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Ghetto Life – Episode 7

contiunation: i freeze as i hear her mother voice coming to my room and knocks at my door and my spirit almost jump out of my body sweat don form for all my body as if na now i start the f–k i con curse de girl for my mind with shaking hands i open my door

landlady:bros abeg no vex u see my daughter

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Me:no yes no.I mean no

landlady:but na her slippers be dis na

Me:i no see her and dat slippers na my sister own way c-m visit me

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Landlady:i knw her slippers cus na me give am dis mark(rise the slippers up showing me the mark she put).

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Me:landlady u dey talk say i dey lie, oya c-m check my room na as u no believe me(i just dey pray she no enter)

Landlady:haha bros e never reach lyk dat na no problem sha make i go check if i go see her for back yard. No vex

Me:no i no vex, i close my door to go see the devil way want put me for troblem but as i reach i knw see her, but my window open so i take am say she don cus i begin hear her voice for there house.

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Omo i thank god

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