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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 18

I been dey talk before, I came back from
school and saw commotion at the front
of Papa and Mama Tabara’s apartment.
People were around that place, Mama
Tabara the once quiet woman was shouting
like a mad woman. Due to the multitude
and the hunger that was frustrating me,
I saw Grace smiling at the frontage. I greeted
her and went inside, she prepared egusi
soup and garri, I ate and had my bath
then sleep. I no even get strength to hear
gist first that time, when I come wake up. I come
go see Grace for parlour.

Me: wetin happen for Papa Tabara their house na?

Grace: no be small thing my sister.

Me: gist me na.

Grace: first go bring ice cold chill block water for fridge, I need am before I gist you.

no get choice na, and Grace always does
that whenever you ask her for something.
She go first send you message as if say
iffa no hear the gist I go die. Grace told
me that the two children given birth by Mama
Tabara are not Papa Tabara whose name
is Johnson children, the thing shock me
Oh. She later told me that the real father
of Tabara and the little baby came to claim
his children, and Mama Tabara want to
divorce Papa Tabara. Papa Tabara refused
and wanted to beat Mama Tabara, the
other man that impregnated Mama Tabara
is a soldier. He beat Johnson like a thief and
threw him out of the house, and Mama
Tabara na police officer oh. Utoor Johnson
the girlizer, common is correct joor. You
sabi English pass me? *winks*. After
that day we stopped seeing Johnson around
the Estate, rumour had it that he is in the
hospital treating his broken bones, lol.
Why no be broken kulikuli la?. Our elder
say a day will come when the tree will
be force to dance to the wind, the next
day in school. Rumour had it that two
girls wanted to seduce the new teacher,
and they were caught. Me sef think say
na just amebo stuffs now when the headmistress
gather all of us in the assembly hall and
address us, she called Lizzy out and two
other girls, our classroom teacher was
standing at the podium with them too.

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Headmistress: some of you here want to become prostitute in the future, I won’t allow that. Just imagine these three girls writing love letters to my son. Lizzy even you.

Lizzy: ma please, is the devil.

Headmistress: three of you will bring your parents to school tomorrow.

Two girls and Lizzy: ma please, don’t call our parents.

Headmistress: shut up! I won’t allow you to be useless at this tender age.

They begged and begged but the headmistress
had made up her mind to drag their parents
to school, fear catch me sha… What if
I follow go drag the new fine bobo, my
Papa for just turn to Lu-Ken and finish
me with mortal kombat style. I vowed
that day not to have anything with teacher.
Our elder say nothing is sweeter than
knowledge with time, I started growing
small small hairs in my pubic region. Sometimes
I will even try to plait it in the bathroom
but it was so small, I wanted to make sure
it grow so that I will plait it. I kept it till
one day I raised my arm and Grace saw
it, she asked me to barb it with shaving
stick that isn’t good for a woman to keep
hairs in those places, blabla… She don
forget say I be girl. I cry ehnn.. as I shave
the hair, anytime I touched somewhere
around that place, I will we-t. Third term
ended and I took first again, during the
holiday I knew Schoolboy. One drunk
the Estate, I hate that man with passion.
He smokes and drink anyhow, and beat
his wife but the woman nodey gree run.
I come dey wonder why, he is a police
officer. Grace sent me to buy local gin
because his wife usually sell it at their
apartment, I knocked and he asked me
to come in. I was thirteen then ripe at
the front, heavy at the back and sweet
in the middle winks. Sugar thirteen like

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