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Gift 18+ – Season 1 – Episode 16

the suspension given to IB she returned
back to school, everyone started seeing
her as ‘Osu’ Igbo people can relate. Nobody
tell her to leave the school asap, I was
given the position of the head girl. Gosh!
every boy want to be my boyfriend, but
it was Joseph that won my heart, one
fine boy like that. Joseph was in my class
and also the senior boy, we are always
together. He is brilliant too but I beat him
in position the other term and that term
too I wan show am say em nofit pass
me. I don’t know why one new jezebel was
registered and she bewitched Joseph
completely, Joseph was just all over the
girl like the way flies ran after shit. I caught
them one day kissing at the backyard
and confronted Joseph. Our elder say
a child who doesn’t know the way to the
stream will neither know when he|she
walk pass it.

Me: Joseph, wetin be this na?

Joseph: ehnn… Gift, no vex. Meet my friend Lizzy.

Lizzy: senior girl, how far?

Me: ona two don mad finish.

hissed and walked away, from that day
ehnn… I decided not to have anything
to do with all those ‘Mama thank you boys
in my school’. Papa Tabara didn’t stop
visiting, I returned from school and met
him naked on top Grace in the sitting-room,
gosh! the man is so shameless and sometimes
I imagine myself beating him up like the
way Jet-Li does in the movie, them break
my heart when I read that it was all film
tricks. I didn’t bother disturbing the both
of them, Grace later begged me not to
tell my dad that it was the handiwork of
the devil, I pity uncle Devil. He will even
get tired of the allegations that will be
labelled against him on the judgment
day, the real devil na papa Tabara. A new teacher
came into the school, young and very
handsome, just twenty-one years old.
the guy too fine and all those chew-gum
boys can’t compete, we later learnt that
he is the headmistress son who came
from oversea. I wonder why em wan teach
for the school, he took our class and all
the girls in my class started hustling for
him. Lizzy even dumped Joseph quickly
for the new guy in town, the mumu Joseph
no get sense say I don delete and format
am from my life. He carried his two chewing-sticks
legs and came to my front and asked
me to forgive and take him back, aayyyy!
Gift you have suffered, chai. I stayed away
from the new teacher, I don’t want what
happened to IB to ever happen to me.
I returned home one day from school and
met only Papa Tabara in our sitting-room.
I ignored him completely and left the sitting-room
and entered my room to remove my school
uniform, I removed my school skirt and
was unbuttoning my school shirt when
Papa Tabara sneaked in.

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Me: Jesus!

Papa Tabara: Gift, I know say you are jealous, na you I love no be grace.

Me: commot from my room, what if Grace enter come see you.

Papa Tabara: she go market, I don miss you well well… My wife.

Me: your wife dey your house oh, please commot na.

Papa Tabara: yes, but na you be my real wife, *he held my small waist and start pressing my yansh*

Me: sto…p ab…eg sto…p.

covered my lips with his mouth and started
smooching the hell out of me, I didn’t know
how my pa-nt and shirt with my vex left
my body, Papa Tabara laid me on my
bed and started gro-aning on top of me.
Oh gosh! he was just fu-cking me, telling me
am so sweet and he love me so much,
that he cannot live without me. He was
just su-cking my ni-pples, and smooching
my lips moving in and out of my pu-ssy.
He was just sweating, fu-cking me hard
and fast till he ejaculat-ed inside me. He
later told me that he want me that Grace
was forcing herself on him after he has
finish sleeping with me, as if say na me
ask am question. He dressed up and left
he later came back in the evening and
I caught him kissing Grace, my hatred
for that man tripled, I was thinking how
to give him rat chop. Before God did something
wonderful for me, Our Elders say he who keep
his house open, will not know when strangers
goes in and out. I came back from school
one day and something happened betwixt
Mama Tabara and Papa Tabara.

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