
my mouth with his kulikuli he screamed
and asked me to leave or he will shoot me.
I wore my shirt and skirt, I opened the
door and met his fat wife entering the
verandah, I ran past her without a word
and headed home. From that day I stopped
going to local gin message for Grace. Lai
lai make she go buy for herself, a new
neighbor parked inside the flat that was
next to us, the policeman that own the
flat have been transferred so he decided
to rent it out to a tenant, the guy just dey
terrorize everybody in the area. If you
wear short skirt commot out em godey
shout holy ghost fire and he will start praying
that the demons of nakedness should
leave you alone.

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Titus: sister, Gift… Why are you naked?

Me: *I look myself first* I dey wear vex and skirt.

Titus: you no know say your body na the temple of the lord?

Me: wetin you want my wear?

Titus: wear something wey godey cover all your body, big big gown go fit do am. Cover your hairs too.

Me: I no get that kind clothe oh.

Titus: come my room for night for deliverance.

Me: no problem.

Elder say a dog who bite every stranger
will forget the smell of the owner one
day. That evening someone pounded our
door that evening and I opened the door
to see Schoolboy’s balloon wife at the
door, she pushed me away and I stumbled
to the chair. As Grace sight the woman
she ran inside the room and locked herself.
The woman started threatening her that
if she see her close to her husband, she
go deny herself for mirror. Grace later
came out when the woman is gone and
I asked her if what the woman say that
she has been sleeping with her husband
is true, Grace just reply say na so she
dey fight everybody wey near her husband.
I still dey wonder which kind near she
mean oh, that night I went to brother Titus
apartment and received the sweetest
deliverance, that I will not be able to forget.

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